Wed.Jan 13, 2021

Nonprofit Communications Planning for 2021 Master Class [NEW]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Nonprofits have lots of programmatic, fundraising, and marketing goals that are really just wishes – because there’s no solid strategic communications plan in place to make them a reality. But you can change that. We’ll show you how during our next Master Class on communications planning.

Class 161

Moving Away from Transactional Fundraising

Ann Green

Unfortunately, we’re looking at another tough year for fundraising. I’ve heard some people predict donations will decrease, while others say they’ll increase. In this era of uncertainty, who knows? That doesn’t mean you should stop fundraising. Not at all. You just need to do it better.


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3 Ways Your School Can Stand Out During this Virtual Admission Cycle

Mission Minded

The school that does the best job speaking the language of BENEFITS rather than FEATURES will rule the day this admissions cycle. The post 3 Ways Your School Can Stand Out During this Virtual Admission Cycle appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Independent Schools

Newsletter: Shelter Newsjacks Inauguration with 'Indoguration' ; Utah Jazz Score 3-Pointer with Action-Triggered Donation ; Are Charity Auctions Best Way to Get Everyone Vaccinated?

Selfish Giving

Since Christmas I've spoken to over a dozen nonprofits about a new offering I've been working on: The 2021 Corporate Partnership Checklist. This 9-point checklist reviews the critical things you need to act on in 2021 to be successful with corporate partnerships.

Utah 52