December, 2016

A 2017 Media Relations Calendar for Resource-Strapped Nonprofits

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Let’s face it, media relations isn’t near the top of the priority list at most nonprofits. Nor should it be. Nonprofits don’t exist to grab sexy headlines.

3 Tools to Fuel Fundraising Ambassadors

Getting Attention

We all have an incredible fundraising resource right in front of us— our board member, colleague, and loyal volunteer ambassador s. But most of us look right past them, much less make it appealing or easy for them to participate and succeed!

8 Great Ways to End Emails or Letters


Cultivation starts and ends with great communication. Goodbyes are just as important as hellos. So here are some great ways to end emails you send to donors: 1. First name], I’m really counting on you!

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5 Marketing Tips to Retain Your Mobile Donors

J Campbell Social Marketing

Guest blog by John Killoran. As the process for making mobile donations becomes more and more convenient, your nonprofit may see an uptick in the number of donors craving more interactions via their mobile phones.

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5 Inventive Ways Donor Data Can Boost Your EOY Fundraising


EOY (or end-of-year) fundraising can be a critical time for nonprofits. The giving spirit is high, and donors want to know how they can contribute to the causes that they care about. Your organization needs to do more than simply ask your donors for contributions.

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The 6 most read parts of any major gift solicitation letter


I’m always a bit baffled when I see fundraising letters that fail to take into consideration the following. After all, research by Professor Siegfried Vogele has clearly proven what people read and in what order.

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What You Don’t Know About Visual Marketing On Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

Guest blog by Rebecca Hill. Visuals are everything on social media. They catch the eye, pique interest, and hopefully, grab the user’s attention. . On Facebook, having a great visual can mean the difference between skyrocketing engagement and crickets. Facebook posts with images see 2.3

How to Use the Different Kinds of Heated Hair Rollers

Non Profit Marketing 360

Despite the fact that heated hair rollers are identified with old ladies’ fashion, you may be surprised at the endless things you can do with them when it comes to styling your hair.

EveryAction's 8 Most Useful Nonprofit Resources of 2016


No matter how you slice it, 2016 was a year to remember. With just a couple of weeks left, take stock of the most useful content from our blog and nonprofit content library and get a jumpstart on making 2017 the best year for your organization yet! The 2016 Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide.

Nonprofit Communicators, You Can Speak with Authority in 2017

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

“More confidence in my ideas and recommendations.” ” One of the biggest outcomes of our six-month Mentoring Program for Communications Directors is confidence.

5 Steps to Consistent Communications (+ Instant Connection)

Getting Attention

Whether you’re all in on year-end fundraising or working in some 2017 prep, I bet you have some pretty ambitious goals to meet. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Here’s a proven but frequently overlooked method to help you get there: consistent communications.

5 best practices for delivering progress reports to your major gift and legacy supporters


Tony Robbins , the author of Money: Master the Game, discussed ‘ How Progress Equals Happiness ‘ earlier this year on Oprah’s digital web-show – #OWNSHOW. So true! Your supporters want to see what you’ve done with their money.

5 pieces of advice for nonprofit communicators who want to rock their marketing in 2017

J Campbell Social Marketing

This past year was certainly an explosive one for digital marketing and online fundraising. Many nonprofits upped their efforts on digital channels , and reaped the benefits.

Fun Video Friday: Overcome

Wild Woman Fundraising

Truth time. For the entire month of November, after the US election, I did not feel like working. I felt total despair. Even with doing what I could to help grassroots organizations after the election, I couldn’t work. i just wanted to hide from the world. But we have to get up.

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How to not contribute to fake news.

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

As I write this post, I’m waiting for a flight at Pearson International Airport reading through the incoming notifications on my mobile regarding the tragic Berlin Christmas Market lorry incident. At this point, a few deaths have already been confirmed, however judging by the verified images and videos coming from the location, there will surely be many more.

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What’s Essential to Good Nonprofit Communications in 2017?

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Little black dresses and pumps. Blue jeans and flats. Cargo shorts and tennis shoes.

Still Time: 5 Ways to Up Year-End Giving

Getting Attention

The clock is running out on year-end fundraising. Whether you’re exceeding expectations or are barely meeting the bare minimum, you can do even better. I know what you’re thinking: “There’s so little time.” But I want to share five doable adjustments you can make right now to increase year-end donations. 1) Expand your prospect pool program participants, volunteers, and advocates (Low-hanging fruit alert!). Talk about potential.

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Opportunities vs. Problems: Which will your donors support?


I’ll cut to the chase. People want to take advantage of opportunities more than they want to solve problems. Here’s how it works in fundraising. “Problem” messages: We need help. The water is dirty and undrinkable. Over 25,000 children are hungry. Too many homeless people are freezing. We are running dangerously low on blood. “Opportunity” messages: You can make a huge difference for Sarah. You can make the water clean and drinkable for Baako.

Why You Need a Communications Calendar

Ann Green

I hope your year-end fundraising campaign is going well. Fundraising is a year-round effort and after you’ve thanked your donors, you need to make a plan to communicate with them at least once or twice a month throughout the year.

My 2016 Annual Report

Wild Woman Fundraising

It’s the end of the year! FINALLY! Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017! What a bumpy road! What a surprise this year was. Here are my mistakes for 2016. I’m hoping next year gets better for all of us.

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Farewell And Hello

The Agitator

In our tiny world of Fundraising Blogdom a mammoth event occurs tomorrow. So we’re sending you advance notice. After nearly 6 years and 600 posts the crowdblog 101 Fundraising will release its last official post on December 22nd.

Get More Media Coverage in 2017

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Is your nonprofit resolving to get more coverage in the media in 2017? You can do it! And to make that resolution come true, you don’t have to wait until after January 1st to get started.

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Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Dotted Line Divas

Diva Marketing Blog

During this tinsel time of year we often look to nonprofits to help families bridge the gap in providing items that will help make the holidays a little brighter. However, what often gets lost in the crowded NPO space are the smaller nonprofits whose work is critically important.

Here’s one great legacy giving promotion


I love this legacy giving promotion. It’s actually a placeholder for your beer! You can find this along with its case study and many other great legacy gift marketing case studies here on SOFII’s website.

10 Ways To Engage Donors And Boost Donations This Holiday Season

Ann Green

Guest Post by Jeremy Silverstein. Fundraising for your nonprofit organization occurs year-round as you build relationships with donors, host events, and ask for donations. However, research shows that almost one-third of yearly online giving occurs in December.

3 things to do now that #GivingTuesday is over

Fundraising Coach

I've been glad to hear of my clients' #GivingTuesday success. Matching gifts and leveraging peer-to-peer approaches seem to be the most effective reasons for their success. But #GivingTuesday is over, now what?

Losing Donors In The Sea of Sameness

The Agitator

When will some fundraisers wake up to the fact that the tragedy of donor flight is largely self-inflicted.

Submit Your Photos for the 2017 Trends Report

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Jeanine Marlow, Director of Communications & Marketing at Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, submitted several great photos for the Trends Report. You should too! We are busy working on the 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , but we need your help with photos.

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Ep193: Virgin America's 'Operation Chihuahua' Airlifts Dogs to Forever Homes

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Abby Lunardini , Vice President of Brand Marketing and Communications at Virgin America , about #TinyDogsTinyFares.

A list of some humongous bequests that should get your planned giving team psyched up for only 3 seconds!


I give you permission to read this list but only if you’ll count to three afterward. Let it sink in. Then DELETE IT! Forget about it. Because your organization will probably never get a gift as large as any of these. So why am I showing it to you? Two reasons.

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Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Bags of Hope Project

Diva Marketing Blog

I am excited to bring back Diva Marketing's Holiday For Small Nonprofits Series. Even in this generous season of giving the small NPOs too often get lost among big campaigns of nonprofits with larger budgets.

The most important words of your email?

Fundraising Coach

Writing the only part of the email your donors might see: the email subject line Is your inbox filled with holiday sales, year end reminders, and charity appeals? It can be challenging to make your own nonprofit's emails standout! The email subject line.

Words 67

The Magic Of A Great Thank You

The Agitator

In his post Addition by Subtraction in Non Profit Marketing (or how Coke’s brand would work as a non-profit) , Nick Ellinger of DonorVoice effectively points out that Coke’s success isn’t attributable to adding ‘new things’ Coke is successful because it took out what is generic. So what is generic for your nonprofit? One great candidate is the thank you letter. Nick asks, “Does yours say something like: ‘Thank you for making your generous donation.

All the Cool Kids Will Be Holding EOY Campaign Debriefs. Will You?

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Image source: p/4fUsNL. In a few weeks, the year-end fundraising frenzy will be over. Don’t forget one of the most powerful things you can do for your campaign – the debrief. And saying “thank you.” Always say that. So write that January “thank you” email spit spot!].