Thu.Apr 05, 2012

How can you tell a story to engage your donors?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Day 3 of #12ntc. It’s INTENSE. I’m so fascinated by the sessions. Today I’m at the “Say It In Pixels: Visual Storytelling” talk. Here’s what I’m gleaning from the presentation. Ask yourself “What makes people lean forward?” ” What’s the Anatomy of a Story? Inciting Event , identify problem and introduce hero, 2. Climax , send hero out into the world,The Revealing process. Don’t give out the lead right at the top.

In Defense Of Serious Fundraising Dialogue

The Agitator

You’ll recall that yesterday I did a post on the NTEN conference. The purpose of the post was NOT to draw attention to the conference itself, but to the research released around it that might be helpful to FUNDRAISERS. A number of Tweets signaled that we’d hit a nerve, but for the life of me I can’t see that it’s a nerve that matters. What does interest me is that I now see why, so far, the use of social media is virtually worthless as a fundraising channel.

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Cause Marketing Puts Eyeglass-Maker Warby Parker in the Big Time

Cause Related Marketing

Warby Parker , which uses buy one-give one (BOGO) cause marketing as a key element of its positioning and marketing has officially hit the big time. Investors and the business press are taking note of the company’s 500 percent growth in 2010. Since 2010 Warby Parker has sold stylish spectacles for $95. For every pair you buy the company gives a second pair to someone who needs them.

Nonprofit Technology Conference: Mobile Rules, Pinterest Drools

Selfish Giving

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]. In this episode of Cause Talk Radio , Megan and I talk with Frank Barry , Director of Digital Strategy at Blackbaud , about this week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in San Francisco. We discuss what the hot topic is this year at NTC – mobile technology – and surprisingly what’s not – Pinterest!

Radio 13

Increasing Member Retention for Associations

Non Profit Marketing 360

Growing retention in an association takes a lot of energy from all aspects of your operations. Marketing typically gets the brunt of the responsibility for attracting new members and keeping them engaged, but a true retention strategy contains efforts from all disciplines inside the association. No one department can be responsible for the full engagement of a member. Once a member is a part of your organization, they touch customer service, communications, member services, events, etc.

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#HOWTO: Tumblr’s Advanced Features Won’t Overwhelm Ease Of Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

We have been working our way through Tumblr now for a few weeks in the hopes of inspiring you and your colleagues to consider creation of a Tumblr presence for your nonprofit. Tumblr got going in 2007, and really took off a couple of years later as twenty-somethings found in the platform a sweet spot of posting stories longer than those allowed by Twitter but short and quick enough to make sharing a breeze. Since then, organizations ?