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Do you want to sit on a nonprofit board?

Wild Woman Fundraising

If yes, then click on through to BoardNet. link]. If you need a little more WHY: Why would you want to sit on a nonprofit board? Because you believe in the mission. But also, it’s a good way to move on up in your nonprofit career. Have you ever known an executive director who previously sat on your nonprofit board? But seriously though.

Be Generous: Nonprofits Offer Facebook Timeline Covers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

My default content strategy for nonprofits is the Three Gs: Be Genuine, Generous and Grateful. It’s an odd shape for most of us!

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Communicate More and Better! Why? How?

NonProfit Branding

We are exploring nonprofit management during a period of economic trauma. In the last post I said you should “…expect a drop in contributions from the marginally committed and from those with serious economic difficulties.

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What I Learned When I Bought a Starbuck Indivisible Wristband

Cause Related Marketing

Since November 1, 2011 Starbucks has been doing its best to help boost the economy via a cause marketing standard; the wristband. Indivisible' wristbands are $5 at 6,800 company-operated stores in the United States. Starbucks seeded the effort with a $5 million donation. The barrista was super friendly. Oh, that’s so great! she asked.

A response to “Bad Nonprofit Consultants” from Inside Philanthropy

Wild Woman Fundraising

Todd Cohen, editor of the Philanthropy Journal, wrote a blog post on how bad nonprofit consultants can be. Here’s my response.

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Mobile study: Donors impulsive, social and tech-savvy

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

A new study on mobile giving in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake has loads of interesting insights for nonprofits seeking to understand mobile donors. The research, from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Harvard’s Berkman Center for the Internet & Society, in partnership with the John S. and James L.

Haiti 25

Seeing Your Marketing Future in the Obama Re-Election Campaign

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s All About Hyper-personalization and Targeting. You are going to want that information. Need help with this? ” Need help with this?

Obama 33

Marketing Beyond The Blog Buzz

Diva Marketing Blog

Of course I was honored by their requests. I wondered how different my point of view about blogs was back in the day versus today.

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Writer for Hire

Selfish Giving

I have three goals for 2012 (or three words as Chris Brogan has suggested ). Speaking, consulting and writing. I also have some consulting lined up.

Your audience is an audience of audiences with audiences

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

This statement comes from Brian Solis in his new book, The End of Business as Usual. It’s no longer a model of - we speak and people listen.

Passion Meets Purpose – Let’s #Rock2012


How are you applying purpose to your passion? There are two announcements I want to share: Evolving Beyond the Free Agent Fundraiser. Our vision?

#Tech: SOPA Inspiring Blackouts & Lobbyists – Should Nonprofits Care?

Non Profit Marketing 360

Could SOPA chill free speech? On the surface, not much seems to be of relevance in the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ ( SOPA, H.R. Not really.

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One (Bronx) Cheer for Philanthropist Kim Kardashian

Cause Related Marketing

Fox News reports that reality star Kim Kardashian is pocketing 90 percent of the money raised from her eBay Giving Works auctions.

Marketing metrics: Are yours vain or accountable?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Ah marketing. We love to do it, but we shy away from really measuring it. Here is a superb infographic from Marketo via Beth Kanter that says it all.

Passion Meets Purpose – Let’s #Rock2012


How are you applying purpose to your passion? There are two announcements I want to share: Evolving Beyond the Free Agent Fundraiser. Our vision?

Learn the 4 Keys to Pitch-Perfect Messaging – Free Webinar Feb. 7

Getting Attention

Register now to learn - Seats are Limited. How to Stop Striking Flat Notes with Your Target Audiences and. Join the 16% of Nonprofits Whose Messages Resonate and Spur Action. Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2011. Time: 1:00-2:00PM EST/10:00-11:00PM PST. Replay: If you can’t make this time, register anyway. REGISTER NOW. REGISTER NOW. REGISTER NOW.

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For Nonprofits Mobile Web is better than Apps

Blue Sky Collaborative

Here's a short list of reasons why nonprofits should focus more on making making their websites mobile friendly and less on App development. Creating and Maintaining an App is expensive. Making your existing website mobile-friendly is easy and not so. Fundraising Tips Mobile Fundraising Online Fundraising Web/Tech

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One thing that will make your message unforgettable

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

What is that one thing? A really good metaphor - it’s mental velcro. Take your theory of change or your approach to social good and turn it into a metaphor - it’s ever so much more effective than the typical, intangible, conceptual way of communicating. So metaphor not only sticks in the mind - it shapes opinion.

Rekindle Your Donor’s Thrill of Giving

The Agitator

Mark Phillips at UK’s Bluefrog has nailed it with this post, called Why giving to charity can be like buying a Polaris submarine. Boy can I identify with drooling over those comic book offers when I was a kid. but I did send away for the fishing kit that came with 500 ‘guaranteed to catch the big ones’ lures (or was it 50?).

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #1 Truly Personalised Video Thanking

Giving in a Digital World

2011 was a bit of a quiet year here on Giving In A Digital World, as a combination of client work and house renovations took-up all the spare time I normally spend researching and writing posts. Starting with what I hope will be a thought provoking short series on what I think will be 12 important digital fundraising trends for 2012.

Winners: Pinterest ‘Causes I Love Contest’

Selfish Giving

Wow, choosing the winner of the Pinterest “Causes I Love Contest” was a lot of fun. But it was a tough decision too. First Place.

10 Resolutions for Online Fundraising and Marketing Success in 2012

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

10 Resolutions for Online Fundraising and Marketing Success in 2012 is the title of a free new eBook from Network for Good. You can get it here. My favorite resolution is, No More Crappy Copy! Bad writing gets in the way of good causes all the time. Let’s put a stop to that in 2012. Here are some tips from the eBook. Write to one person.

Service-Dominant Logic and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

Is it time for more of us to loosen our grip on the 4Ps of the marketing mix as a necessary ingredient or benchmark for social marketing programs? Constantinides (2006) summarized over 40 papers that have been critical of, or presented alternatives, to the 4Ps marketing mix framework. Vargo and Lusch reassure us that we have not been alone. 2006).

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – January 13, 2012

Getting Attention

Please post your nonprofit marketing position here — FT or PT staff, consulting or internship opportunities. NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Chicago, IL).

Amazon, I'm Calling You Out

Cause Related Marketing

In 2011, Amazon’s sales were $43.59 billion and its profit was $7.64 billion. It is the world’s biggest etailer. It's not clear.

IKEA Saves the Children When Facebook Fans Invite Friends to Shop

Selfish Giving

This is my featured post in Mediapost: Causes. The program generated a whopping 25 million meals for Feeding American food banks across the country.

Applying Service-Dominant Logic to Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Many social marketing programs, and most public health ones, have shied away from working with their customers or members of their priority groups. Service-Dominant marketing Logic (S-D Logic) marks a shift from this 'marketing-to' approach to a 'marketing-with' perspective (Lusch, 2007). References Bryant, C.A., Brown, K.R., McDermott, R.J., 2009).

Primer On Online Fundraising

The Agitator

Here’s an solid primer on online fundraising from Network for Good … although there’s a fair dose of advice here that applies to all fundraising. Smaller nonprofits and newcomers to the field will find this e-book especially helpful. They expand upon ten resolutions for 2012: I will put fundraising first. My favorite.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #3 Augmented Reality

Giving in a Digital World

I came across this fun awareness campaign by youth breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! Augmented Reality is a live view of something in the real world that is augmented by some form of computer generated overlay when it is viewed through a digital device, such as when viewed using the camera on your Smartphone or Tablet. In the case of the CoppaFeel!

Get Personal to Get Relevant – Your “From” Line & More

Getting Attention

Getting personal in your communications is key to relationship building with prospects and supporters. It’s a core component of being relevant — a must-do for stronger connections in 2012. There are so many opportunities to get personal, and I’ll be sharing my recommendation with you in coming weeks. Personal Is a Two-Way Street.

Cause Marketing Circa 2022

Cause Related Marketing

The current issue of Fortune magazine, modestly called 'The Future Issue,' examines what the world and the world of business will be like ten years hence in 2012. That's an Eden 3D printer on the left, although it's not exactly a desktop model.) Great, I get to work for years to come! Honesty Machines. Crowd-Sourcing Your Idle Hours for a Cause.

Thrillingly Yours

The Agitator

Earlier this week, we posted about the importance of the welcome pack for new donors. But of course the core message — you must re-inspire your donor — doesn’t just apply to new donors … it applies each and every time a donor makes a gift. How effectively have you thanked those donors? Takes only five minutes.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #2 Investment in Strategic Blogger Outreach

Giving in a Digital World

Over the last few years, charities have increasingly got to grips with establishing a branded social media presence and starting to collect and engage with ‘Followers’ of various types. One reason for this gap may be that Blogger Outreach is managed by the Communications or Media Relations teams in your organisation.

Looking To Implement New Fundraising Methods? Has Your Nonprofit Considered These?

Seeking Grant Money Today

What Are Matching Grants? I'll Explain. What Are Leadership Donations? diverse revenue stream how to fundraising