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social communications branding NTEN Facebook metrics honesty reputation nonprofit brand authenticity Nonprofit Facebook Guy SSIRQuirky DigiDudes Portable Camera Tripod and Keychain via iTech News Net Your brand is what makes you recognizable. In the olden days, this was likely a logo like Coca-Cola's. These days, it could be how you personally are known. For example, there's a guy whose current brand is President of the United States. Nice brand.

New Facebook Features and Why They Matter

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Last week, Facebook held its annual F8 conference where Mark Zuckerberg and team typically set the direction for global digital technology. What Facebook invests time and resources in tends to set the course for the entire digital ecosystem. Along comes Facebook Spaces VR to the rescue.

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6 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Quickly Get More Facebook Engagement

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The friendly folks at Facebook have tweaked the News Feed algorithm again , now putting an explicit priority on posts from family and friends over pages. However, as with all changes to the Facebook News Feed, I encourage you to breathe and do not panic.

5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Facebook

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We all know how popular Facebook continues to be, among all age groups and income levels. Pew Internet reported in January of this year that for the first time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This is just Facebook 101.

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Facebook Finally Admits That You Do Have to Pay for Ads to Reach Your Fans

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Everything I’ve been preaching about success in Facebook marketing has been a lie. I’ve stuck up for Facebook repeatedly over the years, despite the frustration it has elicited from nonprofit marketers with small budgets. Stop Drinking the Facebook Kool-Aid.

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Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes and What They Mean for Nonprofits

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This Thursday, June 4th, ActionSprout will join us in presenting Beth Becker’s FREE WEBINAR How to Master Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm to Boost Your Content. Facebook has recently made several changes to the algorithm that determines which content shows up in all of its 1.4

Should You Feed Your Blog to Facebook?

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I use Hootsuite to automatically send new blog posts to both Twitter and Facebook. That is, until May of this year, when the Facebook integration failed. It’s been almost three months since the blog posts appeared automatically on our Facebook page.

How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Groups

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As the community engagement manager at Nonprofit Marketing, I have set up a lot of Facebook Groups, and unlike some other changes Facebook has made that people find annoying, the latest updates have made Groups even more functional.

How One Nonprofit Is Raising Thousands Using Facebook – Part 2

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Case Study: How One Nonprofit Raised Thousands Using Facebook – Part 2. 1) Understand the Facebook Ladder of Engagement. Baldrick’s has invested so much time in Facebook is due to its social and interactive nature. Enter the Facebook Ladder of Engagement.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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According to Facebook, 150 million of the 1 billion people that use the social network are connected to a cause or nonprofit. We know why people use Facebook – to connect with other people. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook Donate Button

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Urge Facebook to offer Facebook Ad Grants to nonprofits like yours—Please add your name now to this petition. Facebook is a vital tool for most of us, and their attention to the nonprofit market (as with the introduction of the Donate button this week) is fantastic. There’s no debate that Facebook is a productive platform on which to interact with supporters and build your base.

Successful Facebook Advertising on Less than $2 a Day

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A lot of people ask us whether Facebook ads are a good idea or not. They help nonprofits find supporters on Facebook and get them to act. We’ll be working with Action Sprout to provide more tips, resources, and training on Facebook to you in the coming months.

Pump Up Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page with These 10 Tips

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At the Social Media for Nonprofits conference, Carie Lewis of the Humane Society of the United States shared how her organization''s Facebook strategy has raised about $200,000 per year. Credit: HSUS /Facebook). Facebook users love to feel engaged.

Blogs vs. Facebook for Nonprofits


Over the past few months, I’ve helped a couple nonprofit clients who are ready to move into social media decide whether to go with a blog or Facebook. (I’ll If you truly don’t have the staff time to blog at least once a week or make a Facebook update twice a week, you shouldn’t be considering either medium. With limited funds and staff time—where do each of these nonprofits begin branching out to more social media: a blog or Facebook?

How the Latest Facebook Announcement Will Impact Your Social Media Strategy

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In an announcement last week, Facebook unveiled their new News Feed FYI blog to “highlight major updates to News Feed and explain the thinking behind them.”. 1) The first Facebook change to the News Feed is Story Bumping. Facebook will never show you posts chronologically.

#SOCIALNETWORK: Are You Prepped For Rollout Of Facebook Graph Search?

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Building the Facebook network. Facebook’s latest tool, Graph Search, was announced a couple of weeks ago and it is being rolled out through the Facebook0sphere through February. What does the Graph Search mean to the average user or nonprofit on Facebook?

What Facebook’s Changes Mean for Cause Marketing

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Facebook made some interesting changes last week that may help evolve how nonprofits and businesses use Facebook “likes” for cause marketing. The change should shakeup how organizations weigh the meaning/worth of a Facebook “like.”

Get more out of your nonprofit’s Facebook page

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John Haydon, our favorite Facebook guru, has created a useful video tutorial on how to use the new Facebook Insights reports to understand how your nonprofit’s Facebook outreach is faring. Facebook Insights can tell you: Which posts have the highest levels of engagement.

Your youth segment is not “really” chatting on Facebook anymore

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Here’s a brief history of Facebook from my own personal experience. I joined Facebook sometime in mid 2006. Within a few months the majority migrated to Facebook even though it was a step back (lack of chat feature initially) at the same time it was a step forward (social element: 2-way, one-to-many platform, photo sharing, etc…). . None of my professional contacts knew about Facebook. Facebook was not indexed by search engines in any way. Facebook?

Phone calls, and emails, and Facebook, oh my!

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With social media anchoring so many interactions we have with people, the penchant for more personal connection that the phone affords, and the ease of which supporters can respond to email, we find ourselves with lots of different options for connecting with our prospects and support community.

#SocialNetworks: Bring Them Back To Facebook For The Holidays

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Some companies use the holiday season to develop seasonal-specific themes for their social networks, and Maya Grinsberg at compiled a Top-10 List of some of those strategies as generated for Facebook. The holiday season is prime gift-giving and donation-giving season.

Explaining Facebook Reach for Nonprofits

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Have Facebook changes harmed social media engagement efforts for nonprofits and companies? We wanted to get the scoop, so Network for Good’s Katya Andresen turned to Facebook expert, John Haydon. He provided these excellent, understandable and level-headed responses to the most common questions on why people see what they see on Facebook. How do Facebook updates work and what do supporters see? Does this mean a drop in Facebook engagement?

10 Types of Social Media Posts Every Nonprofit Should Be Sending

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Have you looked at how many Facebook posts you’re creating each week? Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be covering in this article: Facebook Videos. Facebook Videos. These hashtags are universal and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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#SOCIALNETWORKS: How To Promote Facebook Posts & Why You Might Not Want To

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CecilyK on ‘MomCrunch’ blog says ‘No’ This past summer Facebook launched the opportunity to purchase ‘Promoted Posts’ that ? Is it a case of false advertising, or is Facebook still working out the kinks? No need to berate Facebook for this phenomenon.

Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #2

Diva Marketing Blog

This is a special interview series on what life is like for Jessica Robyn Porter , a Gen Y-er, who disabled her 7 year old Facebook Page. Diva/Marketing/Toby : The big question I've been asked is, "What were the reactions from Jessica's Facebook friends?" I had 410 facebook friends.

#SM4NP:! For Information ‘Curation’ & Social Interaction

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offers easy access to other social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) ”We interact with articles and other media all day long, so pulling it together under a central topic should fit into that flow.

Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #3

Diva Marketing Blog

You and your friends sign up for a new internet platform called Facebook. It becomes an interactive scrapbook of your life. You disengage from Facebook. This is a special Diva Marketing q uasi social media reality series with Gen Y Jessica Robyn who takes us into her world of Life Without Facebook. Diva Marketing/Toby : Jessica, you disengaged from Facebook on January 13 th. Jessica Robyn : I miss the entertainment I got from Facebook. It's 2004.

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Join an Interactive Community?

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Put a link to it in your Facebook status update. Ok, so I’m getting excited about a new idea. Who would get excited about all of us together starting an online community where we promote each other’s online fundraising? Would you be willing to commit to comment and vote for each other to win/raise money for your organization? Online fundraising can be really hard especially when you’re first getting started. But through this blog maybe we can make it easier for everyone.

A plain English, level-headed guide to Facebook updates, reach and promoted posts

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There’s been a huge amount of chatter online about Facebook changes that nonprofits and companies say have harmed their engagement efforts on the social network - and an equal amount of information refuting that claim. Again, Edgerank is nothing new for Facebook Pages.

Are your Facebook updates invisible?

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Facebook page fans a special offer. I’m so glad I tweeted and updated my Facebook status. Look at this picture: Facebook separates fan page updates. It turns out, Facebook separates fan page updates from other messages. Use your own Facebook status.

#SM4NP: How Is Facebook’s Timeline Doing In Drawing New Traffic?

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Now that the Timeline feature has been up-and-out on Facebook’s individual and on organizational and business pages for a week or so, people are starting to dig into the metrics about how useful and/or successful Timeline has been. We all like to be liked.

Free tool of the week: Glogster for interactive posters


Glogster lets you create interactive “posters&# using various bits of pre-made and user-generated content—video, photos, music, text, graphics, etc. You can send them by email; bookmark them; and embed them on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, WordPress, and other social media sites.

The bots are coming! Are you ready?

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Hyatt chatbot on Facebook Messenger or H&M chatbot on Kik). It has simplified how we interact. All interaction and history in one stream, growing ability for bots to connect to other bots).

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Facebook rolling out changes to its Advertising services


At Donordigital, we manage Facebook Advertising projects for several of our clients. In early June 2013, Facebook announced plans to streamline the number of advertising units from 27 to fewer than half of that, and they’ll be rolling out these changes over the next five months.

Facebook To Nonprofits: Pay to Play

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If you thought Facebook was a no-cost way to reach out to potential supporters, brace yourself for a big disappointment. According to a Facebook sales presentation published by Ad Age, an organization that wants its posts to be seen by its fans had best buy advertising. Facebook’s new policy will drive that down further. The post Facebook To Nonprofits: Pay to Play appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360 : Content Marketing for Nonprofits.

How to Use Live-Streaming Video to Share Stories as They Happen

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Live-streaming videos are broadcast almost exclusively through mobile apps like Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram, YouTube, or Google Hangout. So what is “live-streaming video”? Live-streaming means filming a video as it happens and broadcasting it via social media.

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#HOWTO: Facebook Timeline Goes Public Tomorrow! Ready?

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Facebook has been rolling out its new ‘Timeline’ feature for a few months now, and we hope we have given you a helping hand with the changes. And the fact is, Timeline becomes the default interface of all Facebook accounts tomorrow! Are you ready? It goes live tomorrow!

Speed of Light Campaign – Innovative Social Media Fundraising from SolarAid

Giving in a Digital World

When you make a donation, of however many lamps you choose, then you get to see on an interactive map exactly where your lamps are going to (mine will apparently end-up in a village called Kigoma in Tanzania).

Facebook Marketing advice in the NYT

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Waterville’s amazing librarian, Sarah Sugden passed on this terrific article from the New York Times, How to Market Your Business With Facebook. The best practitioners make Facebook less about selling and more about interacting. You can read the whole article at: How to Market Your Business With Facebook. (c) It’s well worth reading for nonprofits too. For instance, take this great advice: Some basic rules: Buy-buy-buy messages won’t fly.

#TECH: Facebook Timeline Rolled Out-Nonprofits Roll In

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Last week a much-anticipated feature was released by Facebook’s developers. The practicalities: one must enable the feature at this point within one’s account (though Facebook says every account will be updated to feature Timeline in the near future).