Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Handling Objections

A Small Change

Submit your post to the July Nonprofit Blog Carnival, hosted by Britt Bravo, focusing on your best time management tips. I am hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival featuring common objections. Each of the authors below has provided some great content for us.

Please Vote—Communications Sessions #14NTC (NTEN Conference)

Getting Attention

Voting closes Wednesday, July 31 so vote now please! This is your chance to hang out, talk shop, exchange ideas and swap notes about top-of-your-list sessions. The Nonprofit Technology Network has a refreshingly open method of designing the program for its 2014 annual conference , and the votes of folks like you are a key part of it. I’ve partnered with some fantastic experts on these two sessions and hope you’ll to help bring them to life by voting for them today.

#Marketing: Netflix Blows Its Public Goodwill In Announcing Price Increases

Non Profit Marketing 360

The full exchange is in Pogue’s column, and we have excerpted a meaningful exchange here: [According to Mr. Swansey] Netflix knew that there would be a nasty backlash, and has already taken the subscriber defection into account in its financial forecasts.

Price 151

Social Media Does A Like = A Friendship?

Diva Marketing Blog

Toss of a pink boa to Julie Hollis for coordinating a terrifc conference sponsored by Communites in Schools. . Today I had the honor of speaking about social media to a wonderful group of educators and people who work with children and school systems.

10 Resolutions to Revolutionize Your Fundraising

Get Fully Funded

Okay, before you think I’ve gone batty, I mean Happy New Year to those whose fiscal year started July 1. And for those who aren’t on a July-June fiscal year, it’s a good time to check in and see how your fundriasing is going. Communication is a two-way exchange of information, yet too often, nonprofits fail to do that. Happy New Year! It’s a good time to think about how you’re going to do fundraising for the next 12 months.

Newsletter: Do Cause Marketers Go to Jail? ; Coke's 'Peace Tea' Rewards Random Acts of Kindness??; Where the Hell is Geoffrey the Giraffe??

Selfish Giving

They're offering something valuable and interesting in exchange for your email. I'm in London July 11 -18 ! Two weeks ago I wrote about using Facebook to promote your partnerships.

Global Social Marketing: Moving to Action

Social Marketing and Social Change

Their preferred benefits for joining such an organization include: scientific exchange, networking, training, professional identity, advocacy and other resources, for which potential members are willing to pay an average of $150 per year. A follow-up meeting of a smaller group to discuss and plan out these activities will be held in Washington, DC in mid-July.

Social Models for Marketing: Social Networks

Social Marketing and Social Change

Published online: 22 July 2008. Over the past decade there has been a dramatic shift in the emphasis of determinants of health and social behaviors from individuals to networks and communities.

Social Media Research: Interview with Joel Rubinson of ARF - Part 2

Diva Marketing Blog

Sometimes you need to use the latter but then you need to get the exchange right. Joel Rubinson : We have formed a Research Transformation Super-Council of the top leaders in our industry which started on July 15, 2008 with a small group of industry leaders. This is the second part of my interview series with Joel Rubins on , Chief Research Officer at ARF, Advertising Research Foundation. Part I of Interview with Joel.