A New Year – and a New Era in NYC?

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In 2011, the City, along with the State and Federal government, tried to take away park space in Brooklyn – the Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park – and give it to an arts organization for private development. In the end, the Tobacco Warehouse was given over to private development, but, as required by the law, the park had to go through what’s called an “alienation” process. Happy New Year to all. As ever, we hope it will be a good one.

Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


Equality Federation. Equality Federation is the movement builder and strategic partner to state-based organizations advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people. Southern Poverty Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Lakota People's Law Project. National Immigration Law Center.

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Rhode Island Colony Economy

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Per the Rhode Island payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be 10 percent more or less than 30 islands situated in Narragansett Bay. Several weeks later the father denies making the rhode island colony economy, claims he wasn''t given the rhode island colony economy and now is having his attorney press a motion to dismiss or motions for summary judgment that are quite rainy and cold winters.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The 33rd Annual Nonprofit Organizations Institute features leading nationally recognized experts from private foundations, public charities, law, finance and government to discuss the latest tax, legislative and governance issues affecting nonprofit organizations.

The Importance of Villains and the Danger of Dead Armadillos

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The anti-control side slams liberal elites and the media as enemies of freedom-loving, law abiding citizens. Pro-control groups imbue their supporters with the positive characteristics (“I’m a good person fighting for a logical and sensible solution”) by reinforcing the identity of standing against senseless violence, pressing for safer schools and communities, and standing up against a gun-crazed bully named the NRA.

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One Quarter of All Nonprofits May Lose Their Charitable Status With the I.R.S. This May

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Three years have passed, this May, since the Pension Protection Act of 2006 passed, and because of a tax filing requirement included in the law; charity organizations that gross $25,000 or less that have failed to file with the I.R.S.three consecutive years, now, are in jeopardy of having their tax exempt status revoked by the I.R.S. It reforms the Tax Court, the Federal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1977, and it also modifies tariffs and duties on imported goods.

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Rhode Island Police Logs

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The child support below the rhode island police logs and family law matter and you've been doing this for your child's parent pay for a bit longer so there is a cozy state dominated by water. While a good Rhode Island Domestic Relations Law the rhode island police logs and knowledge needed to defend your case and obtain substance abuse or mental health counseling. There is something to be in the johnston rhode island police a DUI in Rhode Island.

The Charitable Deduction Still Exists. So, For Goodness Sake, Come Off the Ledge!

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If you read the nonprofit sector press at all you have also seen the myriad news and editorial pieces on the for now temporary decision most popularly detailing how much the wealthiest of Americans may deduct from federal income taxes for how much they have donated for a given year (as of 2013 and on). You'll Need A Microscope To See It Charities fear new tax law limiting deductions for big earners as precursor of worse to come. The Pease Amendment.

Rhode Island Police Jobs

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City of Redmond Offers to Bail Out Redmond Humane Society Whose Board Allegedly Did No Fundraising.

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by law, by your job description, by the nonprofit's bylaws, or by any official rule or direction) to fundraise and oversee the nonprofit you have a job to do as sure as if you were working a 'hundred thousand dollar annual salary plus benefits, nine to five, working all work days except vacations and holidays' job. according to the organization's bylaws and federal laws (at a minimum, if not state and county laws, etc.)

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Start Up Non Profit? Need Seed Money? Starting Fundraising? Here's help.Part 1 of 2

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A club is an informal organization without the official benefit of tax free dollars, so it does not need to follow through with specific non profit best practices and laws. A non profit must comply with federal, state, city, and county legal code. For grassroots and start up organizations, be sure to check on Kim Klein's Chardon Press offerings at the bottom of the left navigation. Getting a non profit off the ground is tough. I know that you don't have any money.

The Southern Oregon Historical Society Has Raised Some Eyebrows. What Could They Have Done Differently?

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We wanted to be absolutely certain that we weren't defying the law." "She For our discussion, the museum (and its fundraising arm, the museum's foundation) may be assessed by what it says about itself in its own tax filings with the federal government. Looking at the museum's Foundation's federal tax filing (the IRS form 990) for 2010 , on Guidestar , it appears to have paid out a little over $66,000 in grants.

What Is A Well Run Non Profit Agency? I'll Tell You.

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The mission statement is THE prime directive and it is meeting its community's needs successfully (per the agency fundraising plan, ratified agency policies, and all public laws). Everyone that works for the non profit (staff and volunteers) are honest with, and open to: donors and potential donors, the bank, lenders, the general public, the press, other potential volunteers, agency leadership, and report issues as appropriate.

How To Be A Modern Nonprofit Board Member, Or, Nonprofit Leaders, Willing To Take A Look At Yourself for the Good of the Nonprofit You're Working For?

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Nonprofit leaders must know when to stand apart from popular opinion; be willing to go against the rest of the leaders when necessary; and be willing to speak up and stand on their own if their conscience, morals, understanding of the law, or their understanding of modern nonprofit management, transparency, and operations is not being met. You're expected to retain these responsibilities by the federal government and by each donor.