There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Hey, now that I think about, I could use more of those two myself… Time and money are the most valuable resources in the world , and for nonprofits the impact of having more of either can be immeasurable.

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5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Raise Money Like charity:water

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You may have heard of the mammoth success of the nonprofit charity:water and its effectiveness in raising money online. Here are 5 ways that your small nonprofit can start raising money and awareness just like charity:water: 1) Learn the model. Inspire – Activate – Experience.

How to Raise Money On Instagram Using the Donation Sticker

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In the age of algorithms stealing our fans and followers, Instagram Stories continually experience growth in number of users, reach, and engagement. Nonprofits and individuals create an Instagram Story, add the Donation Sticker and start raising money.

Raise More Money by Inspiring P2P Fundraisers

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Trying to think of ways to inspire them to raise money for you is much harder. Sure, some people will sign up for your event because they’re passionate about your cause and want to raise money to make a difference in the world. So how do you inspire those people to raise money?

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Charity Newsletters – Extraordinary Experiences … for the Rest of Us

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Don’t forget he joins us next week for our new e-clinic Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money. Simone Joyaux calls them “extraordinary experiences.” ” personal experiences that draw your donor deeper into your organization. Tom Ahern.

Spruce Up Your Donation Pages (and Make More Money!)

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The check-out experience. You have less than 25 seconds to make a good impression on first-time visitors to your website. You can’t just add a “Donate” button to your nonprofit’s website and expect it to be successful.

Why your capital campaign feasibility study could be leaving a lot of money on the table.


I think most campaign feasibility studies leave a ton of money on the table. Rather, think of it as yet another meaningful experience with which your supporters will involve themselves as they consider whether or not to give, stop giving, give more, or leave a legacy gift.

The Dismal Results of My Online Giving Experiment

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I called it the “ What I Got When I Gave &# experiment. I’ve been waiting all this time to report back on the experiment in hopes that the results would change, but they haven’t. Or, Can a Girl Get a Thank-You Note, Please?

How Improving the Experience Can Make Donors Want to Give

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Do you know why they are there or what they want out of the experience? A lot of time, when nonprofits say “Donate to our cause and we’ll make you a member of our community,” what they really mean is “Give us some money and we’ll send you a newsletter every once in a while.” In today’s social environment, that is simply not acceptable. How can I give the user an experience that is satisfying to them -how can I get people who care a little to give a little? .

WANTED: Fundraisers With Merger, Acquisition and Investment Banking Experience

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Why is a nonprofit’s usual and, generally, only source of money for growth limited to either ‘stealing’ from operating funds, or some rich guy or gal committed to funding the growth of a favorite cause? If the program fails to meet its targets (the University of Connecticut Health Center will evaluate it), investors can lose all their money. The state will also have saved money, by reducing the number of foster care placements.”.

A Few Ways You Can Raise More Money in 2019

Ann Green

If it wasn’t, I have some suggestions about how you can raise more money – both now and throughout the year. This will save you money because you won’t be mailing appeals to people who aren’t going to donate. Happy New Year!

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How Small Nonprofits Can Raise Money on Facebook

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Susan says these new changes will help small nonprofits give their small-dollar donors a “big donor experience.&# All together, these new tools make it easy and time-efficient for small nonprofits to run effective online fundraising campaigns.

A Lesson on Listening… and Making More Money with Your Newsletter

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I love the enthusiasm and willingness to experiment that 20-somethings usually bring to this work. It did yield some money! It can make more money. Making money so that more at-risk children can be reached with a mentor – that is my job. Almost four times as much money!

Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


Many of them make money selling software and services that supposedly help fundraisers improve their donor retention. Here’s why: According to Giving USA , the number of donors is decreasing yet more money has been raised than ever. But trying to retain the most qualified donors (the ones with the most passion and most money) IS a good plan. If I wanted to make a lot of money I could have done that a lot faster and with less aggravation by staying OUT of this sector.

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Good Enough Is No Longer Good Enough – Part 3: Donor Experience

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No one buys a Chevy because GM needs the money. By the same token, donors don’t give because your organization has a need to balance its budget. Although many think otherwise, donor expectations aren’t usually driven by an organization’s brilliant programmatic details, the expertise of its staff, the number of regional offices or other versions of organization-centric stuff board and CEOs love to brag about.

Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving)


So my first venture was to go to South Africa to do for other children; to create that experience I felt for myself, that sense of wonder that somebody cared about me who didn’t even know my name. Oprah’s past life experiences created memories.

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How to Get People to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit Using Facebook

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In this post, I will give you a detailed step-by-step guide to get your online community excited about raising money for your nonprofit using Facebook. My clients often say to me, “No one has raised any money for us using Facebook.

Why your fundraising stories don't work

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And you'll usually hear the happiness they experience knowing such a good hospital is in their community. Ask Fundraising Secrets Stories asking for money storytelling

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Engagement Fundraising in 7 simple bullet-points


Focus- Focus your marketing (especially your expensive marketing like face-to-face meetings) on people who have a lot of money. Generate leads- Generate highly-qualified leads among people who have a lot of money using a survey. Prioritize- Prioritize the leads (hot, warm, cool, cold, and opt-out). Arrange calls and visits- Reach out to meet with the hot (and some warm) leads.

Why Not Raise More Money?

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The other day, this headline caught my attention: What’s Holding Your Nonprofit Back From Raising More Money? In traditional media, those same direct marketers would never trust their opinions – they would use experience and expertise to inform hypotheses and then run strict testing to validate… Late last year we worked with a client to run A/B testing on several donation experience alternatives – the winning test panel performed 209% BETTER than the control.”

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Money Can't Buy Love. But It Can Buy Happiness!

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Can money buy happiness? Professor Michael Norton at the Harvard Business School did a series of fun experiments that found that if you spend money right, it can indeed lead to happiness. To come right to the point to be happy spending money, you can’t spend it on yourself. Some were instructed to spend the money on themselves by 5pm that day. They called the students that night and found that they had spent the money the way they were asked.

Why do staff at smaller charities seem to have more time to write heartfelt thank you notes?


This is just my anecdotal experience, but it seems like smaller the organization… the more personal, relevant and heartfelt the ‘thank you letter’ is. Some charities send me amazing ‘thank you notes’ They are personal, relevant and heartfelt.

NONPROFIT BRANDING VIDEO: Logo Pens – a Waste of Money for Nonprofits

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Please share your own conclusion and experience in the comment section below the video. [.]. Even though logo-pens are the number one selling logo-imprinted branding product, I believe they are useless for nonprofits. The company president, Janice Gavan, disagrees with me. I’ll catch hell later, but here I happily present the minority view – my own.

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Use Lemon Windex at Your Next Gala, Raise More Money?

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How One Nonprofit is Raising Money from Company Volunteers

Selfish Giving

This post has a companion post at Razoo’s Inspiring Generosity blog: Dollars for Doers: The Money Nonprofits Don’t Want?

Mysterious Power of a Fresh Approach (Case Study)

Getting Attention

I was thrilled to hear from Getting Attention reader Elizabeth (Betsey) Russell recently, with news of her just-released mystery, Other People’s Money. Betsey, who has written for foundations for more than 20 years, has parlayed that experience into a must-read tale set in the heart of the foundation world. Betsey: Other People’s Money is the story of Katie Nelson, a program officer in Atlanta’s largest foundation. Please share your experiences here.

Why your job is really about developing heroes, not dollars.


If you can help them be that hero… If you find ways to facilitate that… If you provide experiences that help them… you will inspire them to make a major and/or legacy gift. Your job is to facilitate experiences that help them see themselves as the hero they want to be. People want to see themselves as good, just, righteous, and so on. . In other words, they want to be heroic. They want to change the world. They want to feel like they have the power to make the world a better place.

Go Noles? No Goes?

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Certainly FSU was prepared to take my money, I thought. What lessons can any organization take away from this experience? A small focus group would have quickly pointed out the user experience deficiencies to the FSU IT and design team.

How Much Cause Marketing is Too Much? My Experience on Delta

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Money from those drinks would support cancer research. Despite her long speech, she never connected the dots on how that putting the plastic cups in her hand instead of the trash bag became money.

How to give donors a more personal experience on your site

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A conundrum for many fundraisers is that donors often want to focus their support on specific parts of your work, but you need to raise money for the full gamut of what you do. How can you help people choose the experience they get with your organization

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5 Ways to Cast a Bigger Vision that Raises More Money for Your Cause

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If you are raising money for a good cause, you’ll need to cast a vision that excites donors and makes them want to give. Here are five ways to better communicate with donors and raise more money than ever before. When raising money for a good cause, get emotional!

Start Up Non Profit? Need Seed Money? Starting Fundraising? Here's help.Part 1 of 2

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I know that you don't have any money. Some of the best resources in the non profit sector are published (for various experience levels) by Jossey-Bass. If you pull a board together but don't require that they have non profit management, fundraising, legal, or other important relevant skills - then you have a board without experience or knowledge. If you don't know how to account for money or donations that you receive, but have the best intention in the world - who cares?

Give donors more experience for their giving

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Donors know that money can buy happiness -- when you give it away. They seem to know another truth that's only now being "discovered" by scientists -- that gathering life experiences is a much better path to fulfillment than gathering stuff. As fundraisers, we are in the business of creating life experiences. Make donating to your organization a real experience. More than the positive but short-lived experience of writing a check.

How great content can help you raise more money

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Writing pieces that illustrate your experience and knowledge of your issue area will help you become even more credible. Next week, we have a treat for nonprofit fundraisers and communicators alike. Taylor Corrado , Nonprofit Marketing Manager of HubSpot will join us for a free webinar to talk about the ins and outs of great content for nonprofits.

Every fundraising appeal should be a learning experience

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Instead of trusting my gut about how to raise money, I’d run experiments. Next week I resume my ongoing posts on the fascinating book, The Science of Giving , which covers a range of seminal studies about giving psychology. But today, instead of posting on a chapter, I’m going to pause to highlight why I’m spending so much time talking about research! We don’t measure enough. We guess too much. Do you know which emails you sent were most read last year?

Free guide: How to ask for money this fundraising season

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It covers how to ensure a great donation experience - and what to avoid. Learn how to: • Set the stage for a pleasant and memorable giving experience. Download the Year-End Fundraising Essentials guide to improve your year-end appeals, optimize your donation experience and raise more money for your cause! Network for Good (where I work) has just released a great guide to year-end fundraising essentials !

Raise more money online with a great headline


That’s starting to sound like real money! But headline tests in my experience often produce a significant result (either positive or negative) and with it, important insights about audience preferences. If you could change just one thing on your website’s donation page and get a 50% lift in the conversion rate, you’d probably do it in a heartbeat.

Amazon Launches AmazonSmile - A Fundraising Mechanism for Nonprofits to Raise Money from Amazon's Customers Through Customers' Purchases

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When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. "AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you.

How big data can help nonprofits raise more money

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If you’re able to approach someone with a common experience or interest, this gives your request added credibility and social power. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about “big data” and how using the plethora of information we now have at our fingertips will help fuel efficiencies and make businesses and causes more successful. But how can data transform a nonprofit’s ability to fundraise more effectively?

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Sharpen your saw this July

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Counter-intuitively, spending time and money on sharpening your saw actually increases your effectiveness. Fundraising 101 was crafted out of Marc's experience of doing board orientations around North America for the last decade. July can be an odd month in fundraising.

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Giving money on charity websites is harder than spending money on.


Sadly, such communication is the sore point in the non-profit user experience. Although a 7% degradation of usability is not horrible, it does show that non-profit sites’ user experience has fallen behind that of commercial sites.

What we learned about multichannel fundraising from raising money at year-end


New targeting tactics allowed for a fuller experience and supported all efforts. It’s about the donor experience! This in turn will deliver stronger renewal and upgrade revenue to help direct response programs thrive, while engaging supporters more deeply into the organization—and most importantly deliver the best donor experience!

Nonprofits, A New Way to Raise Money ViaTwitter

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Social networking website gurus, Experience Project , on this past Thursday August 6th launched a brand new Twitter campaign called TwitCause designed to raise money for nonprofits through the Twitter website and its users (TwitCause is not really a Twitter application such as TweetDeck or Twitter On Facebook are - it's more of a proposition for Twitter users to join in on their effort to raise donations for nonprofits).