The Domain Formula for Donor Newsletters

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In the 1990s, a Seattle fundraising shop called the Domain Group took the garden-variety donor newsletter, stripped it down to its components, and began testing … to see if they could come up with something better. Domain had its hot rod. Domain … or the highway?

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Did NGO Fundraising Help Kill the Poppy Seller?

Social Media Bird Brain

asks data domain names fundraising hubspot infographics NGO nonprofit tech for good Olive Cooke ONG pensioner poppy powerpoint privacy Small nonprofitRoyal British Legion Poppy Appeal (image via Wikipedia) This story was startling and disturbing on different levels. Here we had a lady who had volunteered as a fundraiser for decades for a charity that was dear to her heart because it was a tie to her first husband, who died in WWII.

Should we have a new non-profit-only Internet domain?

Giving in a Digital World

I attended an interesting meeting last week, along with folks from a few other charities and non-profit-related organisations, to hear about the plans in place to introduce new Internet Top Level Domains ( TLDs ) to add to those you’ll already know –,org, etc – and in particular to discuss what benefit might come from introducing a new non-profit-only community TLD.

Should we have a new nonprofit-only Internet domain?

Giving in a Digital World

I attended an interesting meeting last week, along with folks from a few other charities and nonprofit-related organisations, to hear about the plans in place to introduce new Internet Top Level Domains ( TLDs ) to add to those you’ll already know –,org, etc – and in particular to discuss what benefit might come from introducing a new nonprofit-only community TLD.

#INTERVIEW: Jeff Brooks, Nonprofit Blogger, Author, and Creative Director

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NPM360: Tom Ahern raves about the Domain Group formula for newsletters and he keeps saluting your role in it. JEFF: We were doing mostly direct mail at Domain, and sometimes a client would say, could you do a newsletter for us?

#Communication: SOPA & PIPA Bills Are Dying, But Not Dead

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If a suspected site brought under SOPA, the accuser has the authority to change or block its DNS ( Domain Name Service ). Yesterday, a couple of the most used and best-known websites on the internet willingly shut themselves down: Wikipedia and Reddit.

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EveryAction's 8 Most Useful Nonprofit Resources of 2015


We saw the introduction domains, the first Star Wars film in a decade, the dress that divided the world, and the biggest #GivingTuesday yet What a year! With just 5 days to go in 2015, let's look back on the year.

One Lesson from the #iGiveLocal “Give Local America” Fiasco

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Here’s the lesson: It would have been so much easier for individual nonprofits if they had set up a redirect with their own domain name, like or used a link shortener like Bitly and distributed that link (not the Kimbia link!)

To,ong, Or Not

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Last week the Chronicle of Philanthropy pointed out that beginning March 17 th charities around the world are eligible to register for website addresses with the additional domains of.

Why your nonprofit’s URL matters

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The same can be said for your nonprofit’s domain name. Having an easy-to-remember (and difficult to mess up) domain name can help supporters quickly find your organization online and reduce confusion when you’re telling folks about your nonprofit on the phone, in person, or in print. Marc Pitman of offers these tips on choosing a good domain name : 1. The new domains will be available early next year.

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4 Donor Newsletter Changes to Increase Donations

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Here are 4 of his donor newsletter hacks taken from The Domain Formula : Your donor newsletter should be no more than 4 pages. ” Need proof that The Domain Formula works? Thinking of axing your donor newsletter because it costs more than it’s worth?

Successful Link Building Strategies for Nonprofits

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Websites with domain are reserved for government institutions, while sites domains are reserved for higher education institutions. Since these domains are reserved for these entities, they are more valuable resources of information and authority. Brian Honigman.

Why I Named My Website 'Selfish Giving'

Selfish Giving

Even then it felt like all the good web domains were taken! But, truthfully, you could still get many great domains with a vowel! Truthfully, changing my domain to a different name wouldn't have been that hard. I think this is the first Selfish Giving masthead.

Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

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Domain Registrar. A company that manages the registration of Internet domain names. Your domain registrar and web host may or may not be the same company. Mini-websites, with their own domain names, that are often created for specific campaigns.

Calling All Creative for Good Projects


Campaigns eligible can be across the domain of health, safety, education, the environment, community and social justice issues. How are you mixing art and science for good?

2 Places to Find the Best FREE Fundraising Resources in the Universe


Jeff Schreifels and Richard Perry (formerly from The Domain Group) teamed up to create Veritus Group : In Latin Veritus means true, authentic, not superficial. I love their stuff so I thought I should share their links.

How a war in Libya can kill your website

Fundraising Coach

When it comes to registering domain names, most people will choose top level domains like “ com,&# “ org,&# and “ net&#. My domain registrar, lists 23 other options. domain was taken down as a side effect of the war in libya (.ly

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Expert Advice about Online Newsrooms Part 2: From SEO to Analytics

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A permalink could include your domain name ( plus what’s called a slug, the piece of the URL that comes after the domain name. We’re back with more of L. Danielle Baldwin’s expert advice related to online newsrooms.

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Donor Newsletter Tips to Bring in the Dough

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Fundraising and direct mail expert Tom Ahern says to follow The Domain Formula. I’m not sure even Domain knew the “real” reason why self-mailers did poorly in tests. Photo Credit: p/awjJJg.

My mistakes of 2015

Wild Woman Fundraising

I didn’t test the paypal button at first and got my domain marked as spam. Then I had to buy a new domain and try again. It’s a tradition for me to tell you all of my mistakes at the end of the year. Catharsis? Confession? Just simply TMI? You tell me!

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How Much Is Spam Hurting Your Online Fundraising? [New Study]

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Domain reputation. EveryAction just released their annual Email Deliverability Study which answers that exact question. Let’s start with a few basics about email deliverability, and then we’ll break down the report.

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5 Tips for Choosing Your Nonprofit URL

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Getting a memorable domain name is a very important step in online fundraising. Donors often check out an organization's website before making a gift, so putting thought into your domain name can help you raise more money. Your domain name is your best advertising sound bite, so make it work for you. But can make for a confusing web domain. Numbers in a name-"4" instead of "for"-can look cute in a domain name.

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Need help in creating a central list of mobile government websites in Canada

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Once this list grows, I’m thinking of posting it under an easy public domain such as ,which I just purchased, stay tuned… Thanks for your help! As you likely already know I’m a strong advocate of anything mobile, especially given how much time I spend on the road. I’ve been asked quite a bit lately to provide examples of Canadian mobile government websites.

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Don’t Get Suckered By This Facebook Myth

J Campbell Social Marketing

If you don’t post this message, any statuses you post or any pictures you upload onto your account becomes public domain and can be used by Facebook without permission.

Calling All Creative for Good Projects


Campaigns eligible can be across the domain of health, safety, education, the environment, community and social justice issues. How are you mixing art and science for good?

Learning About Email at #15NTC

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Domain reputation. 19 When I go to the Nonprofit Technology Conference, I try to attend sessions that will be helpful to our readers back home who couldn’t make it to the conference.

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Integrating Social Data into Decision Making (5 Free Tools)

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

And while admittedly most of actual complex data mining is happening behind the firewalls of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon , there are numerous free tools available that allow you to access a good chunk of this data, since much of it is in the public domain.

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How to prospect and qualify major donors with Jeff Scheifels- Free Webinar

Wild Woman Fundraising

Jeff was the senior strategist at Domain Group leading a team that executed strategic plans and direct-response marketing for clients such as, Feeding America, Arthritis Foundation, the Salvation Army; among many others. Are you wondering where all of the major donors are hiding?

Catty Faux Cause Marketing from Church and Dwight

Cause Related Marketing

It’s not like ICANN, the official registrar of top-level Internet domain extensions, checks anyone’s nonprofit bona fides before allowing someone to register a dot-org domain name.

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Need Inspiration: Go To SOFII

The Agitator

But I urge you to stretch yourself further and look for well-conceived fundraising campaigns outside your immediate domain as well. Every fundraiser worth their salt should be monitoring their competition — other nonprofits operating in the same (or related) mission space. It’s a pretty safe bet that your donors are at least occasionally reading their stuff. Maybe it’s more inspiring. More creatively presented. Better marketed from a tactical standpoint.

Why Deleting People from Your Email List is a Good Thing

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To help protect us all from spammers, the email companies track the sending reputation of IP addresses and domains. Kristina and I are on the verge of deleting about 10,000 people from our email list here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

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Welcome Shared Services Canada

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I hope all federal government email addresses will have “ as the domain regardless of department. It’s official !

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INTERVIEW: Getting more major gifts with Jeff Schreifels

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Then I went to work for a company called The Domain Group based in Seattle that did direct response fundraising for large nonprofits all over the country, and I did that for 11, 12 years and just absolutely loved it. Hey, everybody. Welcome.

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Ways to publish a great essay in forty minutes during the examination?


In the event you proceed through a variety of the prominent essay writing service testimonials online, you will know why our service is thought of as one of the very best from the domain of college essay writing service. Ways to publish a great essay in forty minutes during the examination?

Trends That Will Shape PR in 2018

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In an era plagued by charges of “fake news”, the influence of trusted brand domains and recognizable journalism is more important than ever. What can PR professionals expect in 2018? Despite the accelerated pace of change, new directions don’t always announce themselves with great clarity.

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Six Different Kinds of Nonprofit Blogs

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They can be hosted on personal domains or on organizational domains, depending on the mix and just how much influence the organization will have over the content. I first published these six categories of nonprofit blogs way back in 2008. But I think they still work today, four years later. As I said back then, I certainly think you can mix and match blog types, and I bet most successful blogs do.

A long overdue call to action on cyber-bullying

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get your parents to buy your domain, use consistent usernames, fill out your personal social media profiles responsibly, learn about your privacy settings, etc…). I watched Amanda Todd’s tragic video message today.

5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing - A Guest Post By Paul Chaney

Diva Marketing Blog

Claim Your Domain Name. If you aim to develop a personal brand, it's important to have a domain name that uses your name (i.e., Diva Marketing's 12th Birthday celebration continues with a very special post written by the first blogger I met IRW (in the real world) -- Paul Chaney !

The Cause Marketing Script

Cause Related Marketing

Current theory from Professor Ronald K. Mitchell at Texas Tech suggests that the people most likely to be a success at entrepreneurship are those who understand that there is an ‘ entrepreneurship script.’ I contend that there is also a script in cause marketing.

MIND YOUR MICROCONTENT: 8 Little Bits That Can Make a Big Difference In Your Next Email

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Master them all to rule your email domain. Photo credit: p/7R6ZER. microcontent. Small groups of words that can be skimmed by a person to get a clear idea of the content of a web page or email.

Want more attention for your cause? How can you create a popular blog?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Getting your domain and hosting. How to find public domain images that boost sharing. Have you ever wanted to get more attention for your cause? Are you wondering how to get more attention without spending more money?

What Life Looks Like 8 Years after saying Goodbye to My Fundraising Job.

Wild Woman Fundraising

When you consider what domain name to buy, what twitter handle to get, how to start building your brand, these are all things that an stem from your key differentiator. 8 years ago, I walked out of my fundraising office for the last time.

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How to Create an Engaging Newsletter Your Donors Will Want to Read

Ann Green

Follow The Domain Formula For Donor Newsletters. I’ve written several posts recently about the importance of staying in touch with your donors throughout the year. Some of you may be saying, “We do that because we have a newsletter.”.