Customer Loyalty is not Customer Retention

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One popular application of a customer retention strategy is a loyalty campaign or loyalty program. Just about every business has one, and we love to see our customers completing loyalty programs that truly drive their customers to new levels of engagement. But too many times a loyaty program is seen as the basis for a customer retention program not a supplement to a strategy. Lets look at a few areas of customer retention that loyalty programs do not address.

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Want Better Payoffs From Your Donor Communication? Start Customizing It

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Now that these different kinds of donors have been identified, as retained, new and lapsed donors, the next step is to explore customization of your marketing communication to address specific needs of these identified segments. Somya Qureshi.

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There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Hey, now that I think about, I could use more of those two myself… Time and money are the most valuable resources in the world , and for nonprofits the impact of having more of either can be immeasurable.

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Using Cause Marketing to Better Keep Customers for Life

Cause Related Marketing

Those uncharitable feelings aside, I think there’s some lessons for using cause marketing to better keep customers for life. What the My Hearing Centers is doing with their cause marketing here is meant to tap the lifetime value of customers.

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Making Money on the Side Part Two

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you want to make money on the side? How do you get more money without exhausting yourself? This post talks about how to find out what your potential customers would want, making a website, and how to become a nonprofit consultant.

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#SocialMedia: Netflix Continues To Harass Loyal Customers-If Anyone Cares

Non Profit Marketing 360

A couple of weeks ago, the entertainment-streaming service Netflix realigned its offerings to give customers the choices of having a streaming-only service, a DVD-only service, or a combination of the two – all at a notable price hike from last September’s more modest rise.

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Do You Love Your Customers?

The Agitator

“Do you love your customers?” It’s a big mistake to view and treat your customers (aka donors) as the means to an end, he argues. Says Godin: “In a free market with plenty of information, it’s very hard to succeed merely by loving the money your customers pay you. ” asks Seth Godin in a recent post.

Nonprofits: Create “customer pathways” to build loyalty


Wheeler talks a lot about AHA’s growing customer focus, both the methods it employs to understand customer needs and how it uses that information in designing programs and communications. The goal— very satisfied customers. flickr/eggonstilts.

Cause Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

Cause Related Marketing

Not surprisingly those 10 compete on price, rebates, add-ons, promotions, and customer service. My many astute readers are probably asking where the money comes from for the marketers to be so aggressive. The customers churn a lot.

Do You Love Your Customers?

The Agitator

“Do you love your customers?” It’s a big mistake to view and treat your customers (aka donors) as the means to an end, he argues. Says Godin: “In a free market with plenty of information, it’s very hard to succeed merely by loving the money your customers pay you. ” This advice about properly loving customers reminded me of a recent comment by Tom Ahern in his newsletter , after also citing Godin.

How Small Nonprofits Can Raise Money on Facebook

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s what your tab can look like for a specific project (it looks a little different if you are fundraising for the organization overall): Here are a few other changes: You can now set up a customized thank-you note that will go out automatically to your supporters.

How to Customize Blackbaud TeamRaiser to Run Successful Events


TeamRaiser is a great system that enables organizations to raise money for worthy causes. Screenshots of the customized search page on an iPhone. Thinking about how the process can be simplified for your willing participants will result in stronger recruitment and more money raised.

Are fundraising tricks and gimmicks worth doing?


Some pages were dog-eared so I flipped the pages and found this gem: “The smart salesperson never thinks of selling as a battle or of customers as enemies to be beaten. A customer whom you’ve beaten in this way will get out, get even, or do both.

Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

Diva Marketing Blog

Social (media customer) service" and the "social customer" are impacting how business is being conducted and will be conducted. Customers want to know they matter. Customers want to engage with people who want to build trusted relationships. The Social Customer.

Where is your target audience spending money?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This is not only a way to see what people’s disposable income is, but a way to sense how money could be redirected to your nonprofit. Perhaps you could make a custom field in your database to rank each kind of donor, to even more effectively speak to their needs and wants.

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Playing With House Money in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Namely, that when it comes to philanthropy people love playing with house money. Tripadvisor , the big travel website that aggregates opinions and reviews is offering a little house money for you to use at Kiva, the lender that provides microloans primarily in the developing world. But people who took Hoffman up on his offer also invested $417,000 of their own money in recipients. million (some of the money was recycled).

We’re In It For The Money

The Agitator

Of course the fact that apparently had no plans to tell current clients of its change in direction and its current customers learned about it only through leaked internal documents hasn’t help dampen the drama.

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Cause Marketing 101: 5 Tactics for Raising Money from Businesses

Fundraising 123

This isn't about companies giving you money. Cause marketing raises money and raises awareness because you are gaining access to your partner's most valuable asset - their customers. . The ideal place is a busy store where customers normally pay cash, but cannot tip employees. This is one of the cheapest strategies, but one of the most lucrative ways to raise money. It's very customer friendly.

Grow your email list without spending money


They invite their customers to join them in some sort of action on your behalf and ask them to join your email list, with a link to your website email signup form.

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Making a living without a job-An interview with Barbara Winter

Wild Woman Fundraising

For example, when I started my fundraising consulting business, I taught art classes out of my car port for extra money. He said, I have never felt so appreciated as I do now from my customers. Her first customers were her mother’s friends. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody.

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Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

Wild Woman Fundraising

” That’s right, nonprofits are putting all of that pressure on one person, and it needs to be about everyone helping the organization make more money, in whatever capacity they can. It’s like a company with only one salesperson and no customer service people.

Raising Money After Disaster, Tragedy: Two Resources

Selfish Giving

I had a front row seat to the Boston Marathon bombings and watched as businesses – with their customers and employees – contributed millions to the victims. Yesterday on the For Momentum blog I wrote a post on How Businesses Should Respond After a Tragedy.

Employee Fundraisers: A Better Way to Raise Money from Businesses

Selfish Giving

Of course, a top question was how to squeeze more money from the company checkbook. That's peanuts compared to how much you can raise from employees and customers." They want to raise money in their own way.

Are you tired of your tiny wage? (How to make money on the side)

Wild Woman Fundraising

Here’s how you start to get money on the side. Research and get to know your customers. How to find customers? Stay tuned for the next installment of how to make money on the side tomorrow! Are you living on credit? Are you making MUCH less than you deserve?

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Who will listen to the dead?

Wild Woman Fundraising

All there was was money. Everything became money, and money became everything. Money treated us as if we were things,and we died. Money moved in October 2011: More than 5 Billion And who knows about November? How to Move your Money. Join Us.

Ep205: This Waste Disposal Company Gives Nonprofits Trash Bags Full of Money

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to James Mitchener , Marketing Manager at Waste Industries , about the Full Circle Project , a customer-driven fundraiser that to-date has donated nearly $1 million to charities in nine need areas.

Raise More Money From Businesses with Donation Boxes

Selfish Giving

Donation boxes – also called coin canisters – are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to raise money from businesses. The action happens at the register after customers buy something and they drop a few coins, or a buck or two, into a donation box. Sometimes the cashier gives the shopper a nudge – Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing coin canisters donation boxes finagle a bagel Kangaroo Express USO

What Life Looks Like 8 Years after saying Goodbye to My Fundraising Job.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Having some money saved up will REALLY help you. It’s hard to focus sometimes, and if you JUST do one sort of fundraising, you’ll be more of an authority that people will be willing to spend money on. 8 years ago, I walked out of my fundraising office for the last time.

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Interview with Jamie Turner, Author of How To Make Money with Social Media

Diva Marketing Blog

In the past decade, along came the internet and with that new ways to connect with customers in a digital environment. How do you make money with social media?" . After all, businesses don’t do social media to be social – they do social media to make money.

How To Check Out: Reading the magazine covers in the grocery line

Wild Woman Fundraising

” And maybe even ask, “When I’m alone, and quiet, and sitting by myself in a quiet room, and I ask myself what really matters, Is it money?

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How to make a splash! Marketing Your Nonprofit Educational Programs

Wild Woman Fundraising

How can you make your program sound like it’s worth real money to a nonprofit? You do have to write some sales text that establishes the problem in the beginning, citing sources, and then talk about how your webinar helps your customer find a solution to that problem.

Cause Marketing Limits Raise More Money

Selfish Giving

As [marketers of causes] approach people with $10,000 or $100,000 in the bank, this fear of not seeing a limit is very real, and if it’s not confronted, they will fail at both raising the money and generating satisfaction for the donor.

Raise more money online with a great headline


That’s starting to sound like real money! It’s based on the methodology of “solution selling”, where the sales professional first seeks to identify the customer’s pain, and only then attempts to address it with their product/service (framed as the “solution”). If you could change just one thing on your website’s donation page and get a 50% lift in the conversion rate, you’d probably do it in a heartbeat.

3 Proven Ways to Raise More Money with Charity Checkout Fundraisers

Selfish Giving

Nonprofits and businesses that run charity checkout programs are always asking me how they can run a more successful program and raise more money. Here are three strategies that are guaranteed to raise you more money. Ask the Customer to Make a Donation.

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ATMs Giving Money to Causes

A. Fine Blog

Alas, it wasn’t true, rather Wells Fargo Bank had the following message on their ATM screens last month: The bottom line is that customers of Wells Fargo generally made (and can continue to make through April 15th) donations to the Red Cross for victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

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Newsletter: Raise More Money at Checkout; Valentine's Day Cause Marketing ; Best Place to Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Selfish Giving

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently ran an article on raising more money at the cash register. Checkout charity fundraisers raise big money. Now Patagonia wants to get its customers actively involved in its advocacy endeavors. Don't go where the money is.

How can you make your impact last?

Wild Woman Fundraising

This presentation is by Alexander Osterwalder, and I like it because it tackles the idea of wanting to do good but wanting to make money at the same time. We know what nonprofits are. We know that nonprofits depend on a good vision and service model and fundraising to continue their work.

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What we learned about multichannel fundraising from raising money at year-end


Here’s why: We saw a big surge in direct mail donors going online to make their gifts, including the use of custom URLs. Although it seems like eons ago, our team at Mal Warwick | Donordigital is still taking stock of what the year-end giving trends mean for our client programs, and for nonprofit fundraising as a whole.

KFC, Dairy Queen Show Nonprofits How to Raise Money at the Register [VIDEO]

Selfish Giving

Store managers volunteered at a Salvation Army to see firsthand where the money they raise will go. Customers won’t support the program unless you ask them!

Are you trying to get sponsorships?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Show them how your branding will influence consumer behavior to get them more customers and more cash. Are you looking for sponsors for your next big event? Fundraising Rockstars can help you. Here’s a little peek about what’s inside.

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