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Nonprofits Grew Online Giving, Website Traffic & Social Media Fans in 2013

J Campbell Social Marketing

Monthly website traffic grew by 16% in 2013. Nonprofits grew their number of Facebook fans by 37%, and Twitter followers by 46%.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use the New Facebook Changes to Their Advantage

J Campbell Social Marketing

There have been more changes at Facebook that have serious implications for your nonprofit’s Facebook strategy. 3) Stop using memes.

Should You Feed Your Blog to Facebook?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I use Hootsuite to automatically send new blog posts to both Twitter and Facebook. What’s been the impact on the Facebook page?

Nonprofit Facebook ROI—Yay or Nay? (w/John Haydon)

Getting Attention

Get ready for a roaring point vs. counterpoint, thanks to Facebook for Nonprofits expert John Haydon, who shares his Yay below. Please share your Facebook plan (or plan not to use) and why here, and/or tell us what it does (or doesn’t do) for your organization. My recommendation: Use Facebook ONLY if. NAY, IN MOST CASES.

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How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook – Part 2

J Campbell Social Marketing

Case Study: How One Nonprofit Raised Thousands Using Facebook – Part 2. 1) Understand the Facebook Ladder of Engagement. Smart!).

Get more out of your nonprofit’s Facebook page

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Facebook Insights can tell you: Which posts have the highest levels of engagement. Which sites refer the most traffic to your Facebook page.

5 Tips For Increasing Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Website

Fundraising 123

It's also what is grabbed when you post a link to Facebook.) I'm not an SEO expert, and I've never played one on TV. But here are some tips I've learning along the way. They'll help raise your nonprofit website's visibility with search engines so that people will find your site much more easily. I'm not advising creating garbage content.

Facebook Tips for Nonprofits: How Sanctuary One Inspires and Connects with Supporters

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Facebook is great for more than just sharing photos of cute kittens and that amazing dim sum you had for lunch. Your nonprofit’s Facebook page can help you develop meaningful connections with your fans. Casserly also offered some simple yet effective tips that you can put to work on your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

Is Facebook a #FAIL for Nonprofits?

Marketing for Nonprofits

But are nonprofits actually seeing results, or is Facebook just a bandwagon that's not going anywhere?" Facebook is not FREE! Yikes!

Interview: How can you start fundraising from nothing?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Need some tips on where to start getting more website traffic for your nonprofit? Ever wanted to learn how to start fundraising? I love it!

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Succeed with Visual Marketing

J Campbell Social Marketing

If you do not have a lot of website traffic, blog readers or social media engagement, I’m willing to bet that lousy visuals play a huge part.

IKEA Saves the Children When Facebook Fans Invite Friends to Shop

Selfish Giving

One of the more successful digital tactics for cause marketing are Facebook “Likes” promotions. I like it.

What Sponsors Should Measure in Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause Related Marketing

Social Bookmarking Facebook Children's Miracle Network Telethon Evaluating a cause-related marketing campaign Twitter Digg Delicious

A Facebook Champ

A Small Change

Let’s face it, social media (Facebook is the frontrunner today) are part of our lives now. Share our events. No brainer, straightforward.

Results from Cinnabon’s Cause-Powered Location-Based Social-Media Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

Cinnabon was active on both Foursquare and Facebook Places, but the venue listings were something of a mess.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Nonprofit Website

Fundraising 123

Email: Email is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. You can also drive traffic to your web site by publishing content in email newsletters of affiliated institutions. Create a Facebook page or Twitter account to help recruit new volunteers, donors and supporters.

Drive Donors to Your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 2

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you have an overwhelming number of supporters who use Facebook, you should focus your efforts there. Collect donations on Facebook.

8 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2016 (Infographic)

J Campbell Social Marketing

What’s on tap in digital marketing for 2016? What do nonprofits need to prioritize? Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.

2015 Digital Fundraising To Do List #3 Allocate Budget For Paid Social Media

Giving in a Digital World

Begin by conducting a careful and honest review of just how well your own Facebook activity is really performing in support of fundraising.

#HOWTO: Facebook Timeline Goes Public Tomorrow! Ready?

Non Profit Marketing 360

And the fact is, Timeline becomes the default interface of all Facebook accounts tomorrow! Are you ready? It goes live tomorrow!

Repurpose Your Content for Consistent Storytelling

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We immediately saw an increase in traffic. Guest Video/Post by Mark Horvath, founder of Invisible People. It was a big deal. True story!

One Idea For Cause Marketing That Works for Small Business

Cause Related Marketing

The cause carves out a piece of its Facebook page for a section called something like ‘Small Business Champions.’ For a modest fee, say a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the traffic the site generates, the small business gets highlighted as one of the charities’ ‘Small Business Champions.’

New Data: Nonprofit Online Marketing and Fundraising Trends in 2015

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

increase in web traffic. For every 1,000 email subscribers, our participants had 285 Facebook fans and 112 Twitter followers. feature.

How to Create Enough Good Content (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Traffic started to rise and we got lots of compliments on the new format. I have an article on the NTEN site!” – driving traffic our way.

Using Cause Marketing to Preserve Retail Pricing Power

Cause Related Marketing

And just like those old-school traffic-driving gimmicks, they tempt retailers into a discount death spriral.” But it can help.

Bing is surprisingly important for your nonprofit marketing

Fundraising Coach

But Facebook is the biggest social media site on the planet. Then you''ll be on the road to not missing any web traffic from Facebook! (c)

5 tips for increasing traffic to your nonprofit’s website

Fundraising Coach

I wish to increase traffic to my web site and since this is unfamiliar territory I thought you could help me with this. It’s also what is grabbed when you post a link to Facebook.). A: Great question! I’m not an SEO expert, and I’ve never played one on TV. But here are some tips I’ve learning along the way.

Make Blogging a Part of Your Social Media Strategy

J Campbell Social Marketing

Larger nonprofits have been early adopters of blogging , seeing the benefits in increased website traffic, email sign ups, and online donations.

Marketing Fundraising Events: The Ultimate Checklist

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Build an event page on your nonprofit’s website or on Facebook. Kerri Moore. Holding a fundraising event soon? Pick your star features!

Google+ 1 Month Later: 3 Reasons I’m Impressed

Fundraising Coach

In the last 30 days, Google+ is the #17 driver of traffic to Proof that Google+ has Facebook freaking out? Connect.

Will You Let Everyone Know? 3 Examples, Oodles of Tips (and 23 Real Emails) to Support Your Next “Share This” Call to Action

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Hip-Hop artist Common shared the image on Facebook and Instagram. Let me start by declaring what this post IS NOT about. in the 1960s.

Straight Talk on the Give Local Crash from a Nonprofit Tech CEO #GiveDayLessons

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

What did they expect with all that traffic?”. Jay Love, CEO of Bloomerang , took me up on the offer with today’s post. Jay Love. Jay B.

Are you following this interesting little debate on Nonprofit Social Media?

Wild Woman Fundraising

There’s been some lively discussion over at the Agitator between Tom and Jay Frost about the value of Facebook likes. What about Twitter?

Must-Know Insights from #15NTC

Getting Attention

Despite recent news that photos no longer outperform other types of content on Facebook , orgs DO benefit from creating, curating and sharing relevant visuals. Visuals drive traffic: The 2 nd largest referral to Buzzfeed is Pinterest. NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is one of the best learning opportunities I know.

#DEVELOPMENT: How Much Cash Is Required To Land A Donation?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Dan recently ran a series of thirteen paid traffic tests using such services as Facebook Ads, Twitter Auto-Follow, LinkedIn Premium and the like.

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Is Your Facebook Page Contributing Donors and Volunteers?

Fundraising 123

Do you feel like you're working on Facebook blindly without any clear results? Many nonprofits do, despite free tools from both Facebook and Google to measure impact. Some days UNICEF-USA staff wouldn't post at all on Facebook; other days they would post four or five times. Register now for "Is Facebook Worth It?"

My Big Fat Problem With Social Media Measurement

J Campbell Social Marketing

For example, I have a client who is laser focused on Twitter followers, Facebook Likes and YouTube views. Don’t get me wrong. Dig deeper.

10 Social Media Stats for Nonprofit Marketers

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

online adults are now Facebook users. users spend 114 billion minutes a month on Facebook. 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside of the U.S. 40% of Facebook users surveyed say they log in to the social network multiple times per day. Is one of your 2014 goals to get your social strategy in order? 73% of U.S.

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#Interview: Syam Buradagunta, Blogger & Co-Founder of Blue Sky Collaborative

Non Profit Marketing 360

SYAM: Yes, we definitely see a lot of traffic coming from the blog. The company also provides custom websites and a content management system.

Facebook versus Google, a popularity contest YOU don’t need to care about

Wild Woman Fundraising

Recently I read on Katya’s Marketing Blog that Facebook has surpassed Google in terms of popularity. So What! What about sales?&#