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How Nonprofit Communicators Spend Their Time (Infographic) #NPCOMM2017

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Here’s the big original file on Flickr where you can pick the size you want and here’s the link on Pinterest. Trends

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Let Flickr Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story As It Happens

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One of the best ways to share that story is through Flickr. Flickr was launched in 2004 and then was bought up by Yahoo! Google+, or Facebook account (although there is no small controversy about whether such integration is good for Flickr itself). A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Let us show you how.

#How-To: Is The World Ready For Google+ (‘Google Plus’)? You Can Be.

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You can also create links to your Twitter , Flickr , LinkedIn, Quora , etc., Were you invited? The jury is, to say the least, out. Privacy?

2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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Full-Size Infographic on Flickr. It’s here! Share Link: [link]. Infographic on Pinterest. Infographic on Facebook.

Frustrated with Flickr

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I LOVE FLICKR. I LOVE MANY OF THE AMAZING PHOTOS ON FLICKR. I GO TO FLICKR ALL THE TIME FOR INSPIRATION but for the life of me I can't figure out the copyright rules. Here's my beef. I know. The rules are listed here. But what exactly do they mean? I'd appreciate any feedback.

It's Not Just How You Say It, But Where And When

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By Yevy Photography, on Flickr Communication is a word we use a lot in social media because that is what social media is about: creating a relationship with others by communicating with them. But how is communication defined as a strategy? ONE is an international NGO whose mission is to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Data Driven Campaigns Can Help Small Nonprofits

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graphic via Robert Kirrily on Flickr I really dislike numbers, but sometimes it can't be helped. SSIR has a good article about learning from Obama's data-driven campaigns. They make it about measurement, but I make it about reach. Here's the gist of it: Target your audience for the best returns on your outreach.

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More Than Words: Why Visuals Are Critical in Pitching Your Story

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The photo-sharing site Flickr has a rich library of Creative Commons licensed photos, many of which you can use with nothing more than attribution.

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Your Small Nonprofit's Infographics

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image via Flickr We all know that infographics have become a big deal - quite a great visual way to breakdown data for your audience, pleasing both those who like data and those who like visuals. By breaking up your infographic into smaller pieces, you can also orient them specifically to segments of your community, too.

Ep206: 98% of Corporate Sustainability Programs Fail. 4 Proven Ways to Boost the Success Rate

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Photo via KT on Flickr. To get sustainability efforts back on track, the report offers four guidelines to deliver lasting gains.

Pinterest Primer for Nonprofits


Flickr: stevegarfield. My name is Gayle Thorsen…and I’m a Pinterest addict. Getting Started. Ideas/Best Practices. Role Models.

Is Social Media Necessary? Sufficient? Myth-Busting Monday

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Facebook unique visitations can be measured in the millions, while unique visitors to Twitter, Flickr, etc., And largely for good reason.

6 Ways to Train All-Org Messengers

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Flickr: Chip Griffin. Why not recruit folks already connected with your organization to help as marketing and fundraising ambassadors? Win-win.

What to do when someone wants to “Pick Your Brain”?

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Red Flag, by RVW on Flickr. Have you ever met someone who wanted to “Pick your brain&# ? How did you respond to them? Respect! Digg this!

'Free' and Cause-Related Marketing: Part I

Cause Related Marketing

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#Development: Listening To Social Networks An Important Investment Too

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Click to enlarge (posted on Flickr). The field got built only after Ray listened. Yesterday we talked about creating content on your business’s or nonprofit’s website that will bring new readers to your site, deepen the loyalty of those already in contact with it, and turn more of them into customers, volunteers, and donors.

Reader Questions: Are you being bullied at work? What can you do?

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by Flickr photographer Cortnee B. From Flickr photographer KK+. Flickr image: Mujalifah. By Flickr Photographer Grumpy Puddin.

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7 Free Tools to Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing

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You get results from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus and Flickr. Billy Attar. Kristina. Guest Post by Billy Attar of Pipl.

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Who Comes Next?

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What Do You Mean, "We"?

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The 5 Things You Need In Your Nonprofit’s Online Newsroom

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They also include a photo library (or a link to a Flickr page) and make the images in that library available to media organizations.

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Nonprofit Comms Team Size, Budget and Salary [Infographic] #NPCOMM2017

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Here’s the Team Size Infographic on Flickr | Here’s the Team Size Infographic on Pinterest. The 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is officially available! We have so much to share that we are doing three infographics. Here’s the first on team staffing, budgets, and salaries. We’ll share another next week.

A surprising way to increase planned gifts

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Used with permission of ken_mayer on Flickr I love that we live in a time of actual research of fundraising. Not so with planned giving.

Plan 39

New Ideas in NGO Structure - The Participation Nonprofit

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Via Flickr Robert Shiller, who is an economics prof at Yale, recently wrote a NYT article called "How Donors Give More When They Feel a Sense of Belonging." Within the article he posits a new form of nonprofit, the participation nonprofit. Shareholders would. co-opts NGO nontraditional participation shareholders shares small nonprofits

What’s Happening this March?


flickr credit: eaglegrl76. Spring is in the air… Well, almost. Where do you go for your inspiration? March Events. Observances. TED2011.

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'Free' and Cause-Related Marketing: Part II

Cause Related Marketing

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5 Steps to Powerful Staff Messengers

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Flickr: OpenUniversity. Bingo—expand reach and depth without any extra expenditure. Bonus too! Don’t forget to make it fun. 5) THANK them.

9 Ways that Charities Get Grey-Sky Thinking

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Picture from Elsie Esq from Flickr Creative Commons. So Blue-Sky thinking is being overly optimistic. Grey sky thinking is rather less so.

10 ways to thank your donors

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Image credit: flickr member nateOne After the busy nonprofit year-end giving season comes the often overlooked nonprofit thank you season.

The 4 Donor Groups You Need to Contact Before the End of Year

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Photo courtesy of Willy D on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Here are some of the ideas I share with them. But some may. My advice? Say thanks.

Don’t be a leader. Be a builder.

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From Seattle Municipal Archives on Flickr (creative commons). From KevinSchoenmakers on Flickr (Creative Commons). Be a builder. Welcome!

Amazon is giving away my book for free today

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Flickr. Amazon is promoting my newest book Nonprofit Social Media: A beginner’s guide to building donor relationships from your desk.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


flickr credit: JanneM. As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just semantics.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


flickr credit: JanneM. As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just symantics.

How to not bore your donors to tears

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Photo courtesy of scragz on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Do you fear your donors are bored with you? How to be interesting to your donors.

7 Ways to Repurpose Old Content into New

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And now, with social media, you may be producing content for a blog, video channel, Flickr group, podcast, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

12 More Interview Questions for your Fundraising job interview

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this photo is by Sofia Ajram on Flickr, with David Alexander. This photo is by Sofia Ajram on Flickr. LOL NO. But that’s about it.

Setting Up a Social Media Listening Dashboard

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I use the same RSS concept to pull in Flickr alerts, Myspace and Facebook. Christina Johns. Each tab is customizable for your organization.

Motivate Colleagues to Spot & Gather 5-Star Stories

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Flickr: Carlos Ubeda. Here’s how to ask, train, support, and reward the front-line folks who have the. greatest access to 5-star stories!

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Yeah, you know you need to learn how to delegate, how about right now?

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From Barbara Bedoni on Flickr. Some of us, not all of us, but some of us are Type As. We like to be in control of every little thing. We do.