#Development: Jumo And Good.is Join To Create Largest Nonprofit Network

Non Profit Marketing 360

The union will bring together Jumo’s model of searching for and supporting projects by topics with Good.is’s focus on stories, data, and news about a myriad of projects near and dear to the ethically-driven, the socially-engaged, and the community-oriented.

How to Approach a Nonprofit Job Interview with a For-Profit Attitude (and Résumé)


Hint: it’s not for the money. With more to do, across multiple departments, and fewer resources to work with, many professionals looking to shake off the often-restricting structure in the corporate world may find they thrive in this sort of environment.

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Join us at #16NTC for two great sessions & a party!


Measuring Performance in a Multichannel Environment. Join Mal Warwick | Donordigital President & CEO Mwosi Swenson , Director of Analytics Peter Schoewe, and Steve Kehrli , Development Director at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as they discuss the challenges of monitoring channel and cross-channel performance. The Nonprofit Technology Conference is heading to San Jose, California, this year, and our team will be there to share, learn, mingle and party.

Changing the World One Article at a Time

Social Marketing and Social Change

First, forget about your education, teaching, and resulting status within the academy; it likely serves you well in some environments but it might not do so in an impoverished neighborhood, juvenile delinquent lockdown facility, or maximum security prison.

Co-creating the Social Marketing Discipline and Brand

Social Marketing and Social Change

Yes, there has been more discussion around ideas of competition, critical marketing, ethics and social media, but as I said in a blog post nearly 4 years ago, the field has essentially become an echo chamber. or the environment… transportation… financial or math & science education.

How To Retain 70% Of New Donors

The Agitator

From Stephen … “At the non-profit I’ve been working with since the mid-1990s, Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV), we retain over 90% of people who have given more than one gift. Small organizations say they don’t have the money. Before acquiring new donors, learn how to cultivate the ones you have. In a nutshell, that’s the challenge posed by one of the respondents to The Agitator’s donor retention survey.

Why Successes or Having An Accomplished Track Record Is Important for Any Nonprofit to Be Able To Raise Funds

Seeking Grant Money Today

In the fundraising site, SetiStars (where the funds have just been raised), they explain: "In April, the SETI Institute had to put the ATA in hibernation mode because the program ran out of money. In other words, the common nonprofit deals with issues or causes pertaining to anything from education, to health and welfare, to safety, to the environment, to religion, to historic preservation, and so on. Sometimes the real world provides the best examples.

We Nonprofits Must Rise to The Economic Occasion

Seeking Grant Money Today

After successfully acquiring any talent for your agency, proactively retain them with excellent human resource management, a good work environment, etc. __ Cut costs, increase fundraising, and save more. Fore more read Save Your Nonprofit Money. Inform them and make it clear what your nonprofit does, that no other does, and that their money will reach the community and what it will do.

The Nonprofit That Understands That Without A Strong Relationship With It's Community, It Stumbles - Is the Nonprofit That Succeeds

Seeking Grant Money Today

hunger prevention, elderly day care, animal welfare, clothing low income children and families, protecting the environment, etc.) in an efficient, ethical, honest, skilled, current, and effective manner - over time they will eventually languish (as an operation) if not altogether close. Donors, today, are not simply seen as 'the next someone that I need to drag a donation out of so then I can spend their money however I see fit'.

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

Diva Marketing Blog

In an environment where your changing avatar is accepted as your image to the world, where people exchange ideas that frequently lead to business opportunities and where 'real' friendships are formed it was important to have a few boundaries that could help establish trust. But, that doesn't lend itself too well to agencies making money. In my opinion, as ethical best practice and per the FTC guidelines. But, that doesn't lend itself too well to agencies making money.

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Seeking Grant Money Today

Gayle Roberts, author of Fundraising for Nonprofits , posted "Be generous and raise money" 4. Their process of giving will be very similar to their path to buying - in that it will not necessarily be linear: "ask for money, then get a check." When I was CEO of a large foundation, and now, when I advise funders on their giving strategies, I am often "cultivated" by those who want money. My values, my experiences, my priorities, even my ethics are what direct my giving.

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