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The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

Fundraising Coach

Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. You need to do this in your three fall fundraising letters ! If you’ve been with your nonprofit for a while, it may be hard to reconnect this way.

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Political junk mail can hurt your fall fundraising letters

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If you’re like many nonprofits, you’ve sent a fall fundraising appeal this month and you plan on sending one towards the end of the year. So you may want to add another mailing or two to ensure your fundraising message is received.

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10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

Wild Woman Fundraising

What I have to say… may shock you, but read on! So they tell the Development Director to push hard, and use the DD as the “fall guy.” ” (I WAS TOTALLY SET UP TO BE THE FALL GUY IN A LINE OF FALL GUYS!). Scary by Marco Mazzei from Flickr.

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It may be fundraising season, but we don’t have to name it that

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The crunch of falling leaves under your feet. The number one cliché we need to banish this Fall is the “it’s fundraising season” or “it’s that time again” appeal. You can call your campaign the “fall appeal” inside your office, but don’t lead your messages with it. We may live by the campaign calendar, but our audiences do not. Ah, Autumn. The crisp, cool air. Football. And the start of – you guessed it - fundraising season.

3-Step Communications to Re-engage Volunteers for Fall

Getting Attention

Every fall I feel like a kid going back to school. In late July, we begin asking volunteers to become project leaders for fall (which is critical for starting new projects). The volunteers you turn away may never come back.

Is A Donate Button Coming To Twitter?

J Campbell Social Marketing

The ability to donate directly inside Twitter may be coming to a nonprofit near you! photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc. Last week, Twitter announced that it will start testing a Buy button embedded into individual tweets.

Location, Location, Location - Should Your Small NP Play Ball with Foursquare?

Social Media Bird Brain

On Twitter, at least 1 in 20 posts that fly by me may be a check-in. Okay, you may be wondering what the heck an LBS is. Some, like Yelp, are related to providing reviews on local businesses so you can find places where you are or where you're going to be to visit, Tags: Location-based service Foursquare small nonprofits social media Gowalla Jason Falls Image by stevegarfield via FlickrFoursquare and Gowalla are the LBS talk of the social media global village.

Best Nonprofit Videos of the Year

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you have never seen the Zach Galifianakis video series Between Two Ferns , you may not get the pop culture appeal of this video. Also notice how you can make a great video with very little resources or money – the toupee may have been the most expensive thing on the set.

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Woulda Coulda Shoulda #GivingTuesday

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Next, ink a #Giving Tuesday planning date into your early summer calendar, ideally as part of your fall and year-end campaign planning. Again, keep in mind though that although these examples may have been winners for the organizations behind them (or not), they may not necessarily work for your people. That may be more accessible messages (e.g.

Will Your Nonprofit Lose Charity Status on May 15?

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It may be April, but this is no Fool's joke. While smaller groups may still not required to file on an annual basis, a provision of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 included a requirement that the Internal Revenue Service revoke the nonprofit status of organizations that fail to file for three years in a row. Up to 25% of the nation's officially recognized 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organizations have never filed an IRS form 990; the nonprofit tax return.

How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Really Take?

J Campbell Social Marketing

This person might already be a volunteer, or may be part-time, struggling to finish all the other tasks required of them – writing grants, communicating with donors, organizing events and coordinating volunteers (just to name a few). What is working and what is falling flat?

3 Steps to Revive Your Email List

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One change I’d like to make is adding an email to the series to re-engage people before they fall into the inactive pool. I think that if we reconnect sooner, we may pull more people back into the active file. Guest blogger Karla Capers specializes in using the internet to raise visibility for progressive issues and engage people more deeply in campaigns. She has worked for advocacy organizations since 1996. .

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You In? Mother’s Day Marketing

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Oxfam America even extends the opportunity to May 18, in case Mother’s Day slackers miss the day of! But keep this link—and the models you like—on hand and mark your calendar to start planning your 2015 Mother’s Day campaign in the fall.

The 3 Worst Mistakes a Nonprofit Can Make When Trying to Acknowledge Online Donors

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We often talk about how your thank yous may be the most important communication you send. Online fundraising may no longer be the wild west of the nonprofit community, but it still carries with it the aura of an unsettled frontier. Gretchen Barry.

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4 Tips for Subject Lines That Work

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" If you make readers think too hard, they may just opt to delete without reading and move on to their next message. For newsletters, highlight the key piece of content you''re sending—a subject line like "Fall 2013 Newsletter" is easy to gloss over in a busy inbox. After: Join Long Island Pet Rescue''s Fall Frolic. After Homes for Heroes Fall Fundraiser wants you! Subject lines are more important than you might think.

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How to Translate Your Program Into a Compelling Video

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Many non-profits fall into what I call “The Program Trap.” You may feel tempted to fill your video with board members and experts because you can trust that they’ll explain the program articulately and offer credibility.

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The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Marketer: Marketing Success from the Inside Out

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you’re a parent, you probably have or had a bedtime ritual for your children, but yours may have looked like ours: Stay up late to try to get things done and finally collapse from sheer exhaustion – or wake up in the middle of the night panicked about the things we didn’t get done that day.

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Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Kristina Kelly

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s also a great time to check in with my Director of Marketing for any updates that may impact social media. Kristina Kelly. Here’s the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words.

How to Communicate In The Midst Of Tragedy: 9-Step Checklist

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And although it may seem easiest to go dark right now, please don’t. Your own agenda must fall behind for the balance of the week, at the very least, unless there’s a real, organic link to bombing-related issues. That may be Thursday, but may be next week.

Get Your People Out of the Heat & Into Action

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We Plan, Invent, and Prep for a Fast-Paced Fall. One organization working to support those who are homeless puts on a Save Our Homes Walk in May, a Taste of the City event in June, a barbecue in July, and a golf tournament in September. We’re officially one month into summer, so don’t waste a moment in heating up your communications and results with season-specific approaches.

Grants for Soccer Programs in Underprivileged Communities of 50k+ Nonprofits, Schools, Municipalities, Colleges, Universities, or Tribes May Apply

Seeking Grant Money Today

This grant type does not include upgrading an existing field with a synthetic grass surface; these fall within the parameters of the Footprint Fields (Synthetic Field) Grant type. From The Foundation Center. [If If you would like more information about this grant opportunity click "Contact: Link to RFP" at the end of this post]. Deadline: October 29, 2010 U.S. Soccer Foundation Announces Guidelines for 2011 Grant Cycle Since 1995, the U.S.

Want to drive online giving? Send a letter

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Review your fall fundraising letters. As you prepare to send out your fall fundraising letters, make sure they: clearly state the link for donors to make a gift online. You may think you have an easy online giving form. Studies continue to show that online giving is the fastest growing fundraising channel. But not every nonprofit is experiencing this stellar growth. The best way to grow online donations. So what’s the best way to grow online donations?

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Each fall since 2008 MNN has hosted an annual conference and expo. Your colleagues at the Technology Conference may come with different experiences and expertise, but they also bring similar challenges and goals. Apr 30 - May 2. May 2 - 3. May 3. May 3 - 5.

Change Is Hard—How To Get Through It

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Timed the transition to fall in a month when I’m not on the road. This week has been a tough one for me. After more than five years of heavy reliance on one email distribution platform/service, change was overdue.

Don’t waste time trying to copy the #icebucketchallenge

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My mother passed away due to ALS last fall, so I''m thrilled that ALS is getting this much media attention. It may have even morphed out of the much older tradition of “polar bear plunges.” (The And reaching donors with appeals 2-4 times this fall.

Six Ways Social Media Has Affected Nonprofit Newsletters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The responses, some of which I’m quoting below, fall into these six major categories. You may find different information on social media versus the newsletter, but it will be around the same topic.”

Are You Ready for Your Year-End Appeal?

Ann Green

You may think fall is a long way off. Fall is a busy time, especially if you’re doing a year-end appeal. You may have already set a goal in your 2016 fundraising plan (at least I hope you did) and perhaps you need to revise that goal.

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4 things to check as you begin 2016

Fundraising Coach

But just like our cars need routine maintenance or they'll fall apart, so do our fundraising systems. That goes for donation forms, subscription boxes, and any other advanced tools you may offer like mapping, calculators, and visualizations.

Great “behind-the-scenes” progress in 2013, now let’s get creative!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Understanding that social media engagement does not fall under any “single” branch in an organization. Typically at this time of year I tend to write a few thoughts surrounding my hopes and expectations for digital engagement in the public sector sphere here in Canada.

Making Your 2013 Marketing Goals More Clear

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you fall in this last group, those who say they are doing it all, you have the most to gain by narrowing your goals. You may be concerned with. How is your job aligned within your organization?

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4 Steps to Stronger Relationships by Sharing a Laugh

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Without knowing your common ground, you’re treading on dangerous ground and may offend. Humor is tough to integrate effectively into marketing, especially nonprofit marketing. We see a lot more of it in consumer marketing, where the issue covered isn’t so serious or meaningful.

You Can Save the Corporations

Wild Woman Fundraising

It may be cliche, but it’s true. That’s why companies should be falling over themselves to give to you. Check out his webinar too on May 15th ! Are you looking for sponsorship for that next event? How altruistic of you! You could be SAVING THE COMPANY. YOU COULD BE SAVING THEIR BRAND. Seriously. You have no idea. Consumers are much more savvy these days. They don’t want to give their money to big corporate conglomerates that hurt the earth.

Greg Got Schooled by Greg


It’s time for me to fall on my sword. “… why promoting 100% board participation in your organization’s legacy society is almost never a good idea, and why it may not make sense for a CEO or key development officer to be a legacy society member either.

Better Cause Marketing with SEO

Selfish Giving

Lately, I’ve been trying to read as much as possible on SEO and I’ve found a great teacher in Jason Falls. If my site tops more searches that means more companies may seek out my services. More reporters may call to write stories about my program or my corporate partners.

Three Stages of Nonprofit Marketing Maturity

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Therefore, should the organization fall into a financial crisis, communications is the first to be cut. We all grow and change as people and as professionals, and so do our organizations.

How your nonprofit got into its fundraising mess

Fundraising Coach

It's as though people think that money will just fall from the sky. You may see a harvest once in a while, but you won't be able to rely on it to consistently fund your nonprofit. Photo by RachePhotos on Flickr. Used with permission.

Op Ed Writing Made Easy: Ideas for a Basic Structure

Getting Attention

You may recognize the first format, the five paragraph essay, from high school: Introduction ending with your main point. One caveat: don’t fall into the trap of simply “admiring the problem” and failing to offer solutions or limiting your solutions to a quick paragraph near the end.

Making People Cry Isn’t a Good Nonprofit Mobile Strategy

Selfish Giving

But here’s the rub: emotion and smartphones may not be a good mix. You’ve worked hard to create a strong emotional message with your nonprofit videos but on smartphones it will fall on blind eyes. Nonprofits may want two mobile strategies.

How ASPCApro Manages Content Creation

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

You are probably familiar with the ASPCA as one of the largest organizations fighting animal cruelty, but you may not know about ASPCA Professional, which is specifically for animal sheltering staff and volunteers.

Death of movie rentals + Rise of cross-platform mobile messaging

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

fall of over 15% over the last few years). Messages don’t fall under the “texting/SMS” category on your phone bill. I may be using WhatsApp now but next year it may be something else.

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