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How to Project Your Planned Gift Potential


“I owe a great deal of thanks to the person who invested in planned giving 15 years ago.”. I was sitting in the crowd at the 2019 ANA Chicago Nonprofit Conference, listening to the presentation titled “Retaining Your Sustaining Donors” when my ears perked up.

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9 Ways to Celebrate February 29 and the Leap Year On Social Media

J Campbell Social Marketing

This year is a leap year, which means we get an extra day in February! My good friend Melodee happens to be a bisextile year baby (popularly known as a leap year, technically known as a bisextile year), and to her I say, Happy 10th Birthday ! Leap years are, by their very nature, rare.

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Create a system for expressing gratitude

Fundraising Coach

Do you have a system for expressing gratitude? For telling your nonprofit's donors how grateful you are for their support? In my weekly coaching email , Fundraising Kick , we've been looking at systems we use in fundraising.

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How Monthly Giving is a Win-Win for Your Nonprofit

Ann Green

A few weeks ago I wrote about ways to help you become more successful in 2020. One of those was to emphasize monthly giving. I’d like to elaborate on that some more in this post. Monthly giving is a win-win for your nonprofit. You can raise more money and boost your retention rate.

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Selfish Giving

While I was goofing off in Paris earlier this month with my twin brother - drinking red wine ??and and searching for the perfect Chantilly whip cream - the team at Accelerist was already back at work.