Use Facebook Live to Raise Money For Your Nonprofit

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How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money If your nonprofit is based in the US, and your Facebook Page is verified, you can fundraise within a Facebook Live broadcast. Facebook Live is a super effective way to bring the impact to your supporters.

Look! Anatomy of an Effective Annual Appeal

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And if you’re REALLY serious about getting one hundreds checks in the mail a day for this December appeal season, then check out my CharityHowTo webinar called “Tons of Money in the Mail” where we delve into writing more persuasively and MUCH MUCH MORE.

How You Can Get More Money Through Direct Mail: Interview with Jules Brown of “Dear Joan”

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Image Creative Commons "Money" by Stuart Dootson). His blog, Dear Joan , is dedicated to helping smaller nonprofits write truly donor focused appeals that get better results and raise more money for your cause. I’m so excited to share this interview with you!

6 Effective Ways to Thank Donors for a Lasting Relationship


To that point, we’ve compiled 6 effective ways to thank donors this giving season. Some tips to set your thank you letter apart include: A note not only thanking the donor but demonstrating the impact their donation has - donors like to know that their hard earned money is at work.

Measuring nonprofit effectiveness and what’s next for GuideStar

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And it’s valuable for donors to see where nonprofits are spending their money. So, we think we began the first revolution of nonprofit transparency, and now we’re beginning the second wave of nonprofit transparency that drives nonprofit effectiveness. Lindsay J.K. Nichols.

Measuring Your Communications Effectiveness: 3 Concepts to Keep in Mind

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Measuring the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s communications is a complicated puzzle. You have the effectiveness of specific channels like your website or Facebook page. Those depend on the effectiveness of the content you create.

Is shaming an effective fundraising strategy?


Although she still has too much student debt and other priorities, the real reason she kept her money in her wallet was because the email he sent made her feel bad, not good. It is also an excellent investment, ensuring effective stewardship of your charitable giving, as The Princeton Review ranking attests. The post Is shaming an effective fundraising strategy? I was intrigued. .

4 Ways to Segment Your Donors for More Effective Marketing

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Ideally, if a nonprofit had the staff, time, and money to fully individualize marketing, that nonprofit would. Realistically, staff, time, and money are limited resources, especially among fundraising organizations. The effective and efficient solution is segmenting your donors.

6 ways you can be an effective nonprofit leader

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It’s called Tons of Money in the Mail. I’ve noticed some of these issues and I’ve come up with a theory of what makes an effective leader. And we all want to be effective, right? Here are the six qualities of effective nonprofit leaders.

How To Find Effective Database Solutions for Social Services Organizations


Effective fundraising, member engagement, and volunteer management all hinge on the ability to collect and easily utilize information about supporters in both online and offline interactions.

Make Your Nonprofit Stop Bleeding Money-Interview with Pamela Uppal

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How can you make your nonprofit stop bleeding money with turnover? In the last week, I actually was presenting at the Money for Our Movements conference in Atlanta, and I referenced your work both times in both my presentations there. So that, I feel like, is what makes us really inefficient and effective and that’s what leads to such massive turnover. It’s a little bit more complicated in our sector, because where is that money going to come from, right?

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Editorial Calendars Increase Effectiveness – Learn How to Master Yours

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Our research shows that nonprofits with effective communications are three times as likely to use an editorial calendar as those who say their communications are ineffective.

Satisfaction vs. Effectiveness

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In Other People’s Money , Danny Devito has a great speech that says in part: “You know, at one time there must’ve been dozens of companies makin’ buggy whips. Either way, satisfaction doesn’t equal effectiveness. At DonorVoice, we are constantly monitoring the satisfaction of donors.

Raise More Money by Inspiring P2P Fundraisers

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Trying to think of ways to inspire them to raise money for you is much harder. Sure, some people will sign up for your event because they’re passionate about your cause and want to raise money to make a difference in the world. So how do you inspire those people to raise money?

P2P 174

[Guest Post] The money making secret of effective donor newsletters

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The very first time I heard him speak, I learned tactics that transformed my fundraising writing and made it much more effective. You can see him talk about effective donor newsletters by watching this Movie Monday. Newsletters: they’re all about the money…eventually.

Book Review: How to Raise Money for Political Office

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This week I’m reviewing a book called How to Raise Money for Political Office by Brandon Lewis. While our grassroots efforts are making a tremendous impact and outpacing my opponents, TV still remains the most effective way to communicate with the most voters.

Book Review: It’s not just about the money

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It’s called “ It’s Not Just About the Money.” Asking for money face to face is the most effective way to fundraise. Bottom line: Should you get It’s Not Just About the Money ?

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The most effective way to raise money for your walk or run page

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The most effective peer to peer fundraiser asks the right people, makes the ask in person, on the phone or by email, and asks more than once. Fundraising is personal and is done on the ground. If you think, posting. Bikeathons Fundraising Tips Marathon Fundraising Mobile Fundraising Online Fundraising Peer to Peer Fundraising Third Party Fundraising Viral Fundraising Walkathons

3 ways to use direct mail effectively in the age of social media


Although direct mail requires printing and postage, we still include it in our marketing plans because it can be effective if you do it right. Then design and print them all at once to gain economies of scale and save money. The post 3 ways to use direct mail effectively in the age of social media appeared first on MarketSmart | . Don’t discount the traditional methods. MarketSmart has generated millions of dollars for clients with direct mail.

14 Tips for Making Your Nonprofit Email More Effective

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How do you measure your email effectiveness? Zarrella says, "Show me the money." Dan Zarrella , a social media researcher and author, recently revealed in a Hubspot webinar a trove of statistical analysis on email marketing. Zarrella parsed 9.5

Why spend the money?

Get Fully Funded

Investing in yourself has a magnificent ripple effect that touches just about everything in the organization, because you start doing your job better. For a nonprofit, there’s no better place to invest money. Instead, make sure that what you get for the money is well worth it. If you are a nonprofit director, you know that the budget line item for training and development is often the first one to go when things get tight. But this is SO short-sighted!

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Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Helping you make your website more effective to get people to click donate. I want to help you shine and raise all of the money you deserve! Draft 1 of the letter, page 1.

Letter 215

Effectively Communicating What Your Cause Really Does

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With Save the Children effectively communicates what saving children looks like at the ground level in the developing world. In effect it’s a kind of blog, with posts from Save the Children health workers in a half dozen countries on four continents.

Ready for Year-End? Here Are 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Raise More Money


Below are some quick and easy things you can do to raise more money. A good photo doesn’t need much text to be effective. We won't waste your time with a lengthy intro. With #GivingTuesday and Year-End fundraising rapidly approaching, we'll get straight to the point.

A Few Ways You Can Raise More Money in 2019

Ann Green

If it wasn’t, I have some suggestions about how you can raise more money – both now and throughout the year. This will save you money because you won’t be mailing appeals to people who aren’t going to donate. Happy New Year!

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Where is the money for our schools?

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I mean, they are just going to make even more money. The zombie corporations are holding the money hostage. We need to free that money through legislative action. Protests are nice and all, but what is really going to get politicians to pay attention to you is the communities that you can encourage to vote one way or another based on the politicians stance on certain issues, like money for schools versus no taxes for corporations.

School 135

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Raise Money Like charity:water

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You may have heard of the mammoth success of the nonprofit charity:water and its effectiveness in raising money online. Here are 5 ways that your small nonprofit can start raising money and awareness just like charity:water: 1) Learn the model.

Increasing Donations: The Essential Ingredients of Effective Nonprofit Web Design

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But that’s the biggest – and to be fair – the easiest mistake to make, thinking that an effective design is also fancy. Your goal is to get people to give larger amounts of money than they’d donate if they wouldn’t receive suggested giving amounts. By Dishan Jay.

Feeling Good Or Feeling Effective

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Are you looking to feel good or feel effective? ’ About two weeks ago I read this column in the NY Times — Donating, and Making Sure the Money Is Put to Work. When you personally make a charitable contribution, what’s really going on? You could take the coward’s way out and say ‘Both!’ I set it aside because it left me feeling uneasy.

INTERVIEW: How to make your board more effective- with Andy Robinson

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He is going to be speaking about creating more effective board at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit on September 27-29, 2016. I worked with boards that were effective, and I worked with boards that weren’t as a staff member. In general, they’re not compensated with money.

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Free Webinar: Tons of Money in the Mail September 9th

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What people are saying: At the end of Tons of Money in the Mail, I asked Mazarine if she would review the year-end appeal letter I was in the process of writing. Mazarine Treyz’s presentation gave me TONS of ideas for making our year-end direct mailing more effective.

Your Overhead is In Your Head. All of the money is going to the cause.

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How to manage up in your fundraising job

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Kishshana, go out there and get the money. Like money would just magically happen when I left the building. Yet, it’s the thing we run away from because lots of us have not confronted our own relationship with money. What part did money play in how you were raised?

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The Secret to Effectively Marketing Your Fundraising Event

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Your goals should be to increase ticket sales, improve word of mouth buzz, create more invested supporters, and ultimately raise more money. But if you focus on just one more thing, your marketing can be exponentially more effective. Because fundraising events can be expensive, it''s important to maximize your investment with a targeted outreach strategy.

It’s My Party and I’ll Save You Money If I Want To

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Here are a few of the webinars we have coming up this fall: How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work (Two-Part Series) with Kivi Leroux Miller. Ok, that doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? But it is my birthday this Saturday.

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Incredible CRISIS! Again!

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That’s money addiction. Boasting about productivity, while remaining silent about the effects on people. Do you have unrealistic deadlines at work? Are you there past 5pm every day, along with most other people? Do you feel like it’s never going to get done?

Money 226

Some people make excuses; others raise money

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Are you making excuses or raising money? ” (And secretly give yourself a pat on the back for at least making the call although you haven’t raised any money.) Other Possibly Related posts: How to Ask for Money Effectively – Top Mistakes People Make When Fundraising.

How Small Nonprofits Can Raise Money on Facebook

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Susan says these new changes will help small nonprofits give their small-dollar donors a “big donor experience.&# All together, these new tools make it easy and time-efficient for small nonprofits to run effective online fundraising campaigns.

Why do people at work treat me this way?

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So often, as fundraisers, we are charged with raising all of this money. And we run up against people’s concepts of money, every day. Or maybe we’re a mysterious money bag, to be treated with awe and a little fear. But what are our own attitudes about money?

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How Making Smart Investments Will Help You Raise More Money

Ann Green

You’ve probably heard the phrase you need to spend money to make money. Here are three areas you should be investing more money in. If you do it right, these investments will help you raise more money. If money is tight, you don’t have to mail that often.

Money 62

How to Raise More Money from Matching Gifts Using Email and Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

Matching gifts are an easy way to boost fundraising by earning free money, and we’ve got the tips to help you increase donor awareness through social media and email. Fundraising is tough, and matching gifts are a rare way for nonprofits to capitalize on free money from many donations.

How to effectively ask for advice

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Last week, I was at a meeting and heard a board member say: “Ask a man for advice, and he’ll give you money. Ask a man for money, and he’ll give you advice. Think about the times you as a board member or nonprofit employee told someone you were asking for money.

Effective Reporting Back in Cause Marketing

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Last time around the statement included a bulleted list of the positive effects of the program, customized to Alden Keene. Alden Keene & Associates got its annual renewable energy report the other day from our electric utility, Rocky Mountain Power.