Tue.Jun 04, 2019

Enough with the Pointless Nonprofit Storytelling

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My favorite definition of a story comes from The Elements of Persuasion : “A story is a fact, wrapped in an emotion , that compels us to take an action that transforms our world.” Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman All of the five words I have in bold are essential to nonprofit storytelling success.

When you should NOT conduct face-to-face fundraising


Essentially, there are two types of face-to-face fundraising. When fundraising staff meet with highly qualified, major and or legacy gift donors and/or prospects; When part-time staff stand on street corners interrupting passersby asking them to give (I call this ‘street spam’).

ROI 130

A Few Common Donor Communication Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Ann Green

Some nonprofits do a good job of communicating with their donors, but many do not and that’s a problem. Mediocre or poor donor communication will hinder your success. If you wonder why your retention rates are floundering that may be the reason.