Raise More Money by Inspiring P2P Fundraisers

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Trying to think of ways to inspire them to raise money for you is much harder. Sure, some people will sign up for your event because they’re passionate about your cause and want to raise money to make a difference in the world. So how do you inspire those people to raise money?

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#INTERVIEW: Sherry Truhlar, President of Red Apple Auctions, Conducts Benefit Auctions for Nonprofit Organizations

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So as I was sitting in Florida, between modeling jobs, I started cold calling nonprofits about auctions, and I found some – some that to this day I’m still working with. NPM360: Are you still working with clients in Florida or is it based out of Virginia?

#INTERVIEW: Sherry Truhlar, President of Red Apple Auctions, Conducts Benefit Auctions for Nonprofit Organizations

Non Profit Marketing 360

So as I was sitting in Florida, between modeling jobs, I started cold calling nonprofits about auctions, and I found some – some that to this day I’m still working with. NPM360: Are you still working with clients in Florida or is it based out of Virginia? You can make more money or improve what you’re making if you just make some simple changes. And it’s money that’s virtually guaranteed.

What Life Looks Like 8 Years after saying Goodbye to My Fundraising Job.

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This year for example I will be going to Cuba, Colorado, Florida, and San Francisco to speak. Having some money saved up will REALLY help you. Conflict Fundraising Career Conference How to make money as a nonprofit consultant Leadership Sector-Switching

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How to Market and Promote Your Nonprofit Giving Day

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Komen South Florida. Welcome to the seventh episode of Nonprofit Social Media Nerds , where we discuss and demo social media tools, tech, tips, and tricks.

Why Gmail’s New Unsubscribe Feature, and Unsubscribers in General, Are a Good Thing

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Not the Florida Gators. Now, I am sure Florida Gator fans are excited they got a four-star offensive lineman to commit. Others will resent you asking them for money or to volunteer. Root for Auburn over Florida.

5 Digital Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits in 2019

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IRS #tax #taxes #money #TaxRefund #TaxTime #TaxTips #TaxPlanning #BeTaxReady #GetReady. My recommendation is to get registered with Facebook Fundraising tools by going to donations.fb.com and then creating a strategy to get people to set them up and raise money for you in 2019.

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How to Plan for a Great #GivingTuesday Campaign

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Do you want to raise more money and connect with more supporters this #GivingTuesday? Komen South Florida , and he is also a certified Social Media Strategist through the National Institute for Social Media. (He

Go Noles? No Goes?

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Let me start by saying I am a Florida State Seminole. And last night my firstborn son was accepted into the Florida State University Honors College. Certainly FSU was prepared to take my money, I thought. This post describes 15 hours of my life between Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m.

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The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


AFP Florida Caucus / Fort Lauderdake, FL / Not available. Planet Philanthropy is the annual statewide conference presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Florida Caucus. It's finally here!

How to Create Your 2019 Digital Content Strategy

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Komen South Florida. In study , after study , after study , it is always “revealed” that donors simply want to know 2 things from nonprofits: What did you do with my money? What did you do with my money? Why should I give you more money, or give you any at all in the first place?

6 Ways to Train All-Org Messengers

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Your colleagues, board members, volunteers, and loyal donors have tremendous potential to strengthen relationships, drive participation, and raise money IF you launch this six-step training program: 1) Share a clear call to action. Flickr: Chip Griffin.

7 Ways to Get Better Response Rates to Your eNewsletter

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Florida Blood Services Foundation is hitting it out of the park on this front. A Donate button off to the side isn’t enough if the goal of the e-news is to raise money. Want to increase donations through your email outreach? Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates. Have a subject line that makes you want to read more. .

Fundraising from Out-of-State? An Update on Registration Issues

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As you get your online fundraising programs in place and start connecting with people through social media, the liklihood that you will raise money not only within your home state, but in multiple states, goes up.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


On Wednesday, March 16th, New York Nonprofit Media will host Nonprofit FundCon bringing together fundraising and development executives from nonprofits across New York to discuss how to create a campaign and raise money. AFP Florida Caucus / Orlando, FL / TBA.

How I came to Fundraising: Emily Lane, Development Associate, Major Gifts

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This one is from Emily Chalker Lane, who is a Development Associate in Major Gifts at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Florida. And I continued to be active at my church to raise money for various causes over those years.

How to Do Better in 2018

Ann Green

I just returned from my family’s annual trip to Florida. Monthly or recurring giving is also an excellent way to raise more money and boost your retention rate as well. Happy New Year! I hope you had a good holiday.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need to be a Cancer Cause to do Cause Marketing

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Even though 75% of the people my hospital serve live right in Boston, some of my best cause marketing partners are retailers with stores in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Florida. Yep, you heard me right on that last one, Florida.

Your Nonprofit is in Trouble. How? Read on.

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Such as sewage, water costs, property taxes, and finally, on any money that you bring in. And Pamela Grow points me to a new tax on retirement income in Florida ! There’s money all around us. Yesterday I wrote about inequality being the thing that holds nonprofits back.

Integrated Cause Marketing with Starbucks and MSNBC

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Congress from Florida, Joe Scarborough, along ‘with’ Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist. Scarborough could end the show tallying up the money and saying something like how smooth Starbucks goes down.

5 New Steps to get you closer to that major gift, grant or sponsorship

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Wouldn’t you like to have an easier time raising money? I discovered a great following in the local community in South Florida, where I live. Make money. Mazarine, your job is to raise a lot of money and grants.

Frazzled Moms Push Back Against Volunteering? REALLY?

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If you’re involved in a primary or secondary school, advocate and agitate for more money to be given to teachers, classroom aides and to people who are actually doing the work on the ground in schools. Our art, music, and shop programs have been systematically divested of funds across the USA, from Florida to LA. That money has gone somewhere else. The money is out there.

Interview with Erik Anderson

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Erik Anderson works with nonprofits all over the country-in West Texas, in Illinois, in Indiana, in Florida, and a lot of midwestern states. I’ve done a little bit of work in Florida. They start hoarding money. I put time, energy, effort, money. Invest your money.

'Where's the Beef?' Cause Marketing

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At the end of the Nature Valley Amateur series, a championship is held at the famed TPC Sawgrass in Florida, headquarters of the PGA! If you’re a NASCAR fan imagine racing against other skilled fans in full pro-race conditions at Daytona.

Did you choose Red Cross, Yele, or Doctors Without Borders?

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The Mobile Giving Foundation took Yele’s donations, and since Yele has been dissolved as a corporation multiple times by the state of Florida, and has an “office&# in the corner of Wyclef Jean’s “studio kitchen,&# for “$2,600 per month&# and Jean took “$100,000″ in payment “to do a performance at Yele’s event&# , according to Gawker , I do wonder if their… ahem… “guidelines&# and “standards&# are a little too loose.

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The Best Cause Marketing of 2011

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The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit charity that raises money and awareness for the nation’s injured service members. Congress from Florida, Joe Scarborough, along ‘with’ Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist.

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Kid Philanthropy

The Agitator

Zach Bonner set out to help homeless kids in his area of Florida. Brittany and Robbie Bergquist have been earning money collecting and recycling used cellphones, enabling them to provide $5 million worth of prepaid phonecards to soldiers overseas who couldn’t otherwise afford to call home. And, in any event, if real money and real volunteer time is going to meeting real needs at the end of the day, I’ll take it.

Cause Marketing Lessons From Lord Stanley's Cup

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As of today New York, Boston and Florida from the NHL’s Eastern Division have all clinched a spot in the playoffs, while Detroit, Vancouver, and San Jose from the Western Division are guaranteed a playoff berth. That is, if people easily and quickly understand the premise, if they know what will happen with the money and if they know the charity will be a good steward of the money, no matter the amount.

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Saying Thanks Even When It’s Inconvenient or Time-Consuming

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If you are so pressed for time, wouldn’t those precious hours be better spent thanking the people who have taken the next step and given you money, no matter how much or through what method?

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How Do They Get Away With It?

The Agitator

Among the findings: “More than 35 charities and their hired solicitors have been caught breaking the rules multiple times but continue to take money from donors.

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The Waiting is NOT the Hardest Part

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He provides consulting services nationally to non-profit and healthcare leaders from his office in Port Orange, Florida. A Proposal for Uniform Feedback of Grant Application Denials From Guest Blogger: Brian Leitten.

7 Ways to get better response rates to your e-news

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Blog reader Marla Grant of the Florida Blood Services Foundation recently sent me a copy of her newsletters ( you can see them here ), which are chock-a-block with great stories. A Donate button off to the side isn’t enough if the goal of the e-news is to raise money. She was wondering how to increase donations through this email outreach, and kindly agreed to my sharing my advice as a post. Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates.

Meet Drew, who lost everything - and learn from his story

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Petersburg, Florida. He’s nearly homeless again since he pours all of his money into his work with the homeless.). Drew is a homeless man in St. He lost his job as a welder in the recession - and then lost everything when a drunk driver killed his family.

WGN’s Bill Leff Show: Keeping donors safe, and a little Stanley Cup smack talk

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People say, “I want to give money.”. I want to send some money, but my main concern is the right amount of money won’t go to that charity.” You’re stealing money from people who think they’re giving to a good cause, and you’re also kind of besmirching the name of whoever has just gone through something terrible. Even in Haiti, Wyclef Jean seemed to maybe do that because his charity doesn’t seem to have given out much money. Stop sending us money.

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iParty’s Spirit of Giving Lasts All Year Long

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Sal and his wife, Dorice Dionne, are all about fun and you can see it in any one of the aisles of their 50 New England and Florida stores, which are packed with balloons, prizes, costumes and other seasonal party supplies. When I found out they were basically collecting money in a shoebox to pay for food, coats, eyeglasses and other things insurance didn’t cover, I thought I could help.”. There aren’t too many posts I write that don’t include some mention of iParty.

Messing up the Narrative

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And if you think I'm just talking about not paying people much money, you're wrong. When researcher Richard Florida asked 20,000 creative professionals what motivated them to give their best at work, here were the Top 10 factors (in order).   Money. Money is fourth on the list and there are plenty of non-monetary factors that organizations of any size could use to keep people motivated and attract top talent, both administrative and artistic.