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Top 10 Reasons Why Fundraisers Might Be Uncomfortable ‘Making The Ask’


Let me know what you think about my top 10 reasons why some fundraisers might be uncomfortable making the ask : 10. They are in the wrong job and should be doing something else; 9. They are poorly trained (or not trained at all) and, therefore, don’t know how and when to do it; 8. They don’t truly believe in their employer’s mission ; 7.

10 Reasons to Attend the Nonprofit Social Media Summit

J Campbell Social Marketing

If you are like most nonprofit social media managers, you came to this work sideways, if not completely by accident. . You were working hard, maybe as a volunteer, program officer, Board member, development director, marketing intern – and then BAM! . Let’s get on social media!” became the rallying cry at your organization. . “We should be on Pinterest! What about Instagram? And my daughter says everyone is using Snapchat.” ” Sound familiar? .

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How to Call Out the President’s Racism When Your Organization’s Mission isn’t Specifically Tied to Social Justice

Mission Minded

Recently, a client approached me with a challenge: is there a way that our organization can call out the President. The post How to Call Out the President’s Racism When Your Organization’s Mission isn’t Specifically Tied to Social Justice appeared first on Mission Minded.

Improving Donor Communication: A Q&A Guide for Nonprofits

Ann Green

By John Killoran. One of the most important assets of a nonprofit is its donors. Donors are crucial to the growth of your nonprofit, so it is key to both attract new donors while also keeping up relationships with previous donors. Nonprofits are constantly looking for new ways to raise money and having a wide network of donors and supporters can help create sustainable fundraising revenue.

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A perfect example of ‘spray and pray fundraising’


This email wasted my time and annoyed me because… I don’t know this person. I don’t know this organization. I didn’t give her or them permission to email me. I have no connection whatsoever to this cause or this organization.

Newsletter: Charity Partnership vs Marketing Partnership ?? ; Frito-Lay Raises $1M for Operation Smile with ‘Everyday Smilers’ ; 5 Emotional Writing Tactics to Skyrocket Facebook Engagement

Selfish Giving

Let's get clear on the difference between a charity partnership vs. marketing partnership. A CHARITY PARTNERSHIP is when a company partners with your nonprofit because they want to support the mission of your organization. Some of the reasons companies will do a charity partnership include. They love what you do and want to support you! This is the best, right? ?? They love what you do, but are happy to take any benefits that may come with partnership.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


by Zoe Allen. Over 3 billion people worldwide use social media – find out how you can encourage them to become your donors. How can social media help my nonprofit? Social media is a great tool to share real stories with real people and build connections with your supporters. Social media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – can be leveraged to spread the word about your nonprofit, and to directly increase your donations.

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