Should You Use Pre-Checked or Unchecked Opt-In Forms?

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Susan King Cope, the director of development at Carolina Tiger Rescue recently sent me this question: Right now, we provide tours and folks provide their contact info when they check in. We are currently using an “opt out” function. check here) I do not want to receive emails.

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Email List Predicament: Is This OK?

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Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you are doing the right thing or not, or where to stand in that big gray area. Take nonprofit emailing, for example. There’s the CAN-SPAM law, but its application in specific situations is often confusing and subject to interpretation.

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How you can email your supporters every single day


You can, indeed, email your supporters every single day. . After all, they worked so hard on their email schedule. It took months to plot it oh-so-carefully in an Excel file after a series of scraps with colleagues to determine who gets to send their messages, and when.

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Mass marketing, relationships and trust.


But, if you send spammy emails and direct mailers that are impersonal, irrelevant, interruptive, and annoying, your supporters won’t trust you or your employer. One-to-many marketing/fundraising relationships are the same as personal relationships. Trust is essential.

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Are Your Emails Being Delievered? [New Report]

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Email deliverability measures how successful an email is at making it into a recipient’s inbox. EveryAction just released their annual Email Deliverability Report which answers the question, “How much is spam costing your nonprofit?” Old email lists.

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Putting Your Emails In Context

The Agitator

This research should remind you that your organization’s emails arrive in a blizzard of competing messaging. And according to Forrester’s study, 42% of consumers delete most email advertising without reading it. Just because he or she opted in?

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Email Rules to Live By

A Small Change

Many fundraisers are fuzzy on the rules of email solicitations. Nonprofits seem to receive a little grace with people regarding how we use and reuse our email lists. By following the rules, you can make sure that your email blasts do not start to become SPAM and that you can build trust and accountability with your donors. The law governing mass emailing is often referred to as CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This act regulates legal use of unsolicited email.

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Grow your email list without spending money


Many nonprofits understand the importance of growing their email list but simply don’t have the funds to invest in list-building efforts. In addition, so many people now visit your site on mobile devices that it may be hard to access those fields even if they exist.

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7 Ways to Build Your Nonprofit Email List

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One of the most commonly-asked questions we get about online marketing is, "How do I build an email list?" " Building a quality email list over time is one of the most valuable assets a nonprofit can have. Email is still the primary starting point for people taking action online. Use these best practices to ensure that you are providing multiple opportunities for potential donors to join your nonprofit email list. Use your email signature.

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5 Steps to Finding the Ideal Email Service Provider

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Have you ever felt trapped by your email provider—dissatisfied with the features and/or service but daunted by figuring out how and where to move? Skip to the 5 Steps Why do you need an email service provider? For most nonprofit organizations, bulk emailemail newsletters, action alerts or fundraising outreach—is one of the most productive communications approaches there is. NOTE: If you’re still sending bulk emails from your own email, stop immediately !

Quick Tips for Building a Clean Email List

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It's also about using a real email marketing tool for mass mailings and campaigns. Read here to learn more about why Outlook doesn't fit the bill for email campaigns.) Here are a few tips for building and maintaining a clean email marketing list: Consider using a double opt-in email capture. This simply means that whenever someone new joins your email list or when you add someone (with their permission!), Email us any time !

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Three Steps to Tune-Up Your Email Newsletter

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Could your email newsletter use a quick tune-up? Sign up for it using a new email address, then unsubscribe. Review your sign-up form, the "Thank You" page that loads after clicking "Submit," the double-opt-in email that's sent automatically (assuming you use double opt-in), the confirmation page that loads after that click, and the "Thank you for joining our list" email that goes out after that confirmation.

Email Trends For 2011

The Agitator

Here, from Loren McDonald of Silverpop, an ‘engagement marketing’ firm, is a good stab at email trends we might see in 2011. I’d especially draw attention to his last four points … each relevant for nonprofit communicators and fundraisers: Social and mobile become important sources of opt-ins for email programs. Email marketing increasingly becomes a “dynamic content platform.&#

Building your nonprofit’s email list

Fundraising Coach

Back in 2000, I used email to raise $100,000 in six weeks. I wrote about it in “The $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation.” ” (You can buy it in the Fundraising Coach Store but I give it away free to everyone who signs up for my free email newsletter.). People tell me they find the “ten tactical tips,” the actual examples of email, and the overall strategy helpful. How do we build up our email list?”

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What Nonprofits Should Know About GDPR

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So much has happened this week in terms of privacy rules and regulations! If your inbox is anything like mine, it has been inundated and overflowing with businesses and organizations sending updated privacy policies, in order to comply with GDPR, which goes into effect today.

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Everyone bends the rules here and there when it comes to selecting lists for email marketing. But I have found that (sadly) most nonprofits don’t have a written opt-in strategy and rarely ask their supporters for permission to send them emails.

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E-News that Gets Attention & Generates Action—NYC Workshop, Feb. 16

Getting Attention

Email remains the core communications tool, and one that’s going to be around for the long run. Please join me for Breakthrough E-Newsletters: 5 Steps to Shaping E-Communications that Connect , Thursday, February 16, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM in New York City. Master the mechanics—opt-in vs. double opt-in, list management, in-house vs. outsource.

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3 reasons to run an OPT-OUT campaign


I said you should run an OPT-OUT campaign. Not an opt-in campaign. That’s why helping people change their preferences and/or helping them opt-out of receiving emails could be a really good thing. All of us have too many records in our list.

Emailing now is good; Bad email is not good

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Don’t forget: Email your supporters now and again the week between Christmas and New Year’s. But don’t make it bad email. Jeff Brooks of Future Fundraising Now has a great post on why email response rates are down. The main reason: Because email quality is down. He says if email is dying, it’s suicide. Poor permission and opt-in practices.

GOING, GOING FAST: Grab a Seat-May 18 E-Newsletter Workshop in New York City

Getting Attention

In Breakthrough E-Newsletters: 5 Steps to Shaping E-Communications that Connect , you’ll learn everything you need to get a high-impact e-newsletter going for your nonprofit, or to strengthen the one you have. Master the mechanics—opt-in vs. double opt-in, list management, in-house vs. outsource. I promise you it’ll be an incredibly worthwhile three hours when you do.

How Much Is Spam Hurting Your Online Fundraising? [New Study]

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EveryAction just released their annual Email Deliverability Study which answers that exact question. Let’s start with a few basics about email deliverability, and then we’ll break down the report. What determines your email deliverability? Old email lists.

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Email: the original social network

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There was a great post in ClickZ this week that points out that email is “social.&# The post was a reaction to all the debate about email vs. social networking. Done right, email is just as personal, conversational and bond-building as social networking. People can forward emails just as they share content elsewhere. In fact, as the article points out, you could say that email was the original social network: Philosophically, there is no difference.

New digital tracking study reveals UK consumer views on promotional email and social media use

Giving in a Digital World

Last Thursday I was out at the launch event for the DMA’s Digital Tracker Study, a research initiative (backed by online research company FastMAP and email marketing company SilverPop ) that aims to provide regular insights into some of the key questions online marketers are asking in relation to using email and social media use. The majority of email is still read on desktop (67%) or laptop (49%) devices – but 11% of adults now also read them on mobile devices.

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FREE Webinar for You on How and Why You Need to Build Your Email List

Marketing for Nonprofits

For nonprofits, this means you have to build a base of prospective donors to engage in your cause. I've talked about donor acquisition and list building on the blog and in other places. According to Copyblogger, in this webinar you will learn: What is a Minimum Viable Audience, and why you want one The right ingredients to organically grow a healthy opt-in list How minimum is minimum? Building a nonprofit is not easy.

5 best practices for delivering progress reports to your major gift and legacy supporters


Make it easy for them to continue the dialogue with a survey, reply button, links to more information, opt-in forms, download offers, etc. Provide your email and phone number.

What to do when half your email list bounces

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How can we collect accurate, home email addresses? Here are a few tips for building and maintaining a clean email marketing list: 1) Consider using a double opt-in email capture. This simply means that whenever someone new joins your email list or when you add someone (with their permission!), an email goes to that email address with a confirmation link. 2) Make sure you’re capturing email addresses everywhere possible.

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6 best practices for delivering progress reports to your major gift and legacy supporters


Make it easy for them to continue the dialogue with a survey, reply button, links to more information, opt-in forms, download offers, etc. Provide your email and phone number.

Made-for-You Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

Getting Attention

Subscribers, we’re working on getting you the ability to opt-in or -out of these listings vs. other posts. Email Marketing Manager & Digital Content Marketing Manager Mercy Corps. P.S. Get this jobs post delivered to your in-box every week!

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The 5 p’s of engagement fundraising


As they benefit from what you’re providing, ask them to consider opting-in to have a relationship. If you think personalization is about putting a person’s name on a letter or email, think again. 1- Permission. Donors have immense power these days.

Motivating Online Sign-ups

The Agitator

In this case, the reviewers credit the superior performance of the winning appeal — which outperformed its competitor by 321% — to describing more benefits upfront, including two opt-in forms instead of one, and using numbers in the headline (“7 Reasons …). The startling difference in performance of these two appeals underscores once again — test, test, test.

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What to Listen for in Donor Onboarding

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In the previous on boarding post I emphasized the imperative to listen as soon as possible. From this information, they customized emails and subject lines to fit the cat versus dog preference of the donor. But that’s also part of the point: people are now used to customized emails.

What Do You Think Of IP Targeting?

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The capability exists to target email messages to specific consumers (donor prospects?) However, there are serious privacy concerns … have consumers on these lists opted-in to the practice? Essentially, when a user opens an email from a partner of the data firm like Elect Strategies – such as an opt-in email from a news publisher – a cookie is generated which reports back to Elect Strategies the IP address associated with the user’s computer or device.

Feedback Week: Channel and Volume Preferences

The Agitator

Almost 20% of the total substantive comments were either “don’t mail/email/phone me” or “I would like to receive less mail/fewer phone calls/fewer emails.” In the interest in fairness, out of the 12,000 comments, there were also three people who asked for more emails.

Text Messaging vs. Mobile Instant Messaging

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Over the course of the last year, I have noticed a rapidly rising organizational interest amongst my clients in using “text messaging” for communications purposes; specifically for opt-in notifications. Email sucks (everyone). In Summary.

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Sneak Peek: The Science Behind Engaging Your Supporters


We explored everything from must-have nonprofit reporting tools , tips for upping your email game , direct mail strategies , and most recently using data to improve your major gifts program. In fact, we loved it so much that we're hosting an entire webinar on it! What got you interested in this topic? In my free time, I'm a fellow and lecturer at Georgetown, focusing on how to best activate audiences to support causes/nonprofits.

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Share Your Predictions; Get My Trends Report

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I’m putting together a Nonprofit Communications Trends Report that I’ll release in January, and I need your input and predictions. Here’s what I’m asking: Which communications tools will be very / somewhat / least important to your nonprofit in 2011?

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How to Get People to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit on Facebook – Part 1

J Campbell Social Marketing

I will highlight three of these features in this post, and in my next post I will detail step-by-step the ways in which you can get your community excited about raising money for your nonprofit using Facebook.



Childhood hunger is a hidden epidemic in America that we can no longer ignore. Recently, Donordigital worked with Share Our Strength to coordinate an action for their Hunger Knows No Party campaign to encourage the candidates to turn their attention to childhood hunger in the U.S.

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Is donor qualification more important than donor identification?


Just because a donor matches a certain profile doesn’t mean they should be in your portfolio. Letters like those might generate some revenue from a portion of a portfolio but the other portion might privately balk feeling they shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place.

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Share Your Predictions and Get 2012 Trends Report

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Just like last year , I’m asking: Which communications tools will be very / somewhat / least important to your nonprofit in 2012? How often will you email the typical person on your email list? What excites you about your work in 2012? What scares you about your work in 2012? All data shared in the report will be anonymous. When you complete the survey, you can opt-in to receive a free copy of the Trends Report in late December.

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