LTV … The GPS For Fundraisers

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As I emphasize repeatedly in my book, Retention Fundraising , over the long haul, Lifetime Value (LTV) is the most significant measure for benchmarking and steering your fundraising efforts. In fact, as Charlie Hulme, head of DonorVoice’s U.K. operation, puts it, “Unless you believe you’ll find the cure/right the wrong/feed every child with your next appeal, it’s unethical not to focus on lifetime value.” Yet Lifetime Value remains one of the most overlooked and least understood metrics in our.

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eBook - Social Media Marketing GPS: A New Media Roadmap For Creating A Social Media Strategy

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  I am excited to launch Social Media Marketing GPS ,  as free eBook, in celebration of Diva Marketing's 6th blog birthday! Social Media Marketing GPS is the first business book based on Twitter interviews. S ocial Media Marketing GPS is based on Twitter interviews with 40 of the smartest people working in social media.  Sometimes you just have to color outside the lines. Sometimes you stumble. Sometimes you soar.

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Fundraising GPS: Steering On The Past Or Future? Or Both?

The Agitator

Fundraisers, unlike practitioners in most other sectors, generally navigate their way forward by steering through the rear view mirror. Today, we’re offering Agitator readers two rear view mirror views … and one through-the-windshield view. Two recent reports on 2012 US giving have just hit our desk. Plus one sophisticated forecast for 2013. I regret to inform you that the 2013 forecast doesn’t seem all that rosy when compared to 2012. But first, the past.

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Results from Cinnabon’s Cause-Powered Location-Based Social-Media Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Because of duplicates or bad GPS coordinates many Cinnabon locations showed poorly in Foursquare search results. Facebook Places Foursquare National Restaurant News Cinnabon Rachel Hadley GPS Location Based Social Media Operation Gratitude Actual Cause Marketing ResultsLast year Cinnabon wanted to straighten out the mess of location venues listed on Foursquare and Facebook Places, and cause marketing helped the company achieve excellent results.

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Can a mobile app save lives? Yes it can.

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This app from the PulsePoint Foundation leverages crowdsourcing, geo-location (GPS), push-messaging, maps and social integration, all for one simple purpose, to save lives. Over the last year I have had the privilege of working with a fair amount of health organizations wishing to enter the digital realm. As a result, I have performed quite a bit of research and literature review on the applicability of social media engagement and mobile technology in the public health field.

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Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for June 2021

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Think about vacations, planes, trains, cars, cruise ships, tickets, souvenirs, exploring, delays, road trips, tourists, GPS, luggage, business trips, language barriers, and maps.

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3 Ways the Internet of Things Can Save Our Environment

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

GPS System to rescue endangered animals. The collars fitted with GPS systems help track the movement of the animals to ensure they don’t accidentally have encounters with humans. . 3 Ways the Internet of Things Can Save Our Environment.

It's a CAUSEWORLD after all!


The basic concept is a twist on the GPS-based social media apps like FourSquare that are the new Twitter of the social media fanatics. For those who are not super clear on FourSquare, it's a GPS based app--you go somewhere, "check in" and all your friends get to see that you're there. I have not posted to this blog for a while, but today I came across something that HAD to be shared!

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Details, details…

Get Fully Funded

I was unfamiliar with the location, so I plugged the address into my GPS to get directions. Lots of people use GPS these days. If you want to be a successful Fundraiser, you must pay attention to details. No way around it. Spelling a donor’s name incorrectly can instantly tear down any trust that donor had for your organization. There’s often a perception that if you can’t handle the small things, you can’t handle the big things.

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That first impression.

A Small Change

Take the time to plot the route on your GPS. Last week my colleague here at A Small Change, Jason Dick, wrote up a great piece on how wearing something that’s got a little color can impact donor interactions. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I think there are a number of other small things, when considered, we should also commit to as we are representing our agencies and aiming to make a great first impression.

Cause Marketing Your Klout

Cause Related Marketing

When it’s all said and done, they’ll send you a photo and GPS coordinates of the water project your birthday funded (or, helped fund). Your cause could almost certainly offer something very similar, even if the picture and GPS coordinates don’t make sense for what you do. An article in the May 2012 issue of Wired magazine makes it clear that I have another thing to feel inadequate about; my Klout score, which is a very modest 31.

Gaps in Your Editorial Calendar for June? Use These Nonprofit Writing Prompts

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Think about vacations, planes, trains, cars, cruise ships, tickets, souvenirs, exploring, delays, road trips, tourists, GPS, luggage, business trips, and maps. Haven’t quite filled in your content calendar for next month? Use these prompts taken from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts Email Newsletter for your blog posts, social media updates or newsletter articles. (If

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Cause Marketing in and for Patagonia

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They’ll plant a tree in your name and email you the gps coordinates of where your tree will be planted. paulrjones ppl buy their trees of 3 native species and receive their GPS here: [link] – our team in Patagonia plants them. Patagonia, that region of Chile and Argentina at the southern tip of South America famous for its beauty and end-of-the-earth ruggedness, had a terrible fire in 2011 that left vast areas denuded of trees.

The internet of things

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Your car detects (via GPS and a connection to the internet) that you are driving by an appliance store. To some of you, the phrase “internet of things” may be outdated (it was first used by Kevin Ashton in 1999) , to others it may be brand new. Regardless, prepare yourself to be over inundated with people throwing this term around as it rapidly gains popularity in the world of digital buzz phrases. Definition.

Canadian Government & the Mobile Space in 2012

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Usually at minimum features a GPS, camera, high-speed internet access and the ability to download mobile applications. accelerometers or GPS ), and the speed and abilities of browser-based applications improve. gps for location-based services, cameras for bar-code scanning, etc… ) to engage their audiences.

5 Ways The Digital World & Social Media Are Changing What Is "Real"

Diva Marketing Blog

Recently my eBook, Social Media Marketing GPS , was turned down to be included in a list of books about social media because it was not "professionally published and printed and available for purchase on" In her Twitter interview, from Social Media Marketing GPS , Liz Strauss , Successful Blog , tweeted - In the end doesn't it come down to who we are and how we define a REAL relationship?

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Beware! The Social Media Dog Strategy Mentality

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Social Media Strategy In 3 Steps Learn more about Social Media Strategy in my ebook Social Media Marketing GPS and from the companion podcast series, Social Media GPS , sponsored by the American Marketing Association With over 13,500 views on YouTube , my dog Max thinks he's a social media rock star pup. don't tell him there are videos with millions of views and he is at most a blip on the celebrity circuit. It would hurt his feelings. .

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Vancouver 2010 Mobile Olympics

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

If I want to feel a little closer to the action than the traditional media can get me, I do a quick advanced twitter user search based on the GPS co-ordinates of the event to tap into some citizen journalism (i.e. I love the Olympics. Besides the excitement of the actual events, I love the sense of camaraderie, national unity and general goodwill that the games bring with them.

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Protecting Donor Information: What’s Your Security IQ?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Additionally, the movement of the mail from the Post Office to the processing facility should be handled by at least two staff members that have had complete background checks and the movement of the vehicle should be tracked using GPS technology. Bill Sayre. We don’t touch on cyber security too often on this blog as it is so not in our area of expertise. But we know it’s extremely important you are doing everything you can to maintain the safety of your donor information.

Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

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80% of Twitter active users are on mobile –>This has led to content creation anywhere, anytime thanks to data networks and technological smartphone advancements (camera, gps, etc.). I remember delivering a speech in 2008 during the early days of Twitter in which I mentioned to the audience that this platform may soon be the world’s largest sample of live human thought (good and evil) and also the world’s largest real-time conversation database.

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New Facebook Features and Why They Matter

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As part of your trip planning you decide to meet at a precise GPS location hovering 100 feet above the Amazon River in Google Earth VR to plan out your course. Last week, Facebook held its annual F8 conference where Mark Zuckerberg and team typically set the direction for global digital technology. I mean that last part literally. What Facebook invests time and resources in tends to set the course for the entire digital ecosystem.

Massive geographical and cultural differences in online sharing

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This means that their behaviours have been built around sharing, which has been made extremely easy on smartphones thanks to their cameras, gps, connectivity 24/7, etc… Canadian context. I recently saw a fascinating presentation from KPCB entitled ”Internet Trends 2013 ” where I came across the above chart from Ipsos OTX.

Why you need to focus on mobile right now

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Ten seconds later it downloaded, talked to my device’s GPS and mapped out a path for me to walk (since I was on foot). You’ve seen this one before on TV…I downloaded the “Urban Spoon&# app and located the nearest vegan restaurant based on our GPS location with the click of a button. I recently switched smartphones (now representing 50% of the worldwide cell phone market ) from RIM ’s Blackberry Storm to Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

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Thank You Wayne Hurlbert

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Wayne also kindly contributed his thoughts about ethics to Social Media GPS an eBook I wrote based on 40 Twitter interviews. My mind is still a jumble of thoughts. My heart wounded and broken. I''ve written this post a dozen times in my head but nothing seemed quite right. So, I decided to go in a direction that he would have liked. To tell the story in a way that will help others understand what matters in this world we call social media. .

A Marketing Diva’s tips on social media

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It’s called Social Media Marketing GPS , and it was written one Tweet at time. “Social Media Marketing GPS began as an experiment. The goal was to create a comprehensive body of knowledge that could serve as a roadmap (GPS) for developing a strategic social media plan. &# >. My long-time blogging mentor, Marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg , has a new free eBook I highly recommend. Really. Here’s the concept, as explained by Toby (who helped me create this blog!).

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New Rainbow Warrior For Sale

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sponsor) for due recognition — from a GPS system (at 4000 euros) to portholes, blankets, and curtain rods. Bryan Miller blogging at Giving in a digital world says this: “Crowdfunding websites that let you contribute to specific projects are nothing new, but launched by Greenpeace to generate funds for their new Rainbow Warrior has lifted the bar to a new level in terms of on-site experience.&#. And he is spot on. This site is brilliant.

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Social Media - Kaleidoscope Marketing

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In Social Media Marketing GPS , Nancy White tweeted, We'll face at least 2SN/Comm challenges: too many options & too many people.Sweet spot develop tools and practices 4 this. Social media tools may fall out of favor; but the concept of leveraging the conversational, digital world to engage, educate and energize our customers is here to stay. When most people begin to explore social media they usually start from the perception that social media is another marketing channel.

It Takes A Village To Grow A Blog. Along With Your Girlfriends

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Unlike Diva Marketing and the eBook Social Media Marketing GPS atsGf is a run for the roses. Subtitled: You Gotta Have Friends! A few months ago I was chatting with Jeff Hillire , president of the Atlanta hot, interactive, agency Enguage , about, you guessed it. social media marketing. I mused (do you like that word? I rather do.) that it might have been fun to work with a brand or large agency.

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Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet for Nonprofits

NonProfit Hub

Hummingbird understands your goal with both queries and uses GPS or IP address and user-generated reviews to offer the best local options. Andrew Garberson is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and the Manager of Search at LunaMetrics , a Google Analytics certified partner and search marketing consultancy. In addition to leading the SEO and PPC departments, Andrew is a GAIQ certified analytics junkie with a special interest in nonprofit marketing. Be sure to find him on Twitter. _.

Diva Marketing Turns 7!

Diva Marketing Blog

4 Social Media Marketing GPS I wrote the first business book based on Twitter interviews; I used Diva Marketing to tell the story. I was thinking of calling this post " The 7 Year (Blog) Itch." Although a blog is not a marriage, in a funny sort of a way, it is a commitment. And relationships are built through posts and comments. So perhaps not so strange? And at year 7 it's a good time to look back at where you've been and think a bit of where you might go. .

Open Source Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

He could add an altimeter, or a GPS sensor to display latitude and longitude. At left is a thermometer that displays the ambient room temperature on its maker’s computer screen. It was built by a friend using an Arduino circuit board. Arduino is an open source hardware control unit. He could plug in a humidity sensor and do a little more programming and his display would show the humidity in the room. He could set up a website to put on view the temperature of the room where he works.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2010

Cause Related Marketing

The images were GPS-tagged and photographed to enable social media sharing through Facebook, Twitter and others. The year 2010 was a memorable year for cause marketing. What follows are, in my judgment, the 10 best cause marketing campaigns of the year. Please know that this list is hardly exhaustive. Thousands of cause marketing efforts take place each year. In 2010 I posted nearly 190 times and reviewed or highlighted more than 200 different cause marketing efforts.

Getting to Your Year-end Gooooooooaaaaaaaal!

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The 85% condition mentioned above was toward buying a GPS unit, not a big-ticket item). I bet it’s been at least a decade since you saw a mercury-based thermometer anywhere but the skeuomorphic version used on fundraising pages. We fundraisers are keeping a tradition alive. And with good reason. Unlike many “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” techniques, this one has real science to back it up.

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3 Ways to Engage Millennials in Your Cause

NonProfit Hub

Once you’ve helped fund a well, you receive project and community information, GPS coordinates of the well, photos of the well and community and a personalized plaque. Derrick Feldmann is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. He is a sought-after speaker, author and researcher. He serves as president of Achieve , a research and design agency for causes. In addition, he leads The Millennial Impact Project , which is an ongoing study of millennials and how they engage with causes.

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#Interview: Toby Bloomberg, Owner of the Diva Marketing Blog, Speaker, and Nonprofit Marketer

Non Profit Marketing 360

You can download her free e-book, Social Media Marketing GPS, here. Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog , begun in 2004, is among the oldest sustained business blogs. An experienced marketer for businesses and nonprofits, Toby has an active consulting practice and is a frequent speaker on social marketing and other marketing topics. The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVEnonprofit blog.

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Your job description: Happiness delivery

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

When they were finished, we visited the communities and sent photos and GPS back to the people who made the projects possible. You’ll see photos, GPS coordinates and other details of exactly where your money went. The science is pretty clear: People are inherently generous. They are hard wired for empathy. They want to help others—and when they help, it makes them happy. There is no shortage of good causes that need help.

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Nonprofits Take a Dive into Mobile Apps


The app lets you record “adventures&# to track progress along a map with GPS. Has the world gone mobile crazy? Apple’s app store just cracked a quarter million available mobile applications, Google’s Android is giving them a run for their money, and Microsoft is waiting in the wings with a Windows 7 Mobile. Apps are central to mobile and, mobile web use is exploding, according to Allyson Kapin of Blogger-In-Chief for Care2's Frogloop and Partner at Rad Campaign.

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44 Social Media Books for 2009-2010 Plus One

Diva Marketing Blog

33 Million People in the Room: How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking by Juliette Powell -Feb 10, 2009 Plus One - Social Media Marketing GPS #smgps. Ta da. for your reading pleasure here's a list of titles of social media books scheduled to be release 2009 – 2010. The Digital Handshake: Seven Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media by Paul Chaney - Sept 22,2009 2.

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What Really Works in Mobile Health? A Summary of the 2011 Conference

Social Marketing and Social Change

And she noted that the data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project serves as a GPS for the explorers of this space. The 2011 version of Mobile Health was designed around ' What Really Works? ' Our intention in using this question as the conference theme was to shift the conversation from 'look at we did, or can do!' to one more focused on evidence about practical, proven solutions.

A Stop On The microMarketing Book Tour

Diva Marketing Blog

For a cool example of micro content check out Social Media Marketing GPS . If you are going to achieve excellence in the big things, you develop the habit in the little matters.~ Colin Powell. In his new book, microMARKETING ~ Get Big Results By Thinking And Acting Small, Greg Veredino demonstrates that the world of business has taken Colin Powell's words to heart.

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Long overdue Podcamp Toronto 2009 debrief

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Download SkyHook –>more accurate locator than standard GPS. Just so you know, it bugs me like crazy not be able to dump my thoughts on various time-sensitive issues that occur on a daily basis. It’s unfortunately that time of year again when my post frequency is hindered as a result of “March Madness&# (year-end for government clients). I am working with about six clients at the moment in addition to regular speaking engagement travel gigs.

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Data, data, data, and more data…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

That has already happened with weather data and America’s GPS satellite-navigation system that was opened for full commercial use a decade ago. For those of you that missed it, the February 27th-March 5th edition of The Economist featured a special report on the over abundance of data , and where we’re heading with it.

11 Consumer Trends to Watch - Kindness, Generation G and Eco-Superior

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Flash sales, group buying, GPS-driven deals: this year, pricing will never be the same. Trendwatching’s list of crucial consumer trends to watch in 2011 is out, and it’s well worth a read. A big theme: companies are keeping a close eye on consumers’ public moods and looking at kindness as the way to their hearts… Nonprofit marketing friends, take note! The list, quoted from Trendwatching : 1. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.

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