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It’s our most popular download of the year: The Annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. We also ask several personal and organization demographic questions to look for any interesting differences in the sector. Take the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey now.

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Hispanic Trends

The Agitator

Pew Research, my favorite source for US demographic and attitudinal trends, analyzes and publishes heaps of data on the US Hispanic population. demographic trends latinos premium

Can’t Fight The Demographics

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That said, one can’t deny the demographics. Tags: Boomers Don't Miss these Posts charities demographic trends direct mail direct marketing email marketing fundraising media usage new media nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising social networking

Last Chance to Help Us Design the 2016 Trends Survey

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In the next week, I’ll be finalizing the questions for the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey, so we can start taking your responses on Monday, November 2. Trends

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Marketing To Changing Demographics

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Here is a terrific set of resources dealing with changing US ethnic/cultural demographics … and how marketers should adjust. Says Mizrahi: “The most important thing is the internal discussion of what are the possible consequences of this demographic shift. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research communications demographic trends fundraising latinos nonprofit management nonprofits

Donor Trends For 2015

The Agitator

Last week, Fundraising Success ran 4 Nonprofit Donor Demographics Trends for 2015 in which four fundraisers offered their prognostications. It looks like we’re having a trend in sustainer giving. Communications Demographics Media usage / trends premium Actually, most of the comments were more about the future in general, as opposed to 2015 per se. I love to bounce my own speculation against other crystal-ballers, so here goes.

Demographics Of Social Nets

The Agitator

Expanding on an Agitator post of several weeks ago, here’s some fresh demographic data on social net usage from Harris Interactive. Meanwhile, in our very own Agitator spot poll (which you can still take here ), 46% of respondents consider Twitter to be a "killer app" with great importance to nonprofits; 32% regard Twitter as marginally useful to nonprofits because of its demographic skew; and 21% regard Twitter as important as skywriting to nonprofits.

Week of Freebies, Day 3: Reserve Your Copy of the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

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Our Nonprofit Communications Trends Report has become the “go-to” source for what’s REALLY happening in the world of nonprofit communications and fundraising. Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year where we show our readers some love with some FREE goodies. .

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Best Of The Agitator – 2015 – Trends and Predictions

The Agitator

From the resurgence of direct mail to a direct mail flop, with trends and predictions for the future of fundraising in between, the tastes of Agitator readers proved to be far-ranging. Here’s our wrap-up of the most read and shared Agitator posts of 2015.

2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends That Affect You—Part 1

Getting Attention

I have an annual ritual of digesting annual marketing trends and predictions to translate them to nonprofit relevance and share out with you. Today I’m looking at HubSpot’s 20 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2013 & Beyond. More trends to come in the next days!

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5 Trends Reshaping Nonprofit Sector

The Agitator

On the Social Citizens blog , I came across a new study — Convergence: How Five Trends Will Reshape The Social Sector — that looks at trends the authors believe will reshape the nonprofit sector. Their assertion: “The nonprofit sector is at an inflection point that will fundamentally reshape it long after the recession, when surviving nonprofits find themselves in a new reality — not just economically, but demographically, technologically and socially.&#.

Hispanic Trending

The Agitator

Lately I’ve added another source to my daily email feeds … Hispanic Trending. Hispanic Trending, the work of marketing consultant Juan Tornoe, compiles a handful of articles from various sources each day that give insight into the Latino community — everything from political dynamics to "what’s hot" for Hispanic consumers. Tags: You Deserve a Raise demographic trends latinos research

3 PR Trends You Need to Adopt in 2018

Selfish Giving

Below are three trends that should be on your list to implement in 2018. Other thought leaders might also possess the ability to target different demographics, extending the company’s reach.

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CSR Execs on Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019 [SPONSORED]

Selfish Giving

To that end, instead of just giving you our opinion on what is evolving and trending in CSR for 2019 and beyond, we went to the professionals living that work every day. It features many insights and takeaways around eight 2019 trends. Give special attention to the foundational “trends.”

Demographics of Social Network Users (and Other Audience Research)

Social Marketing and Social Change

Tags: Media Trends Social Media Audience Research Demongraphics Internet USe Social Networks Twitter

How Often Should We Email, Mail, Post.

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Of course, the right answer for you depends on many factors, especially your goals, the demographics of the people you are communicating with, and your relationships with those people. Social Networking Trends

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Partisan Purse Strings

The Agitator

Demographics Fundraising analytics / data Media usage / trends Mobile marketing and fundraising Nonprofit management premium

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4 Trends That are Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Marketing for Nonprofits

There are 4 trends in particular that I highlighted, which will enable us to ENLARGE the donor pie. They are: Embracing the changing demographics of our country.

Make Your Websites Friendly to Seniors (a.k.a. Donors)

Non Profit Marketing 360

Aging Community Design Major Gift Marketing Nonprofit Philanthropy Research Technology Web and Print Web Design Baby Boomer demographics elderly Jakob Nielsen nielsen Nielsen Norman Group research Seniors trends United States Usability Web usability website

More On Millennials: 6 Ways To Entice Them.

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Communications Demographics Direct mail Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Integrated fundraising and marketing Media usage / trends Online fundraising and marketing Research premium

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How Does Your Donor Behavior Compare To Canada?

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Boomers demographic trends direct mail direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising Hot Research online fundraising premium An excellent review of the donor landscape in Canada has just been released by fundraising agency hjc and Blackbaud.

Fresh Opportunity For Direct Mail Fundraisers

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Until now, our urgings have been based on the demographic realities of a shifting national population, with Hispanics growing in both numbers and purchasing power. demographic trends direct mail latinos premium No direct mail isn’t dead. It’s the workhorse, delivering by far the preponderance of individual donations, at least in the US. Still, if you need some encouragement about the future of direct mail, read on.

Boomer Bonanza … Deferred

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Boomers celebrities communications demographic trends fundraising planned giving premium

Obama 89

Ode To Age

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Acquisition Boomers demographic trends Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising research premium “Not long ago, the best way to get young people to donate was to wait thirty years.”

Aging 94

Fishing For The Same Fish?

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Looking specifically at the US now, I’m thinking about the shifting demographics of the population, and asking: Are changing demographics markedly decreasing. Acquisition demographic trends Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising nonprofit management research premium

Your Donors Are Old! Celebrate!

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Boomers database marketing demographic trends direct mail direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising Hot Research mobile advocacy online fundraising social networking telemarketing premium

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Burning Questions Nonprofit Communications Pros Have

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That’s why every year we put together the Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey to ask the questions you have about your work. Take the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey now. Take the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey now. Trends

Making The Most Of Your Agitator Subscription

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Many Agitator have been with us for our entire 10 year history. Many others are recent subscribers, and there are lots of folks in between. AND … some readers haven’t yet subscribed. You can remedy that egregious oversight right here.

The Fundraising Long View

The Agitator

But it’s the nation’s demographic trends — reported here by Pew Research — that most strike me in terms of impact on future fundraising strategies. How soon will this demographic shift matter to your organization?

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Don’t Forget the Port-A-Potty

The Agitator

Communications Demographics Fundraising analytics / data Integrated fundraising and marketing Media usage / trends Nonprofit management Online fundraising and marketing premiumThe Agitator pays little attention to event fundraising. Probably it’s because Tom and I are a bit past our prime marathon days. Additionally, for the fancier events we long ago exchanged our too-tight tuxedos for ‘relaxed fit’ jeans.

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Latinas Have The Purchasing Power

The Agitator

demographic trends Don''t Miss these Posts Hot Research latinos premium That’s not a typo. Hispanic women are the growing powerhouse of consumer spending in the US.

WANTED: VP of Video Game Fundraising

The Agitator

Communications Demographics Innovation Integrated fundraising and marketing Media usage / trends Uncategorized premiumChances are your organization doesn’t have a fundraiser in charge of video game fundraising. Does this mean you may already be missing out on some pretty big bucks and an even bigger future? I ask the question only because of the remarkably meteoric rise of online recreational gaming and its fundraising potential.

A Changing Fundraising Marketplace

The Agitator

Despite presidential candidate histrionics, Americans should be proud of the nation’s immigration history … and its demographic future. And in the next fifty years, if current demographic trends continue, future immigrants and their descendants are projected to account for 88% of the US population increase, or 103 million people, as the nation grows to 441 million. Demographics premium


The Agitator

I stumbled upon a planning report from ad agency Young & Rubicam that offers nine social trend predictions that Y&R believes marketers must address. communications creativity demographic trends fun premium None of the predictions relate specifically to fundraising, but I think you’ll see some implications here. Besides, it’s Friday … time to stretch your brain a bit beyond all that fundraising minutiae. Here are Y&R’s predictions.

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Is Your Nonprofit Going The Way Of The GOP?

The Agitator

List brokers and telemarketers — urged on by their clients of course — apply ‘zip selects’ and ‘demographic selects’ to ‘optimize’ returns based on affluent areas … indirectly targeting the white population.

The Next America

The Agitator

The book is grounded in boatloads of well-organized data about America’s shifting demographics and the cultural and political attitudes of our various population segments, as well as their economic prospects, gleaned from the extensive studies of the Pew Research Center. Boomers communications creativity demographic trends Don''t Miss these Posts Hot Research pew internet project premium

The Agitator vs The Chronicle

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Acquisition Boomers branding communications demographic trends Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising premium Yesterday Roger wrote , in effect, ‘Get real fundraisers, to raise money, focus on Boomers and older.” ” Indeed, I once heard Roger comment that funeral directors don’t try to sell burial plots to teenagers … they patiently await their market!

Agitator Cliff Notes: What’s Next?

The Agitator

Behavioral Science Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Demographics Donor Centricity Donor Identity Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising philosophy/profession Innovation Integrated fundraising and marketing Media usage / trends Metrics Nonprofit branding Nonprofit management Research Social media Starting Over Uncategorized premiumI wanted to find another book to talk about today. But the problem wasn’t finding a book; it was narrowing it down to just one.

50 Shades Of Gray

The Agitator

This trend should raise questions for fundraisers concerning the ‘gray’ set. database marketing demographic trends direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts donor retention fundraising nonprofit management premium Shame on you for even thinking The Agitator would go there. Instead, the headline was triggered by the fact that the divorce rate among folks 50+ has doubled in the past 20 years.

Pew Looks At Asian Americans

The Agitator

demographic trends Don't Miss these Posts fundraising pew internet project researchWe’ve been featuring Pew Research’s insights into America’s Hispanic population lately.

Adults Increase Social Net Use

The Agitator

Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research communications demographic trends media usage new media online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishingPew Research is reporting strong usage of social networking sites by US online adults.

Pinterest Primer for Nonprofits


The demographics of Pinterest–82% females with higher education and income levels–hold a lot of promise for nonprofits. Uncategorized bestpractices content freetools pinterest sharingknowledge socialmedia trendsFlickr: stevegarfield.

Mobile Marketing

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communications demographic trends email marketing media usage mobile advocacy online fundraising online publishing research social networking premium Marketers (maybe more accurately, market researchers) love to create new consumer segments to spin theories about. I can’t resist this stuff, just out of intellectual curiosity … and sometimes I actually pick up an insight.