Mon.May 02, 2011

The New Nonprofit Management 101 Book

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It’s a big nonprofit world, and it can get a little overwhelming and intense, especially if you work in a small nonprofit.

How do you turn an accidental donor into an ally? Part 1

Wild Woman Fundraising

Hey, ever wondered how to get more donors for your cause? What have you done about that? I’m reading a book right now that I think would help you find new donors and help them want to give to your organization. It’s called “Make your Contacts Count&# by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon.

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Track and filter live event hashtag tweets in 60 seconds

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This week’s “ Learn in 60 Seconds &# video demonstrates how to track multiple event hashtags in real-time and then filter them, also in real-time. The tool is Tweetdeck , which can be downloaded for free.

Plan Ahead with Your Proposals

A Small Change

Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to fund the new exciting idea that someone has. Other times it is valuable to take a step back and think about what your long-term plan is going to be. Many funders like to know that they are funding a project that is part of a larger picture. Other funders want the recognition that can come with funding your organization. It is important to know what kind of funder you are working with so you can plan accordingly.

6 Cause Marketing Promotions You Can Learn From

Selfish Giving

I’m always finding good examples of cause marketing on Twitter. I have a few open searches on Tweetdeck that capture most of them. The great people I follow on Twitter send me the rest. I had these seven cause marketing promotions saved in my “favorites.&#

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Growing Your List Audience with EmailNow

Fundraising 123

With EmailNow's audience features, you'll organize your recipients into groups, or segment them dynamically by location, demographics and more. You'll have a full menu of standard database fields to choose from (like name, email, city, state and others), and an easy, inexpensive way to add additional fields unique to your organization, audience or campaign.

Reflections on the storms

Get Fully Funded

Thanks to everyone who has been asking/texting/posting to make sure we’re okay following the devastating tornadoes last Wednesday. I’ll have to say, it was a very long evening. We knew for a couple of days that severe weather was coming. It started in earnest about 4 pm and we watched the local weather broadcast until nearly midnight, with one tornado warning after another. I’ll tell you, it was exhausting!

TODAY-How to Set Marketing Goals that Increase Impact – Free Webinar – 3 ET, Noon PT

Getting Attention

Join Kivi and Me for this Free Webinar. Today-Monday May 2-at 3pm ET (Noon PT). Learn How to. Set the Big-Picture Marketing Goals that. Take You Where You Want to Go! My friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller and I have heard so many of you say that your marketing isn’t all it could be. And worse, you don’t know where to start to fix it. You’re frustrated by how hard you’re working without generating the results you expect, and that your organization needs. Aargh!

How and Where Resources Exist to Keep One Step Ahead For Prudent, Conservative, and Effective Budgeting and Planning in the Rebounding Economy

Seeking Grant Money Today

It feels like one step forward, two steps back, and then another step forward, and so on. As the economy slowly recovers, it is difficult for nonprofits to plan out, budget for, and feel somewhat confident proceeding with fundraising. The safest bet is to remain conservative in one's financial estimates, continue to cut as much spending as possible, lessen expenses without negatively impacting the organization's mission and its goals, and to save. Even still, there are questions.

The Work

Mission Paradox Blog

I need guys like Steven Pressfield.    He reminds me (and maybe you) that the road to our dreams is long and the biggest obstacle is often ourselves. His latest book, Do The Work , is a guide for overcoming those obstacles.    It's an invaluable resource.    If you own a Kindle, or Kindle compatible device then the book is yours for free.    If you rather do a hardcover then it is well worth the money.

Four to Eight U.S. Research Consortia Being Created to Study Effects of Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill With Ten Year $500 Million Commitment

Seeking Grant Money Today

From The Foundation Center. For more information for this grant opportunity, click "Link to RFP" at the end of this blog post]. Deadline: May 9, 2011 (Letters of Intent) Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Offers Funding for Consortia to Study Effects of Oil Spill The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Research Board has released a Request for Proposals to establish four to eight research consortia that will study the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010.