6 not-so-conventional tips for working from home

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It’s been quite interesting reading the influx of posts about people adapting to their new reality of working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a consultant running my own business, I’ve been working primarily from home for over a decade now.

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The Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Today’s webinar in our Nonprofit Communications Check In Webinar Series focused on well-being at work and we talked a lot about boundaries. Kivi has shared a few posts in recent weeks on how you can stop being a doormat at your organization.

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How to Recognize and Manage Different Work Styles

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Pacific) Carson Tate , author of Work Simply, will join us for a FREE webinar – Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style. During the webinar, Carson will discuss how to prioritize your work based on the way you think and process information.

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Permission-Based Marketing

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Many nonprofits treat them like they are the same strategies, and while they do work together and overlap a lot, they are different marketing approaches. The sweet spot is when these two strategies work together.

4 Steps to Work Through Collaboration Problems

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Where is the value to others in collaborating in a different way? You are trying to change organizational culture and instill new work habits in people. And here are simple rules for how to get work done faster and more efficiently. There’s a big difference.

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Somehow, 2018 Feels Different

Selfish Giving

2018 is only a few hours old and it already feels different to me. I have a few commercial projects that we’ve been working on which represent some wonderful design opportunities and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Ann Green

Spend some time going through your records to get information about your donors and segment them into different groups. Here are some ideas for segmenting your lists and ways to personalize letters for different donor groups. After all, they should be passionate about your work.

Like You’re Talking to a Friend (Do It Differently: Part 2)

Getting Attention

Welcome back to our new Do-It-Differently series , featuring fresh ideas from the field. Results to Date—It’s Working: Many donors have already contacted me to share their appreciation for our friendlier, more inclusive messaging.

How Content Marketing Is Different – The Terminology

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It’s the difference between “interruption” marketing tactics that scream “Look at me! Inbound marketing works on reporters too! On Tuesday, I shared a Theory of Change for nonprofit marketing.

Different Ways to Design an Editorial Calendar – Group Project!

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Here’s how this will work. The goal is to get as many different versions of this thing as possible, so all different formats are welcome! How would you show internal deadlines for those different stages?

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What I Commit to Doing Differently

J Campbell Social Marketing

I’m ready to do the work, imperfect as it may be. . People I have worked with, I have learned from, and I have collaborated with. . That is important work. . For me, working in the nonprofit sector has always been political. Our new reality is looking very different.

The difference one can make

Get Fully Funded

One person can make a big difference in the lives of others. Today I want to share a story about being on the receiving end of the difference one person makes. It was like they were speaking two different languages. What’s the difference one person makes?

Six Different Kinds of Nonprofit Blogs

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

But I think they still work today, four years later. what works and what doesn’t) and helping us “see the light.” Create a storytelling blog where you share lots of anecdotes about the people you are helping, the partners you work with, the volunteers and donors who help you, and the staff and board who keep everything moving forward. If you want to capture your staff’s passion for their work without having an “official blog”.

Let Your People Do the Talking (Do It Differently: Part 1)

Getting Attention

Our first post in the 2016 Do-It-Differently series, featuring fresh ideas from the field. Traditionally, our ED produced all year-end content, reviewing the past year’s work and impact. Thanks to Renee Thompson, director of philanthropy, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

What Is Content Repurposing? A Strategy That Can Help You Work Less AND Get Better Results [$20 Webinar Tomorrow]

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We rarely produce or publish a resource unless we know we can use it in a few different ways. As a two-person company who puts out a lot of content, we really believe in repurposing. Not only does repurposing save you time, it just makes good marketing sense.

How to Use the Different Kinds of Heated Hair Rollers

Non Profit Marketing 360

These different heated hair rollers work on specific hair types and curling needs. The Different Types of Heated Hair Rollers and How to Use Them. These work best on shoulder-length and longer hairs and are exclusively designed using tourmaline technology.

The difference between wealth screening and wealth appending


We’ve found that donor surveys work best and I directed the development of the most powerful and most used donor survey platform in the world (employed by the most respected charities and institutions worldwide). I want you to cultivate a relationship with me so I can learn how I can make a difference using my wealth to essentially purchase empowerment.” The post The difference between wealth screening and wealth appending appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

Thinking Critically, Thinking Differently

A Small Change

Some of the terms we used were different than the terms they used, and it helped to talk from both perspectives. As nonprofit professionals, we have unique and sometimes different perspectives because we are inside the organization. We often know what the actual obstacles are to making a difference, not just the perceived obstacles. Related posts: Talking About Religion: Going Deeper Ask Out Loud Interdisciplinary Work What Motivates Giving?

Why the difference between “we” and “they” is so tremendous?


That’s also where her husband used to work. And now, the difference between we and they. That’s when I realized that the difference between “ we ” and “ they ” is a substantial one. The post Why the difference between “we” and “they” is so tremendous?

More About the Difference Between Buying and Donating…


I said that I think the problem with fundraising is that nonprofits think fundraising is “different” from other forms of marketing and sales when it isn’t. Decide that it’s time to end the old ways that aren’t working.

Marketing Your Cause to Millennials—What Works

Getting Attention

Guest blogger, Chapin Cole is a proud Millennial who works in nonprofit development in the California Bay Area. Just like any other generation, we come with some similarities from our upbringing, but for the most part, other parts of our identity make a big difference in our approach to life.

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Why your fundraising stories don't work

Fundraising Coach

But if you're working hard to create the best fundraising stories exclusively by talking to your staff, these data points and healthcare acronyms will dominate your talk. For libraries, most donors I've worked with aren't concerned about "literacy."

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When Everything Is Going Great at Work #NPCOMMLIFE

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

When things go right we tend to react in two very different ways – get cocky and complacent or think we just got lucky. The post When Everything Is Going Great at Work #NPCOMMLIFE appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. While we know a lot of you are completely overwhelmed or stressed by your job, we also know a lot of you are out there kicking butt! Your campaigns get attention. Your advocates make change happen.

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3 things you can do when fundraising is no longer fun and you want a new job.


Some try it and go back to working for a nonprofit. Get a different position or leave the sector entirely. . Turnover. If you’ve been in fundraising for any length of time you probably already know that turnover is a problem in the sector.

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The Big Difference Between Marketing and Fundraising and Why It’s Important

J Campbell Social Marketing

The two should be working together and not at cross-purposes, but they require completely different strategies and unique skillsets. Fundraisers need to be more strategic and more thoughtful in their work.

Why you need to know the difference between your donor’s implicit vs. explicit needs


Sure, that might have worked 25 years ago, before you had the technology to understand what each of your supporters was thinking. But that isn’t how it works today. Know the difference. Too often fundraisers make assumptions about what donors want.

Millenials aren’t really that different!

Fundraising Coach

Millenials aren't really different. Millenials aren't very different. Stop freaking out about how "different" the Millenials are. I love the work of William Strauss and Neil Howe, like their book "The Fourth Turning." Charities just haven't been paying attention!

Three Ways to Overcome Decision Fatigue in Your #npcomm Work

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I make what feels like a million decisions in managing work and family, and it’s exhausting. There are so many different approaches, so many different “best practices” and not enough time or resources to work through them all.

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Doing things differently in government

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

A few simple examples of things I have learned to do differently over the last 2 weeks: floss with one hand. What everyone should be thinking about is how they are going to do things differently to achieve the same (or better) results given their handicap (i.e Untethered offices: If employees were trusted to work from home during morning rush hour alone, that would potentially save millions. Two weeks ago I managed to seriously fracture my humerus bone.

My Simplest Explanation of How Engagement Fundraising Works


I’ve been talking about this for about 10 years (ever since I revamped my marketing agency to only work with nonprofits). The post My Simplest Explanation of How Engagement Fundraising Works appeared first on MarketSmart.

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How MarketSmart Works With Partners


People often ask me, “How does MarketSmart work with partners (allies) to help nonprofits lower costs and increase revenues?” So, today I thought I’d explain how we work with consultants, consulting firms, direct marketing agencies, CRM software companies and others. So why should nonprofits and charitable giving be any different? Do you work for a CRM or other software company?

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Decide How You Are Different, Be It, and Forget the Rest

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

” My dream for your nonprofit is that you decide what you are really all about — what makes you different — and that you be that organization, and forget the rest. Yet even though we all know that, most of us spend a tremendous amount of effort trying not to be different.

Are You Making A Difference?

The Agitator

For many people, the value they find in what they do (after the pay raise and reputation gain) is whether they are actually making a difference. Are they improving something — their product, service, work culture, community, the world?

Massive geographical and cultural differences in online sharing

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Cultural differences –> When comparing the two extremes of Saudi Arabia (61% sharing) to Japan (4% sharing) using Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions , a noticeable difference can be found in the “Individualism vs. Collectivism” dimension.

Work Our Audience-Driven News Climate

Getting Attention

But today it’s a different story—Increasingly, audience interests shape journalists’ decisions on what’s news. How YOU Can Work this Trend to Benefit YOUR Organization. Thanks to guest blogger Mollie Katz, Multimedia Strategist at Mollie Katz Communications.

Annual Report How To: A Different Way to Present Your Print Report Online

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But creating an HTML version from scratch would take days of work. What’s different about this method? The key is that it uses HTML in a different way—each page is a large JPG image. She is happy to be working on behalf of future spiritual leaders at RRC. . Eileen Fisher.

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STARTS TODAY – Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work

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Measuring the effectiveness of your nonprofit communications work is hard. Join us tomorrow for a BRAND NEW webinar series: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work. Don’t let the idea of measuring your work intimidate you.

What Type of Communications Team Works Best at Your Nonprofit?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

How the communications strategy is developed, and how the workload is created and managed day to day, is very different in each model. That has major implications for the effectiveness of your communications work, depending on your goals.

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Interdisciplinary Work

A Small Change

Pull in someone who works with your database to talk about how to segment your approach with different donors. We all work with donors in a different way using methods and techniques that illicit different responses and information. Your introverted staff will have a different kind of conversation with a donor than your extroverted staff. We all benefit from a diversified approach to our projects and donors.

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Work Your Small (Case Study: Meals on Wheels)

Getting Attention

million marketing budget funding the work of three departments and 13 staff members. Now, just over two years later, I find myself at a much different organization— Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland—working in a much different way. I am working hard to develop a low-budget marketing program that engages each audience segment. And my plans are based on what I know works in our region—community events, not multi-million dollar ad budgets.

Learn Storytelling from NBC’s Making a Difference Reports

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I’m a regular watcher of the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (usually recorded – it’s part of my nightly wind-down routine), and one of my favorite segments is Making a Difference. It works!

The difference between goals vs. quotas for major gifts and planned gifts fundraisers


Here’s the difference between a goal and a quota. And they work like hell to achieve them. The post The difference between goals vs. quotas for major gifts and planned gifts fundraisers appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. I am a big believer in setting goals with my staff, not administering quotas. When we sit down to set goals, I prefer to collaborate with my staff, not dictate activities to them.

Goal 100

4 Tips for Subject Lines That Work

Fundraising 123

In a sea of emails, it helps to be a little different. Revamping your subject lines with these simple tips can make a big difference in your email open rates. Subject lines are more important than you might think. On average, at least 100 emails flood your constituents'' inboxes every single day. That''s a lot of digital noise to shout over, which is why your email subject lines need as much TLC as the content inside.

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