Generating Leads By Combining Identity and Programmatic Outreach

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If you’ve been reading this week, you probably already have guessed that a priming statement like “we thought you might be interested because of how hangnails have affected your life” increased preference for a communication (which translates to response rate, CTR, etc.)

11 Digital Marketing KPIs That Every Nonprofit Should Be Tracking


This will give you a good idea of how effective the website is (generally) in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and if people are interested in your cause. Email CTR is a good indicator of the quality of your email content, and, again, of your email subscriber list.

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Google Giveth and Google Taketh Away

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For those who weren’t reading search engine marketing news over the holidays, instead spending “quality time” with “family” and “friends,” there was an earthquake for nonprofits who use Google Grants. But the massive change is this: Google now requires you to have a click-through rate (CTR) of 5% instead of 1%. (Lest I get into rant-ish territory again, I’ll simply state that for-profit advertisers are not being held to the same standards and leave it at that.).

Paying to Acquire Advocates

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Google Grants have been severely curtailed (I don’t know about you, but to get to 5% CTR on my accounts, I had to switch from scalpel to cleaver).

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The Ultimate Guide To The Google Ad Grants


This means £8,000 every month to spend on advertising in Google’s search engine results to greatly increase your visibility, website traffic, and, hopefully, donations. A user searches Google. Search results are displayed. Archives. by Zoe Allen.

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The Joys of Google Grants, Part 2

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Surprise, surprise, a lot of people were searching on keywords like "register to vote" in September and October, and we got our highest numbers yet. and had a CTR was 2.17% and a conversion rate of 4.40%.

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