Wed.Sep 30, 2020

The worst way to start a conversation with a donor.


“Did you get the [information, brochure, or letter] I sent?” ” Has anyone really had great success starting an outreach call with this question?

What Managing Expectations Can Look Like

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

A lot of the conversations I am having with nonprofit communications directors can be lumped under the category of “managing expectations.” ” That includes expectations from your boss and coworkers about what you do — or could do — as the communications lead.

Team 172

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3 Ways Your Next School Strategic Plan Can Break the Mold

Mission Minded

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to strategic planning. To inspire your community to action, you need an inspired strategic plan! The post 3 Ways Your Next School Strategic Plan Can Break the Mold appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Independent Schools Strategic Planning

Newsletter: How to Grow Your Partnership Career ; Beer Brand Honors RBG with ‘When There Are Nine’; Nonprofit Content Marketing Should Help, Not Sell

Selfish Giving

I have some exciting news to share about tomorrow's Learning Club on personal branding and social impact career growth. To bolster our expertise on the subject - especially on the social impact career growth side - we've invited a special guest to join us.