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The Fundraising Ethics Gap

The Agitator

And so this morning memories of Grandma Craver came flooding back when I received notice of a new white paper on fundraising ethics just released by Rogare , the fundraising think tank of the University of Plymouth Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. She would turn away from the radio and sternly warn me, “Roger, just you remember.

True or False? A Quick Guide to Understanding Journalism Ethics

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It could also raise red flags with inquiring reporters who are ethically bound to serve as public watchdogs. be fair to your sources. False.

How To Talk To Donors About Fundraising Costs And Ethics

The Agitator

So, here’s some Agitator advice on dealing with the question of fundraising costs and ethics. First of all, don’t be one bit defensive.

Why I believe the art of influence is ethical

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Those of us working for the public good have an ethical responsibility to be effective and efficient in reaching as many people as possible.

Why Practicing Professional Ethics Improves Any Nonprofit's Grant Writing Successes

Seeking Grant Money Today

grant writing ethics how toGrant Writers On Commission Pricing Grant Writers - What Should We Pay For a Grant Writer? This Week A Group of Grant Writers Networked Among Themselves, Saved Each Other Some Grief, and Received An Apology!

What’s Wrong With Reaching Out to Bloggers?

Wild Woman Fundraising

It fosters a social ethic in which the capacity for crowd manipulation is more highly valued than truth, beauty or thought. What about ethics?

Are You an Ethical Fundraiser?

Fundraising Breakthroughs

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Would You Buy Ordinary Gum Just Because It Supports a Cause?

Selfish Giving

Cause Practices cause marketing cause products ethically related products product 7It’s something that comes up again and again.

Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics Should Apply to Fundraising Software Companies

Blue Sky Collaborative

The Association of Fundraising Professionals mandates that its members abide by an extensive code of ethical principles and standards [link] These guidelines were adopted in 1964 and have been updated many times since then. AFP is a good organization that.

New Browser Plug-In Helps you Avoid Products Made With Child Labor

Cause Related Marketing

Knowing that your favorite jeans or shoes come from factories that use child labor is a good first step toward more ethical consumption. Help the World's Women and Girls Active Against Child Labour Corporate Social Responsibility Help the World's Women Girls Advocacy Cause Marketing Half the Sky ethical consumption cause marketing

Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Ethics

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Today's blog post is in the form of a video. When should a nonprofit refuse a donation? BTW, "kenrg" is my nom de 'Tube).

Pricing Grant Writers - What Should We Pay for A Grant Writer?

Seeking Grant Money Today

Tags: hiring grant writers ethics Association of Fundraising Professionals contractor fundraising

Grants To Scholars' and Professionals' Contributions To Understanding Ethics & Responsibility In Public Communication

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The center will award up to $75,000 in total grants of $1,000 to $25,000 each to support scholars and professionals making important contributions to knowledge, practice, or public understanding of ethics and responsibility in public communication. From The Foundation Center. RFP Link:> [link].

Hashtags for Every Day of the Week (Nonprofit Edition)

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Looking for an easy content idea for Instagram and Twitter?

5 Stories Nonprofits Should Be Telling On Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

1) Values & Ethics Stories. In these stories, you depict the values and ethics that are at the core of your organization.

Mplanet Notes: R. K. Krishna Kumar, Chairman Tata Sons Ltd. Ethics and Marketing

Diva Marketing Blog

Krishna Kumar Mr. Kumar went on to explain that a company must balance growth with values and conduct and that the brand must be also be built with ethical engagement for the brand and the planet. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at AMA's Mplanet Digital Lab about social media marketing. Then I sat in on the 2-day conference.

How Do You Define Good Journalism?


This is a big question–I realize that. As, you could dedicate a whole blog to the topic. I know I take a more liberal definition of journalism.

Unethical Fundraising … Or Just Dumb?

The Agitator

Yesterday Roger wrote an eloquent plea for fundraisers to get serious about ethical issues in the business of fundraising … The Fundraising Ethics Gap. I assume he meant to exclude political fundraising, which seems to know no bounds whatsoever.

Great Advice on Storytelling for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Read the answer in Navigating Privacy and Other Issues for Ethical Storytelling. Read the answer in How to Turn Audience Emotion Into Action.

Social Marketing Begins With Values

Social Marketing and Social Change

Because, just as many other service-oriented disciplines, many of us believe it is vital to have ethical standards. Ethics in social marketing.

Can Cause Marketing Start a Cultural Meme?

Cause Related Marketing

In other words, there is a strong ethic of catch and release among fly fishermen. But the catch and release ethic in the U.S. Can the catch and release ethic catch on among King Salmon sport fisherman in the Kenai with a logo? Catch and release is common among sport fisherman going after trout in the U.S.

Doomsday Has Been Rescheduled, But What About The Donations Raised for It?

Seeking Grant Money Today

It is if you consider, as her niece does, that relatives who are currently in financial need, or other nonprofit organizations that perhaps deliver programs and services (and deliver them well, ethically, and provide something that is needed but not gotten elsewhere) would have used the money for better ends. ethics fundraising

Thankful and Re-Energized

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

To develop a social marketing strategy aimed at improving the knowledge , beliefs and behaviours of public servants in the area of ethical conduct.

Translating skills from the for-profit world to non-profit

Get Fully Funded

One of the things that came up was the number of people who are entering the profession without a solid understanding of our principles and ethics. This puts the DD in a precarious ethical situation, because they are working to secure resources for the non-profit, not for themselves. Good leadership is always appropriate!

Expert versus Asset: Which One are You?


motivation Blog Talk job value SocialButterfly guru work ethics expert earning career valuable I’m going to warn you. They experiment.

American Party-Time

Wild Woman Fundraising

Conflict American party ethics friendship government politics St Paul Rodeo US government Some of my friends are having a fight right now.

Your planned giving offers need to change


how to pass on their legacy (ethics, morals, lessons learned, etc.). It can’t only be about death and taxes. What will they get?

Plan 73

Crossing the line or a Creative Cross? MySpace Research with “Dr. Meg”


Dilemma: To Cross or not to Cross the Ethical Line. The research is very interesting, however, I feel an ethical discussion must be had. Have you heard of Dr. Meg? Maybe not, but if you’re a teen on MySpace you may have. Additionally, does it matter who, as in which type of organizations embark on this strategy? Study 1. Study 2.

Size Matters in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

In this ad, Outdoor Research left almost no trace of its sponsorship of the Center for Outdoor Ethics. of the space in the ad.

Mysterious Power of a Fresh Approach (Case Study)

Getting Attention

I’m also fascinated with the ethics of philanthropy, so it was fun to create some ethical dilemmas and see how the characters moved through them. I was thrilled to hear from Getting Attention reader Elizabeth (Betsey) Russell recently, with news of her just-released mystery, Other People’s Money. Worth a try!

Four ways to think about branding

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The SSIR piece breaks down nonprofit brand into four dimensions: brand integrity, brand democracy, brand ethics, and brand affinity. Brand ethics: The way the organization conveys its brand is authentic and aligned with what it truly does. It’s not something you control with color palette! To me, this is about walking the talk.

Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Online activities of individuals using personal devices connected to a non-GoC network are guided by the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector.

Straight Talk on the Give Local Crash from a Nonprofit Tech CEO #GiveDayLessons

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Jay Love, CEO of Bloomerang , took me up on the offer with today’s post. Jay Love. Catastrophes Can and Will Happen. Protect Yourself. Jay B.

#PublicMedia: How Twitter Helped And Hurt The Spread Of Information In Two Recent Disasters

Non Profit Marketing 360

Although we would ethically and fully endorse the guidelines from The Guardian , they do somehow miss the point that the medium can be the message. Which is not to say millions haven't tried it. On the other hand, some seemingly fine reporting about being a lesbian in Syria turns out to be written by a heterosexual male in the U.S.

Grant Writers On Commission

Seeking Grant Money Today

Your agency could get a reputation for spending grant money less than ethically and that would be the kiss of death. Tags: how much ethics contractor grant writer commission pay A grant writer should never be hired on commission. Grant writers accepting contingency pay is considered unethical in American professional fundraising.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Let’s dive into some Mixed Links… Jeff Brooks answers the question, Is it Ethical to Appeal to Your Donors’ Emotions?

Academic Competencies for Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Apply ethical principles to the conduct of research, developing, implementing and evaluating a social marketing plan. Professional Issues

How to Handle Negative Comments on Facebook

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Don’t Feed the Troll. Do you respond to each one? Post a general statement? ” – AA. ” – LK. ” – TR.

What Does it Mean to Be a Development Professional?

A Small Change

To me, a true development professional is defined by two things: a commitment to the profession, and an ethical and mission-based approach to fundraising. An Ethical and Mission-Based Approach to Fundraising. The best development professionals uphold high ethical standards in their fundraising work. The True Development Pro.

How you can tap into Pro Bono Week

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

This week, our friends at Taproot Foundation are casting the spotlight on Pro Bono Week , a “global celebration of the pro bono ethic across all professions that use their talents to make a difference.” So, how can nonprofits join the celebration? Leverage your board. Thank your pro bono supporters.