Science Communication and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

If you need another support, or reference, for why segmentation is important when talking with people - try this one, and be sure to emphasize THE National Academy of Sciences report says…” And what are other ways to think about people rather than 'knowledge-deprived human beings.'.

#Enviro: Looking For Work? Jobs For Greenbacks And For A Green Mid-Atlantic

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The MARC we are referring to allows you to search via keywords, ZIP codes, and commuting radius from your home for a job that is listed as working for the environment and/or making strides to reduce use of un-renewable resources. The search for a job in this environment can be a job unto itself, without even the decency of a paycheck (yet). Click here for jobs. The jobs numbers continues to tetter between 9% and 9.3%

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Inclusive Conversations: Confrontation versus Conversations

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It was all about how to stop ignoring “The Crunch,” have difficult conversations in the office, and promote a more inclusive environment. Ryan said, “I feel the ‘crunch’ whenever my colleagues refer to illegal immigrants as ‘undocumented citizens.’ 2) Assess the environment …. “Is

Seed Grants for Projects Effectively Co-Stewarding National Wildlife Refuge Natural Resources

Seeking Grant Money Today

Capacity building refers to projects that enhance an organization's abilities while allowing them to achieve measurable and sustainable results. RFP grants environment the foundation centerFrom The Foundation Center. [If If you are interested in this grant opportunity, click "Link to Complete RFP" at the end of this blog post for more information].

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Lisa Northrop

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Six years later, she helps volunteers create the homelike environment that makes guests feel at ease at the Family House. Lisa Northrop.

What the Web Renewal ( Initiative is missing

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For those of you not familiar with what I am referring to, the Government of Canada (Goc) Web Renewal Initiative aims to streamline the GoC’s web presence through a single central website, .

New Books on Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

This collection is a superb reference source for anyone involved in. promoting better health, education, environments, and communities to. “This is it -- the comprehensive, brainy road map for tackling wicked social problems. It’s all right here: how to create and.

Knowledge + Attitude = Action?


McKenzie-Mohr is a leader in what is referred to as community-based social marketing. Key Take-Aways: Social marketing can be applied to world issues beyond just public health such as the environment, financial literacy, poverty and other challenges.

Name Creation/Change Guidance: Case Study—Part 2

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First, we hired Edge Research to do an objective situation analysis of the environment we’re communicating into. To smooth the way, we’ve created a style and tone guide for easy reference. Part 1: Name Change Why, When & Hows.

12 Features for Successful Obesity Prevention and Control Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Utilize community-based programs and citizen engagement to facilitate collaborations and create healthier environments and policies. References.

#TECH: Mac? Windows? Need Both Operating Systems? Use Both! (Part I)

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The technology is usually referred to as “virtualization”: a computer offers some of its memory, screen, and connectivity to a different operating system that runs virtually as if fully installed on that computer. Invest in software, not computers.

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How to Communicate In The Midst Of Tragedy: 9-Step Checklist

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It’s never productive to communicate into that environment at the moment of. T hese are some of the most-used references, usually used in a positive way (but there is no positive now). Such references can’t be used gratuitously for the immediate future.

Top Posts of 2012 – Social Marketing Meets Social Innovation


” Their fuller definition includes references to creating benefit to both “people and planet”, being “systems-changing”, sustainable and changing perceptions, behaviors and structures. This encompasses social design, social capital, social entrepreneurship, social value, social business and B corporations, the built environment movement, impact investing, philanthro-capitalism, studying innovation models and more.

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How Content Marketing Is Different – The Terminology

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You become known as a great source of information on your topic, so that others see you as the expert and refer their friends and family to you. On Tuesday, I shared a Theory of Change for nonprofit marketing.

Asante Sana Tanzania!

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A big part of our two-week phase 1 mission was to provide training, conduct a macro-scan of the environment and set the initial terms of reference for primary research that will need to be conducted. The first phase of our project in Tanzania is now over. What an experience.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Re-Brand?

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The Union Square Greenmarket – the largest and most successful open-air farmers market in the country – is a New York City icon, but few people are aware that this was a program of the 40-year-old Council on the Environment of NYC (CENYC). Julia Reich.

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‘Commander’s Intent’ and Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

All references to the military refer to the American military. Warfare is a very fluid environment. The military, like your cause, has a sense of mission. Sometimes their mission is very narrowly defined and time-limited. When a squad goes out on patrol at night their mission may be reconnoiter, or intercept. Sometimes the military's mission is very broad and open-ended, like ending another country’s ability to wage asymmetrical warfare.

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The News Business is Changing and So Should Your Media Strategy

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Once upon a time, in the Olden Days we now refer to as “the ’90’s,&# if you wanted to get the word out about your good cause, you “did some press.&# Want to learn more about what you need to do in today’s environment to get press coverage?

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Social Marketing and Marketing Social Services

Social Marketing and Social Change

It is often the case that marketers are brought into a service delivery environment to solve what is framed as a communication problem - typically having to do with recruitment or retention of clients - that “needs” a communication or advertising campaign.

Social Marketing: Shifting from Individual Skills to Organizational Competence

Social Marketing and Social Change

Ind and Bjerke (2007) outlined a three-step process for addressing some of the barriers to achieving what they refer to as a participatory market orientation within an organization. Social marketing and social change: Strategies and tools for improving health, well-being and the environment (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, expected 2013). References. Does competitive environment moderate the market orientation-performance relationship?

13 Things HR Won’t Tell You About Your Fundraising Job

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Workaholic environments breed punishment mentality and resentment. You want to cultivate relationships with colleagues if you need a reference. Keeping your job, or not? Most of us who work at small nonprofits would be lucky to have an HR person.

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Social Marketing and Social Change: A Review

Social Marketing and Social Change

Reference. Social Marketing and Social Change: Strategies and Tools for Health, Well-Being, and the Environment (Book and Media Review).

Defining Sustainable Social Change


The environment folks read it one way, nonprofiteers another and you have a whole other group transforming it into social innovation, social capitalism and/or social entrepreneurship.

Would you like to learn how to grade your boss? Here’s your checklist

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Creates environment where people focus on the larger good. Strives to understand the other person’s frame of reference. Develops ideas to meet the needs of a new environment. Are you a nonprofit employee? Do you want a clear system to figure out if your nonprofit boss is doing right by your organization or not? Or are you a nonprofit board member? How do you provide oversight and make sure that your organization stays on track?

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Moving up in your nonprofit: How does it work?

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The assertion that any environment is too tough for women, who are weak, is a long-standing lie. Write a glowing recommendation for yourself and let your reference edit it. Are you a lone Development staff person at your nonprofit?

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Remapping Food and Activity in Communities

Social Marketing and Social Change

My proposal is that we expand the use of GIS mapping software to develop an objective base from which to evolve environments to ones that provide equitable opportunities and access for people - to purchase affordable, healthy products; use safe places for physical activity; and engage in behaviors that improve their health and well-being. didn't start with analyzing people but first assumed that it was something in their environment. References.

The Marketing Mix: Ps, Cs and Everything Else

Social Marketing and Social Change

Social marketing and social change: Strategies and tools for improving health, well-being and the environment. any marketing element in a program, whether it starts with a “P” or not, needs to be modifiable to meet the unique needs, problems, and aspirations of a priority group.

Mass Media Campaigns and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

By direct effects they refer to using mass media campaigns to influence the decision-making processes at the individual level – e.g., by targeting knowledge, beliefs, intentions, attitudes, emotional responses. I begin many talks on social marketing and social media with the 5% solution.

The Micro-Macro Problem in Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

I offer that to fully develop the discipline of social marketing and its promise to be a positive force for social change, we must think about change as it occurs among groups of people (segments, social networks) and at different levels of society (organizations, communities, physical environments, markets, and public policies)…[Ed Note: See Transformative Social Marketing (pdf)]. Reference.

Could your nonprofit get government contracts?

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Whether it’s providing social services or cleaning up the environment, you could get a steady stream of income from your local or federal government for your nonprofit. Critical to your success are your Capacity, References, Team strength and Past Performance. If you’re new to these posts, you might want to take a look at the previous two posts where I talk about how acting like an entrepreneur in your development office can save you money and time.

Are You Speaking American?

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That of course refers to sports, and there are lots of other widely understood sports metaphors like being a team player or leveling the playing field. On Thursday, August 19, I’m teaching a new webinar called “ Using Metaphors and Themes to Get Your Messages Across.”

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7 Step Secret Sauce Recipe For Social Media Success

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How will you know (refer to #1)if your end game is met? He: I need more traffic to my blog, more followers to my Twitter account and more likes on my Facebook. Me: So I told him the 7 Step Secret Sauce Recipe For Social Media Success.

Terrible Fundraising Headline

The Agitator

" He’s referring to recent Convio survey research on generational differences in giving preferences. Indeed, as we noted in our post, the name of the game is recognizing that many, if not most, donors will ultimately respond to and use multiple channels for their giving, and nonprofits need to be strategically attuned, organized structurally and prepared with the necessary skill sets to operate in that integrated environment. I love Todd Cohen’s Philanthropy Journal.

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How Social Marketing Can Improve the Effectiveness of Social Entrepreneurs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Aqua did seem to be an attractive environment in which to make behavioral commitments, but there was weak evidence that any long-term relationship was established (despite having a website and Facebook page) to foster actual and durable behavior change. Reference.

Being More Creative

Social Marketing and Social Change

Unless you have had direct experience working with one or more creative directors (and that only happens in well resourced environments that can contract with outside agencies), the mystery of what they do can seem impenetrable and difficult to do on your own.

Stories from Mary Part II: Better diversity among your donors

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The sisters were referred to the community foundation by a friend who had a fund.) That means having a diverse board, creating an environment where all people can have a hand in shaping programs, and celebrating and spreading stories of success.

Paths to year-end fundraising success in a multichannel world


As a direct response agency, we’ve learned to adapt and innovate in the unique environment of year-end fundraising. Acknowledge the multichannel touches – we often reference or show a visual of a direct mail package that the donor is receiving in an email message.

Are you a wage slave at your nonprofit? Take this quiz!

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According to Wikipedia, Wage slavery refers to a situation where a person’s livelihood depends on wages, especially when the dependence is total and immediate. Are You a Wage Slave? Do you spend more each month paying down your debts than buying new things?

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Next Generation of Philanthropy: Jolkona Foundation

A Small Change

Our partner projects do work in one or more of our five different categories: 1) Public Health 2) Education 3) Environment 4) Empowerment 5) Cultural Identity. We refer to these organizations “as little guys doing amazing work”. Yesterday your read about the motivation behind Jolkona Foundation and a little bit more about some what they are trying to accomplish with the ability to measure the impact of each donation.

How social media can bring strategic marketing thinking into government

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

There is a very evident lack of marketing expertise within the government environment. I’m referring to the thirst for my niche, i.e. anything to do with web 2.0, It’s been almost 5 years since we started the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM). We set forth a very clear mission: To advance the marketing discipline in the public sector. How have we gone about doing this? Through our core functions of speaking, training and consulting. The definition.