Craft a Positive “Page Not Found” Experience

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Bonus: The NPR team adds a touch of humor with links to lost people and things—from Amelia Earhart to the 18 1/2 minutes of erased Watergate Tapes.

Nonprofit Marketing Team Roles and Tasks – Who Does What?

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I am working with two clients, ASPCApro and the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy , who are both looking at the best ways to staff what are essentially content marketing teams, even though the organizations don’t call them that.

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Your Take: All-Staff Marketing Team (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

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Welcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival on Launching and Supporting Your All-Staff Team of Powerful Marketers— the best methods and tools to ask, train, support, and thank your colleagues to be effective insight gatherers and messengers. . Here’s how I train orgs like yours to Extend Your Reach with an All-Staff Messenger Team. Have questions or experiences to add? All-Org Marketing Team

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OMG Experiment to Connect & Activate (Dream Corps Case Study)

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This incredible experiment in using virtual reality to build empathy—the first step to engagement and action—could be groundbreaking. Van, I hope you and your team will share out what works, what doesn’t, and how other orgs and causes can use this technique to build the empathy necessary to motivate action. And it’s meta—Van does a fantastic job of making the experiment relevant to us in this video.

Blending Marketing and Fundraising into Community Engagement Teams

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Layla Fry, director of communications for Southwest Key Programs , emailed me this question: “My organization is interested in merging the now separate functions of fundraising and communications into a ‘Community Engagement Team’ as you recommended in your book.

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Communications Directors, Step Up and Lead

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I don’t have enough information or experience. CALM Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Professional DevelopmentJust about every week, I talk to nonprofit communications directors who have “limiting beliefs” that are holding them back.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Online Communication Is A Team Sport

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It takes a team, and everyone contributes something critical to the overall success. Whatever the extent of your staff, you need to structure a social-media team who are dedicated to listening, contributing, and monitoring your outreach both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The out-of-body experience that all marketers need

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That is akin to an out of body experience - unusual and enlightening. It’s not a practiced, polished turd of prose that pleases everyone on the board and your marketing team, it’s a little fractal of the entire story, something real. To be truly effective marketers, we need to see the world not through our own eyes but rather those of our audience.

Let Your People Do the Talking (Do It Differently: Part 1)

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We began by inviting Julie to a face-to-face interview where she verbally “wrote” a letter to our major donors—her peers, in effect—about her experience with us. Specific images like this reinforced the reality of Julie’s experience for our donors in a way that’s hard to forget.

5 Leadership Failures That Hurt Communications and Fundraising

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No Willingness to Experiment and Learn. If your leaders aren’t willing to try new approaches, to allow you to experiment, then to discuss what happened, learn from it and adjust, you can’t possibly keep the pace required to do amazing work.

What a Development AND Communications Director Really Does

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One integrated team of several people? My hope is that the executive director and whoever takes a job like this are honest with themselves and each other about expectations, and work diligently toward growing the team. Leadership Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications

Having a Book Club at Your Nonprofit

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degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill, and she has 25 years of experience in corporate and nonprofit marketing and communication. . Guest Bloggers Marketing TeamMelinda Billings. We’ve been talking about ways to include other staff members in your work.

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Remember Your Own—Make Internal Communications Matter

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Her experience as a volunteer, board member, executive director and regular-old-employee shape the opinions she shares here, which do not represent those of the American Red Cross. But it’s vital to keep your team (and others) in the loop. We fail as a team, but we also win as a team.

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No Hard Choices = No Strategy and No Leadership

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Anyone with a bit of knowledge or experience can brainstorm a bunch of ideas and put them into tables, throw in some bold here and there, and label it a strategy. Hiring Consultants Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy leadership This is not a strategy.

You’ve Just Been Promoted to Chief of Staff

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I think I learned as much from the experience as she did! Something more like a Chief of Staff to your executive director or senior management team? Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Professional Development Trends Leili Khalessi.

4 Steps to Moving Your Marketing and Fundraising Teams to a Productive Partnership (Case Study)

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In fact, the marketing-fundraising divide — whether these teams are joined in a single department or not — is one of the most common challenges nonprofits must tackle. The real issue that the Committee is facing, no matter which team leader heads the new department, is that your marketing and fundraising teams are not productive partners. Your experience will pave the way to more productive partnerships.

5 Steps to Powerful Staff Messengers

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How often have you banged your head against the wall because you just can’t squeeze any more from your existing team and budget? And make sure you build an accessible FAQ so others can learn from their peers’ experiences. Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications

Top 10 Things to Look For in New Board Members

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If you want to learn more, this Thursday Gail will join us for a Pass Holder webinar called 7 Steps to Enlist and Build Your Dream Team Board. If you really want to enlist a Dream Team Board, look for folks with these qualities. Is she a good team player? Gail Perry.

Creating a Culture Where Everyone is a Marketer

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Stories and experiences are what compel people to support your organization, and direct support staff are the key holders of those stories. They loved their experience and became reliable and generous donors, and later the husband even joined our board. Beth Ann Spiegel.

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?


From my experience, those with initiative often possess commitment. Maybe it comes from a personal experience that resonates with the individual or a desire to contribute to the team or be a part of something greater than oneself. Make it a team brainstorm over lunch.

Work is a State of Mind, Not a Place

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I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments. . Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications nptech Professional DevelopmentA recent survey of business executives concluded that work isn’t really a place any longer — it’s a state of mind.

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Create a Marketing Team with Your Staff and Board (Even If They Don’t Know) [Free On Demand Webinar]

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We’ve already told you about our new social media and email newsletter pages – where you can now find advice and tips based on your experience level. Advice and tips on managing a marketing team. (If Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications

Why Does Everything Take So Long?

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Please share your experiences! . Copywriting Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Publication ManagementDoes your communications work move at a snail's pace? One of the beefs that I hear from program staff is that their communications people are sooo slooow.

Ask and Train Your Board to be Powerful Messengers (Hands-On)

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Debrief the exercise using some combination of the following questions: What was the experience like? All-Org Marketing Team Andrea Kihlstedt Andy Robinson board members messaging Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing nonprofit messengers

Waiting for Consensus and Certainty Will Kill Your #NPCOMM Plan

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Patrick Lencioni wisely points out in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (Amazon) that two of the greatest causes for lack of commitment to a project are the desire for consensus and the need for certainty. CALM Leadership Marketing Team

Go Noles? No Goes?

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What lessons can any organization take away from this experience? A small focus group would have quickly pointed out the user experience deficiencies to the FSU IT and design team. Uncategorized Performance User Experience Website

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How Long Should Your Job Take?

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” But let’s just go with your average experience. Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Professional Development Your Advice What’s a reasonable workload for a nonprofit communications director? To answer that question, we really need to know how long the primary parts of the job take. So let’s talk about that! I’ve created a quick survey asking you to give a ballpark estimate on how long it takes you to do certain things. I know, “it depends!”

Growing major gifts-True Stories

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And she works at the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon. MT: Awesome, so yeah, that’s where you are, and the cat adoption team is part of the, is it the Shelter Alliance, is that correct? HS: Sure, so as you said, Heather Svoboda and I work at the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood.

7 Reasons Why This Gen X Nonprofit Marketer Has Fallen In Love With Slack

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Oh please, dear team, use Slack! At its heart Slack is an online chat tool for teams. Think folders, but hella smarter, faster, flexible and team-friendly. Slack Unites Remote Teams. Share your experiences in the comments section.

How can you change the game? Gift Planning for Millenials Guest Post by Christina Attard

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Speaking from my own experiences as a Millennial bequest donor, organizations that rethink how they include younger donors in gift planning today will have a leg-up for the future. This is an ambitious, team-playing, social generation. Millennial donors (Photo by Karen Tremblay).

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Let’s come together and share some Mixed Links… Please take a moment to share your experiences as a nonprofit communicator in our annual (but completely revamped) Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. . How’s everyone holding up out there?

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5 Common Fundraising Resume Mistakes

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And do they have the required education and experience for this job? What if you have NO fundraising experience? How can you relate unrelated experience to the fundraising world? How can you make volunteer experience seem relevant?

Nonprofit Marketing v. PR Battles – Your Advice?

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While most publications deny this, experience says otherwise, especially with smaller publications. What’s your advice or experience? Marketing Team Media Relations Nonprofit Communications Your Advice PR public relations

Use Audience Personas to Connect & Convert (Case Study)

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Once we brought the personas to life, they were featured in print materials—including a deck of cards, posters, and a flip book—designed to keep Make-A-Wish’s audience top of mind for its communications team. . Get your team on board.

Communications Staff Confidence is Up, But Satisfaction is Down

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We’ve uncovered some really interesting trends that I think will go a long way in continuing to build the effectiveness of communications teams. I have a lot to learn and many knowledge and experience gaps to fill. Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Trends

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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How was the experience? May 25: Build Your Powerhouse All-Org Team of Marketers, Part 1: Ramp Up for a Strong Start & Long-Term Success. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Nonprofit Disaster Communications Done Right (Case Study)

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Leili and her communications team started sharing these resources for tornado victims even before the weather hit and are continuing to share guidance and support. Most importantly, the Red Rover team worked smart, hard and quickly to get out there in front of the weather.

3 Steps to Meaningful and Memorable

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Just look into the eyes of the team pictured above. We couldn’t help but have it on our mind, and that shared experience was the superglue here. THIS is unforgettable visual storytelling. The kind we see once and don’t forget. The kind that we share with friends and family.

Get More Video Views & Shares: #501TechNYC (Part 2)

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Since he joined the team in 2010, the organization has shifted its marketing focus to digital engagement, particularly through video. Keep Your In-House Team Small and Focused. Be crystal clear on roles and responsibilities for your video team. Read Part One.

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Action Kitchen: A Top Chef Fundraiser, Team Builder

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Our time at the Action Kitchen was part of a staff retreat that broke our development office into two competing teams. Each team had a fridge full of food and a Seaport chef to help with our creations. After the competition–which my team unfortunately lost!–we