Wed.Sep 20, 2017

How Nonprofits Can Use Text Messaging

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Alexa Lemzy. Have you tried mobile fundraising or contacting your supporters via text? Alexa Lemzy shares some ways you can get started in today’s post. Kristina. Guest Post by Alexa Lemzy. Texting is one of the most effective ways to communicate to a large number of people.

3 simple ways fundraisers can improve their LinkedIn profiles to land more meetings and raise more money


Most fundraiser’s LinkedIn profiles are screwed up! They look like resumes, not invitations. After all, are you trying to raise money or are you looking for another job?

The Mediocre Borrow. Genius Steals.

The Agitator

Rarely does The Agitator fully reprint other blogs. But, in the midst of what seems an unending string of natural disasters and heartbreak, punctuated by Apple’s tsunami of product hype over its latest iPhone X, it’s time for some humor — and perspective. Time to steal.

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