April, 2021

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for May 2021

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Don’t rack your brain trying to think of clever ideas for your social media updates, blog posts, or newsletter articles. These writing prompts can crush that writer’s block! These ideas come from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts email newsletter*.

May 256

How to Find and Work with a Nonprofit Virtual Assistant

Get Fully Funded

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and launching a successful fundraising campaign to fund a new, needed program is an extra set of hands. It may make sense to hire someone to give you that help, especially if that person has the skills you need and can work remotely.

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

J Campbell Social Marketing

Social media reach and engagement continues on a downward spiral, and it’s so important that nonprofits don’t rely on social media to reach their audience. . Bring on the email newsletter! Email is not dead, and it’s not going anywhere.

How to Handle Copyrights in Your Nonprofit

Foundation Group

The post How to Handle Copyrights in Your Nonprofit appeared first on Foundation Group®. Ask the Experts Education Managing a Nonprofit conflict of interest copyright intellectual property nonprofit

5 Training Tips for Multi-Functional Nonprofit Teams

Ann Green

Nonprofit training is the key to running a successful organization. Learn how to incorporate these tips into your training to make the most of your resources. By Matt Hugg. Training your nonprofit team is more important than ever.

3 Ways to Build Trust with Donors in a Virtual World

NonProfit Hub

How do you build trust with donors? These days, it can be easier to get the attention of thousands of little fish online than a few big fish right in your own pond. It’s the law of large numbers.

Trust 68

Does Your Nonprofit’s Website Have These Features?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you have been with us for a while, you know we just finished a HUGE website redesign. (If If you are new here, then “Hello!”). ”). We spent a good chunk of 2020 and into this year researching design trends, best practices, and the latest website bells and whistles.

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How To Successfully Launch A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

This post is a guest blog by Candace Cody of CauseVox. On April 27, Candace Cody of CauseVox and I will be holding a free nonprofit webinar: Digital Fundraising 101: How To Get A Fundraiser Off The Ground + Make It Successful – sign up and secure your spot!

What is Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome?

Foundation Group

The post What is Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome? appeared first on Foundation Group®. Board of Directors/Governance Management/Operations Managing a Nonprofit board of directors conflict of interest founder's syndrome nonprofit

Let’s Try to Stop Using Jargon So Much

Ann Green

Over the last year, we’ve seen many examples of real problems affecting real people. We’ve also seen more authenticity. So why are some nonprofit organizations still using jargon in their donor communication?

How a Brand Guide Can Transform Your Nonprofit

NonProfit Hub

Whether you’ve invested the time and energy into creating a brand guide , you have a brand. According to Jeff Bezos, it’s “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Brand 67

What Nonprofit Communications Directors Should Name and Own

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I use this quote from Thomas L. Friedman in my training all the time: “In the world of ideas, to name something is to own it. If you can name an issue, you can own the issue.”

How to Form and Use an Advisory Board for Your Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

A nonprofit Advisory Board can be a great way to engage key supporters with relevant professional skills, life experiences, and networks. But many Advisory Boards sit idle, with members not knowing their role and organizations not knowing what to do with the Board they created.

How to Stand Out In the Inbox – Email Marketing Mastery for Nonprofits

J Campbell Social Marketing

Brand new live training: How to Stand Out In the Inbox – Email Marketing Mastery for Nonprofits. How to get your emails delivered, opened, and read -and how to build a community anxious to hear from you! Enroll in Course for $47.

What Is A Group Exemption?

Foundation Group

The post What Is A Group Exemption? appeared first on Foundation Group®. Board of Directors/Governance Education Starting a nonprofit form 1023 Form 990 group exemption

3 problems with the major gift as carrot analogy

Fundraising Coach

Have you ever been about to ask for a major gift only to be warned about the carrot in the garden? It goes something like this: "Sure, you could ask them now. But it might be better to wait. You see, if you were to pull a carrot now, it might come up really small.

The 4 Stories Your Organization Should Be Able to Tell

Mission Minded

Learn about the four essential story types every organization needs to succeed, centering those you serve. The post The 4 Stories Your Organization Should Be Able to Tell appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Nonprofit Communications Storytelling

The Pandemic Pause: Can We Be Gracious When We Meet Again?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Tara Collins. Today’s post comes from long-time friend of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, Tara Collins. I love her plea for patience and grace as we begin meeting up again in person.

5 Website Features All New Nonprofits Should Know and Use

Get Fully Funded

Your website is vital to keep your nonprofit running by enabling you to connect with donors, volunteers, and members that provide needed support.

How to Build Trust Online as a Nonprofit

NonProfit Hub

With over 1.5 million charitable organizations in the US alone, NGO founders have a tough challenge presented to them. Not only do they need to launch an effective marketing campaign to attract charitable givers, but they also need to work on building trust.

Trust 62

State Nonprofit Compliance: Understanding the California Form 199 Filing

Foundation Group

The post State Nonprofit Compliance: Understanding the California Form 199 Filing appeared first on Foundation Group®. Education Filings Funding Managing a Nonprofit 199N California California Form 199 Form 199 FTB nonprofit compliance state compliance

How to Make Your Nonprofit Messages Stand Out

Ann Green

The average attention span for humans is a mere eight seconds. Goldfish have longer attention spans, but they lead much simpler lives and aren’t inundated with information the way we are. Goldfish pay more attention than humans (but goldfish can’t make gifts).

Mail 60

10 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Next Fundraising Video

Mission Minded

If you’re considering a video for your fundraising campaign, avoid these 10 mistakes to ensure your video leads to fundraising success. The post 10 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Next Fundraising Video appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Digital Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Fundraising Videos

Video 56

Tell Me Where Your Board Has Been Genuinely Helpful in Marketing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I’m often asked by the communications directors I coach about the relationship they should have with their nonprofit’s board of directors. Should they attend meetings? What marketing metrics should go in a board report?

Help 232

4 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Fundraising Campaigns

Get Fully Funded

Since the start of the pandemic, and even before that, nonprofits have turned to virtual fundraising to boost revenue and engage supporters in their mission.

How Can Leaders Support Boundaries?

NonProfit Hub

Boundaries are needed in many areas of our lives: finances, relationships, friendships, how we spend our free time, and how we spend our time at work. Establishing them and sticking to them can be challenging. But, like a moat around a castle, boundaries are meant to protect. .

Team 54

Social Shopping: The New eCommerce Revolution

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Social Shopping: The New eCommerce Revolution. Think about how big Amazon and Facebook are in their separate sectors and imagine what wonders it would bring if we merge them. That’s what social shopping does. The word “social” is essential when it comes to eCommerce.

Fundraising in the Black: 4 Accounting Best Practices

Fundraising Coach

Effective organizational management is imperative for nonprofits to be successful in achieving their missions. Today, Jon Osterburg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Jitasa, lends the knowledge he's gained helping over 100 nonprofits globally with their finances.

Newsletter: How Top Nonprofits Staff Their Partnership Teams ; 10 Sponsorship Request Letters Every Nonprofit Needs ?? ; This Beer Tastes Horrible (But It’s All for a Good Cause)

Selfish Giving

We had a great Cause Docs clinic last week on Engaging Your Board in Selling Corporate Partnerships! You can watch the replay here. What should we tackle next on Cause Docs??? Take my 2-question survey. 2-Question Survey. ?? Partnership Notes 1.

Hot Topics in May: Honoring Your Community, Social Media Strategies, Instagram Stories, and Mentoring

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s what’s happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide…. Online Training: The All-Access Training Pass.

May 214

Did You Meet Your Enrollment Goals? If Not, Take a Look at Your Brand

Mission Minded

If you missed your goal, by a little or a lot, your school will benefit from a strategic and disciplined effort to strengthen your brand. The post Did You Meet Your Enrollment Goals? If Not, Take a Look at Your Brand appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Independent Schools

Goal 52

Good Finds for Nonprofits: Engagement Communities

NonProfit Hub

Each week we’ll bring you a new resource that we think could revolutionize the nonprofit sector—or at least your workweek. It may be an app, platform, podcast, or product that will help you do more good.

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Connecting Social Media Efforts to Your Website

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Connecting Social Media Efforts to Your Website. Do you want to make the most out of your Social Media efforts? See how your Nonprofit can make sure that your followers are also visiting your website and donate.

URL 52

How You Can Create a More Engaging Nonprofit Newsletter

Ann Green

In theory, a newsletter can be a great way to engage with your donors. In reality, that often doesn’t happen because most donor newsletters can be used as a cure for insomnia. They’re too long and filled with boring articles that brag about how wonderful the organization is.

Newsletter: Competing Caterpillar Cakes Spark Retail War for Charity ; Perfect T-Shirt to Get Vaccinated in Benefits Great Cause ; The Era of Corporate Political Responsibility is Upon Us

Selfish Giving

????The Cause Docs ?? are back TOMORROW at 2pm EDT. Joining us are Nanette Fridman , President of Fridman Strategies, Inc. and Melissa Radin Goldstone , Founder of Freestyle Strategy.

8 Things I Found Interesting in the 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The M+R Benchmarks Study for 2021 came out late last week. I recommend you check out the full report for yourself, but these are the (sometimes random) things I found most interesting. The big one that just can’t be ignored was online revenue increased a whopping 32%.

5 Facts About Online Learning To Help Drive Your Nonprofit Training


If 2020 (and the beginning of 2021) has shown nonprofits anything, it’s that online engagement is real and it’s not going away anytime soon. This trend has affected your donor relations and online fundraising , but also your internal operations, such as educating and training staff and volunteers.