Craft Calls to Action That Get You to Goal

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Let me start with sharing some definitions of what comes first ( examples here ): Organizational goals (a max of three at a time) are the steps to take over the next year that will take your organization closer to achieving its mission.

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Are Your Marketing Goals Easy to Reach Or A Stretch?

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This is a vital issue for your to spend some time on because the challenge level of your nonprofit marketing goals has a huge imapct on whether you get there or not. Ambitious but realistic goals are the way to move your marketing (and your mission) forward, inch by inch!

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Marketing Goals vs. Organizational Goals— A Critical Disctinction

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Spend some time here, even if you think you’ve got this down—this distinction is crucial to setting goals that move your marketing forward in the right direction. Goals are what you want to achieve. Organizational goals (a max of three at a time) are the steps (let’s look one year ahead) that will take your organization to closer to achieving your mission. Organizational Goals. Bike Walk USA— A new advocacy organization. Marketing Goals.

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10 Awesome LGBTQ Organizations You Should Support This Pride Month


There is no better time to support local and national nonprofits protecting LGBTQ rights and serving the LGBTQ community, and while there are far too many organizations doing great work to list them all, these are a few that we're big fans of.

Align Marketing & Fundraising Goals—Kivi’s Takeaway

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Your goals don’t have to be completely in sync, but they must be aligned. If your goals—and all the activity that flows from them, both marketing and fundraising wise—aren’t aligned, you just won’t get anywhere with your outreach on either front.

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Get SMART about fundraising goals

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As I kick off a series of posts on planning, I thought it would be good to talk first about goals. Setting goals for your fundraising plan is the obvious first step. Is your goal to “raise more money than last year” or “get more donors”? Do yourself a big favor and make your goals SMART. It’s a way to set goals that you can easily create action plans for and later determine if you’ve met them or not. Make sure your goals are easily measured.

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10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


Whether you are looking for a quality organization to support this month, or a good example of fundraising, volunteer management, and advocacy best practices for nonprofits, this list is a great place to start.

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Timing Depends on Goals — Relevance Rules

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Of course now you have multiple factors to consider – 1) When your target audiences have their open-minded moments , and are most likely to listen or read or discuss what your organization has to say (nothing is more important that this.

5 Cold Calling Tips to Meet Your Fundraising Goals


We asked Joe Lazzerini , EveryAction''s own fundraising + development guru , to break down the cold calling process into five manageable steps to create the best call experience for your potential donor and (hopefully) raise some money for your organization.

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3 Questions Environmental Organizations Should Ask When Evaluating a CRM


A new solution will need to offer all of the unique features that you require, taking the specifics of your organization’s size, structure, and mission into account. For environmental organizations, these are three questions that should be asked about any potential new CRM.

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Free Webinar on Setting Your Marketing Goals

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Join Nancy Schwartz and me for a free webinar on setting your marketing goals. We want to help you see how, by simply taking a little time to set some clear marketing goals, you can drastically increase your impact and build leadership support for your marketing plan.

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How to Set Nonprofit Marketing Goals that Build Your Impact & Satisfaction

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Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that. You’re frustrated by how hard you’re working without generating the results you expect, and that your organization needs. So we’ve decided to show you exactly where to start, with setting your goals, in this free 30-minute webinar.

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All Your 2016 Goals Start with This Statement [Only Chance in 2016]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Your case for support explains what your organization does, why you do it, and why others should support you in doing it. Why the “curse of knowledge” may be your organization’s worst enemy.

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How to Set Your Year-End Fundraising Goal

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It may sound like an obvious question but many organizations don't approach year-end fundraising with clear, concrete goals. Without defined goals, it's pretty tough to if you're actually succeeding. . Now is the time to define what results you and your organization want to achieve. Keep these key pointers in mind: Set a specific goal for your year-end fundraising campaign. . Think about your goals and who holds the key to your success.

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TODAY-How to Set Marketing Goals that Increase Impact – Free Webinar – 3 ET, Noon PT

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Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that. You’re frustrated by how hard you’re working without generating the results you expect, and that your organization needs. So we’ve decided to show you exactly where to start, with setting your goals, in today’s free 30-minute webinar. Join us for this free 30-minute webinar to learn how to set clear marketing goals for your organization. Join Kivi and Me for this Free Webinar.

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8 Organizations to Support this Black History Month


From ensuring equal access to education to advocating for mental health awareness to creating black history for future generations, all of these organizations inspire us, and we hope they inspire you too. Check out the campaign here and learn more about this incredible organization. The Urban League of Portland was established in 1945 making it one of the oldest African American service, civil rights, and advocacy organizations in the region.

Distressing Disconnect—INSIDE Your Organization! (Part One)

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Take a look at these disconnects in goals and preferred tactics: 65% of communications staff, but just 44% of development staff, feel responsible for community engagement goals. Just 12% of communications staff, but 72% of development staff, feel directly responsible for fundraising goals. As a consultant who’s been the fly on the wall in so many organizations, I’ve come to see such radical internal disconnects to be the norm. Surprising, distressing but all too true!

#COMMUNICATIONS: Is Your Organization Moving At The Speed Of Mobile?

Non Profit Marketing 360

If you’re a community organization, how about asking supporters to photograph and report activities in their local neighborhood using Facebook, Twitter or other mobile-enabled social media?

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SMART Goals and Fundraising

The Agitator

Last week in my Promise Me post, I urged nonprofit fundraisers to connect your "asks" as much as possible to specific goals. Then commit to your donor/prospect that your organization will break its back to achieve those goals, and report regularly on your progress toward them. Then I noticed a comment about SMART goals in an unrelated Social Citizens article , reminding me of this basic "project management" goal-setting approach.

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Getting a Fresh Start for Your Organization

The Agitator

You can talk about goals completed and those yet to do. You can see how one organization made this shift here. At the beginning of the week, Roger talked about behavioral science cues and how they can help you boost year-end giving.

Smaller Goal, Bigger Donor?

Donor Power Blog

In it, the authors site numerous studies about human behavior, one of which is about setting goals. According to the study, we humans are more likely to achieve goals, or at least try, that are smaller in scope, rather than goals that have a huge one. Recently, I received a letter from the organization telling me that due to increased costs of doing business, my monthly sponsorship rate was increasing from $22 to $30 per month. . Making the goals seem achievable?

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How to create a road map for your goals

Fundraising Coach

Now is a great time to review your goals. (I I have blogged about goal setting here.). As you review your goals, you may find your behind on some. Creating a road map will help jump start those goals. Make sure the goal is worded so that it is: Specific.

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Flash fundraising with flair: Using bold strategies to reach fundraising goals


We were able to organically bring in multiple sustaining gifts that will continue to increase the overall revenue of this campaign over time. Mercy For Animals (MFA) is perhaps best known for its work exposing the cruel abuse of the secretive factory farm and slaughterhouse industries.

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How to Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that Get You Where You Want to Go

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Goals are what you want to achieve. " And goals are where you need to start your marketing planning, as each step of the planning process is shaped to take you there - where you want to go. Here's How to Start: Begin by articulating your main organizational goal or how you'll actualize your mission. List no more than two organizational goals. Next, identify the ways you can put marketing to work to help achieve those goals.

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Organizing Your Acquisition

A Small Change

My goal has been to meet with a number of new people each week and begin a relationship with them. Book meetings at your organization. If you have a nice meeting room or space in your office, meet at your organization. This gives you an opportunity for an individual to see a little bit more about the organization first-hand. Over the past few weeks I have had a number of conversations with new donor prospects.

Using Facebook Targeting to Boost Performance on Organic and Promoted Posts

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Now page mangers can take advantage of those same targeting tools on organic content. Enabling page mangers to target organic posts gives them a say in the targeting process. Organic Post Interest Targeting. Drew Bernard.

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What Does Your Organization Do? Draw It Out

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Jessica Pullano, who is currently participating in my Mentoring Program , shares how her organization created one to help explain what they do. For example, I was thinking about what metaphor could help explain the work we do to align the community behind school goals. Jessica Pullano.

5 Steps for Goal-Setting Success

Marketing for Nonprofits

I hate setting goals," he said. If I set a goal for 10% annual growth and we hit 8% I'll be disappointed. The thing with goals is that they can set you up for failure or success. And how you set goals is as important as the goals you set."

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13 Behaviors to start building trust at your organization

Wild Woman Fundraising

But one thing that I think is really important with executive directors is executive directors that care too much about the organization are too willing to fall on the sword for things that aren’t their fault. But setting goals. That’s killing our organization.

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Risks and Goals

Mission Paradox Blog

There's a link between creating an organization that tolerates - and even embraces - risk and the ability to set clear organizational goals. No clear goals = no sustained artistic risk. Risk is a relative thing and you can't really judge the level of risk a particular strategy brings without seeing it in the context of the bigger picture. Or, to put it another way, if you don't have a clear direction. every choice can appear to be risky.

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Employee Engagement as a Goal of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

The World Health Organization estimates that 314 million people suffer from poor but correctable vision. Cause marketing is often directed at employees and other internally stakeholders. Cause marketing can help build employee morale and loyalty, improve employee productivity, skills and teamwork and produce a pipeline of future talent.

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How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

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Phil will be speaking about how to structure and organization your fundraising job search. Then as opportunities come up in the future, I have a much better understanding of who could be a good fit for what job in what organization. million annual goal.

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Using fundraising thermometers in multi-channel and multi-goal campaigns


When you’ve set a goal for your campaign, whether it’s for a number of donations, new members, or a dollar amount, the goal and deadline can create excitement and urgency to compel constituents to donate.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

Baldrick’s Foundation contacted me to highlight some of the great strides the organization has taken in the area of social media fundraising. They want to be able to measure, conclusively and in revenue terms, how much that post meant financially to the organizations.

The top 10 signs that it’s time to fire your employer


Does your organization stink? The organization has a weak case for support or it’s absent altogether. There are too many silos hindering cooperation or blatantly creating turf wars that serve the interests of some selfish employees but not the donors or the organization and its purpose. There are no goals for the organization, its teams or its individuals (people like to make progress toward goals that are attainable).

Do you work at an arts organization?

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They show how they achieve their goals, and they are extremely open with it. And if you’re not in an arts organization, can you take these lessons and apply them to your own nonprofit? The Wing Asian Museum, Seattle. I am about to fly out the window with delight!

Paradox Art Marketing Plan #1 - Double Goals

Mission Paradox Blog

  Let's start at the beginning, setting the goals : -. Every marketing plan should have two sets of goals, financial goals and long term strategic goals.    I'll cover financial goals in another post, but right now let's talk about long term strategy. The issue is that artistic careers and organizations are built over the long term.  Time to break out the double goal approach. 

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Paradox Marketing Plan #2 - Financial Goals

Mission Paradox Blog

So you've decided what your strategic marketing goals should be.    It talks about some of the elements you should consider when determining those goals.  I want to talk about it again because there are two elements in setting financial goals, technical and emotional.   The same is true for organizations.    Now let's talk about the money. 

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The Just Enough Planning Guide: A Roadmap to Help Nonprofits Reach Their Campaign Goals

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This guide, from the talented team at Spitfire Strategies and the Communications Leadership Institute, is designed to provide organizations and coalitions with just enough of a process for planning successful campaigns. If you are looking to pass a law, win popular support for an issue, organize a boycott or let a bunch of people know that something is bad for them, this guide is for you.

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My Big Fat Problem With Social Media Measurement

J Campbell Social Marketing

So, what is the goal of your social media efforts? Why is that important to your organization? What will increased awareness of your organization and your cause do for you? Word-of-mouth goodwill for the organization. photo credit: venspired via photopin cc.