Fundraising’s Silver Bullet

The Agitator

One donor feedback example every nonprofit is familiar with is money. Nick and his colleagues over at DonorVoice employ a series of inbound and outbound feedback programs designed to quantitatively measure donor commitment and service-level satisfaction across channels and touchpoints.

Low Risk Approach to High Reward Discovery

The Agitator

And what if the very item given all the credit for bringing in the money – i.e. the solicitation – is also responsible, in part, for donor attrition? Importantly, most of these touchpoint assets existed already.

Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

And it makes a nice touchpoint for people who want to pass the ideas along and discuss them some more. or the environment… transportation… financial or math & science education. First assume that something might be wrong in people’s environment (or the marketplace).