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4 Things to Tell Your Boss When They Demand More Facebook Fans

J Campbell Social Marketing

The post 4 Things to Tell Your Boss When They Demand More Facebook Fans appeared first on J Campbell Social Marketing. No, no, no.

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An exciting era of supply and demand apps

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Keep in mind that most of these companies merely provide a streamlined process that matches consumer (not business) supply with consumer demand. Insight Mobile Review airbnb apps cherry exec getaround hyper-local parking panda rover spinster supply and demand taskrabbit toolspinner uberCaveat Emptor applies as always.

No-Charge Training: Move People to Act Now w/One-Page Plan (Feb 5 & On Demand)

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Register now, seats are filling fast. And you can watch at your convenience if you can’t make it live. But don’t leave it up to chance.

Feb 21

Week of Freebies! On-Demand Webinar: How to Build a Donor Communications Plan That Will Make Them Fall in Love

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Happy Holidays! We love our readers and think you deserve some goodies. Appreciated. Included. In the know. So you become their favorite. Newsletters.

HATE your job? You are not alone. Join us on April 7th.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Ways to demand dignity at work. ">How I was having this conversation with someone on twitter. And I realized it had been a long time since I talked about jobs that you hate, bad bosses and rankism on here. And there are like, SO MANY things to say about this! So, let me ask you this. Do you watch the clock and wait til it’s 5pm?

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Creating Demand

Mission Paradox Blog

   Peter Drucker, a legendary management guru, said that a good business creates demand. All the evidence points to a simple conclusion, the arts are not creating demand.  We are building more and more organizations to serve the existing, shrinking , demand for what we do. Consider the following facts: 1. 

Demand Question Time!

A. Fine Blog

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Create a Marketing Team with Your Staff and Board (Even If They Don’t Know) [Free On Demand Webinar]

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We’ve published another tips and advice page on our website! Advice and tips on managing a marketing team. (If

5 Steps to Messages that Close the Gap when Demand Exceeds Donations

Getting Attention

Here are five steps to stronger messages that will help close the gap when giving lags behind demand: Ask! Keep your tone matter of fact.

18 Ways You Can Demand Dignity at Work

Wild Woman Fundraising

“To have a name is to be,” said Benoit Mandelbrot, the inventor of fractals. As “sexism” gained a foothold, men’s desire to avoid being labeled “sexist” caused them to modify their treatment of women. Likewise, the desire of perpetrators to avoid being labeled rankist will make them think twice about insulting the dignity of subordinates.

How to stay competitive in your fundraising career

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here are the hottest, most in-demand skills around the world: Cloud and Distributed Computing. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.

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Why You Should “Go Short” With Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

FREE On Demand Webinar. Learn how during this free 60-minute On Demand Webinar: Go Short with Your 2016 Annual Report. Re-usable content.

The Real Key to Stimulating Arts Demand

Mission Paradox Blog

but what I want to focus on is Issac's post  on whether there is even enough demand for the arts to make a fictional bailout worthwhile.   I'm going to think about demand for the arts in two ways, long term demand and short term demand. Remarkable art is what increases demand.

Are You Sure There is Demand for What You Do?

Marketing for Nonprofits

Have you validated that there is demand for what you do? It is possible to create demand. She wanted my advice on how to find customers.

DON’T Tell ‘Em What to Do: Message Mastery

Getting Attention

When you demand your audiences take action, you’ll fail every time. I’ve rarely seen a bigger message fail than this one.

Downturn FREAKOUT! What are your options?

Wild Woman Fundraising

What to do? Image by Redivious Photography on Flickr.

Yes to Multichannel BUT Mix Depends on Audience

Getting Attention

I recommend you read the entire report and share out your top-ten findings and implications for your org with colleagues and your leadership.

ACTION! 61 Words & Phrases for Email Advocacy Campaigns

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Demand that X acts. Sending a petition, pledge or other advocacy call to action to your email list? Get Your Pass Now! SUBJECT LINES. Act Now.

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How Communications Directors Can Get CALM

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

There’s a great need and desire for creativity and timeliness, but limited resources also demand a well-considered and thoughtful plan.

Communicate NOW on Govt. Shutdown Impact (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Here are a few of the most effective models I’ve seen: From Organizations Facing Increased Demand for Services. Anyone know?

Are you ready for the 24/7 donor?


Or are you stuck using a traditional, slow-moving demand funnel that is static and generic? ” I agree. The 24/7 donor is here. Tweet This!

Show-Not-Tell Message Power (Case Study: Breast Cancer Action)

Getting Attention

Breath this in deeply. It’s a strong model of that golden communications rule: Show, Don’t Tell. See post in full size here.

Help! My boss doesn’t listen to me!

Wild Woman Fundraising

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Our Town—Teens Mobilize & Message

Getting Attention

Watch the video here. But I’m thrilled that this group of girls has mobilized to protest this code and punishments. And they know how to message!

Change! Nonprofit Marketing Jobs

Getting Attention

Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits. Assistant Social Editor ProPublica (New York, NY).

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Health Care Social Media Review #14: Health Literacy Gems and Treasures


Patient demands. photo by Robin M. Ashford. We are all patients. Health Literacy Coming of Age. What’s in a name? Taking steps forward.

Are You A Short Order Cook/Fundraiser?

The Agitator

” In other words, how much of your work last week was focused on meeting a short-term deadline or ’emergency’ or ‘crisis’ or demand from the boss? Very often, marketing guru Seth Godin’s briefest posts are his most penetrating. His recent Short order cooks rarely make change happen is a good example.

True or False? A Quick Guide to Understanding Journalism Ethics

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I should demand a correction. We should demand a retraction. At the very highest level, the rules are simple. be fair to your sources.

Thirsty for Online Fundraising Data? Check Out the Luminate Online Benchmark Report 2016

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The ever-changing algorithms of ISPs are demanding increased quality, driving the trend for slimmer by more engaged lists. Email is still gold.

Breakdown In Trust Is A Good Thing

The Agitator

The result of this failure manifested itself most recently in the massive outcry—and consequent demands for “reform”— in U.K.

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Another Benefit to Cause Marketing: Better Supplier Pricing

Cause Related Marketing

As such, the cause marketing pledge makes the firm''s input demand much more sensitive to supplier pricing. This increased sensitivity to pricing persuades the supplier to charge a lower price so as to boost demand for its input. per lid redeemed. They also advise companies not to make their cause marketing universal.

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The Year Of The Nonprofit Video

The Agitator

Here is a fascinating look at the already hot nonprofit videos of 2014. ” Nonprofits … innately emotional and engaging?

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What Sets Great Fundraisers Apart?

The Agitator

on the theme of “What Sets Great Fundraisers Apart” Consider these tantalizing story titles: 9 Ways Charities Can Help Fundraisers Succeed … Young Fundraisers Are Ambitious And Impatient But Need Training … and I’m sure the most tantalizing to Agitator readers — Charities Scramble Over In-Demand Fundraisers.

Cone Study: Cause Marketing is Wicked Popular

Selfish Giving

Here are some highlights from the study: Consumer demand for cause is at an all-time high. 54% of U.S. … Keep reading.

What is your biggest fundraising challenge?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

We recently asked our nonprofit Learning Center community about their biggest fundraising challenges. How to Make the Case for Giving.

The 6 things you must know about the science of persuasion

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Scarcity - Perceived scarcity fuels demand. If you have never read the classic book Influence by Robert Cialdini, you really should. Go here.

What Do You See In Your Crystal Ball?

The Agitator

“Expectations of funders and supporters alike are changing , and are more demanding. Over at the UK’s 101Fundraising, Matthew Sherrington has bravely shared his thoughts on the changes and trends he thinks will affect fundraising over the next five years or so. Two in particular resonated with me.

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3 new phrases/concepts engagement fundraisers need to know


These phrases/concepts are important to know and understand if you want to succeed in today’s demanding fundraising environment. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I coined the phrase “ engagement fundraising ” in 2013. Here’s my first rant on the subject. Tweet This! Tweet This!

4 Keys to Successful Fundraising in 2012

Get Fully Funded

’ Over the past few years, many nonprofits have faced a withering economy, nervous Boards, and more demand for services. They will demand (and get) the best from their Board, their staff, and their volunteers. As we look to a new year, it’s time to start thinking about what 2012 might hold for us. Invest in themselves.

4 Keys to Successful Fundraising in 2012

Get Fully Funded

’ Over the past few years, many nonprofits have faced a withering economy, nervous Boards, and more demand for services. They will demand (and get) the best from their Board, their staff, and their volunteers. As we look to a new year, it’s time to start thinking about what 2012 might hold for us. Invest in themselves.