How to Raise More Money from Matching Gifts Using Email and Social Media

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Matching gifts are an easy way to boost fundraising by earning free money, and we’ve got the tips to help you increase donor awareness through social media and email. Sure, you can get creative and make fun videos or GIFs, but matching gifts tend to be pretty vanilla information to share.

With a BIG event, it’s all about the little things.

A Small Change

Let’s face it, our signature events are a really big deal when it comes to strengthening relationships with our existing support base, as well as acquiring new giving relationships. I’ve recognized how important it is to differentiate between the desires I have for an event (lots of people giving lots of money) and the goals (recruit 75 Table Captains & secure 10 business sponsorships). Galas. Extravaganzas. Auctions. You insert the action here – A-thons.

Affordable New Tools and Strategies for Online Activism | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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These tools are still evolving, but they offer some powerful functionalities and opportunities for creating creative campaigns to recruit and mobilize activists on a very limited budget. Creative use of these free tools can bring tremendous value for small nonprofits.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery. Each year, the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is the nonprofit industry's signature technology event, and 2018 will be no different. It's finally here!

4 Nonprofit Tech Tips to Boost Online Donor Engagement Rates

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Get creative with your post-donation follow-up strategies. Send out donation-specific calls to action, put a donate button in your weekly email newsletters, and even include a link to your donation page in employee email signatures. Guest post by Wauker Matthews.

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Reader Favorites to Power Up Your Nonprofit Communications in 2010

Getting Attention

This Creative Brief Template Helps Ensure Powerful Copy and Design . Taking the time and energy to craft a thorough summary of your goals, preferences and needs for a writing or design project will save time and money, and ensure you get the results you envisioned. Nonprofits' Most Missed Marketing Tool -- Email Signatures. This year saw the explosion of social media, online video and mobile content.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Emily Roush-Bobolz

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We discuss how our Creative Director will make a promotional video since he’s in D.C. We’ve been raising money for our Helping Hands program to provide emergency assistance to those living with bleeding disorders who need help. Emily Roush-Bobolz.

Why Email? Reasons to Love Email Marketing

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Place sign-up forms on your website, blog, social media sites and personal email signature. Also, use the personalization tools in email to creative effective warm messages. Save money by moving your marketing online. And if accounting isn't your problem, think about this - time is money. With the right email marketing service, like EmailNow , you can create powerful, effective branded messages that get the results you want.

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Re-Brand?

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It’s something you use every day, on practically everything – your website, business cards, email signature, and lots more – and everyone will see it: donors, partners, sponsors, members, volunteers, and clients. Julia Reich. Guest Post by Julia Reich of Julia Reich Design.

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My First Nonprofit Job

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I had not yet returned to school to get degrees in politics (BA) and public policy (MPPA), and was just looking for an interesting and meaningful way to earn some money to pay for my creative projects and take a few cinema classes here and there. Confession: I was not the best at getting those checks, although I did get many signatures. I didn't last long as a canvasser, but I did eventually get better at asking for money.

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7 ways to thank a donor

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If these letters and phone calls don’t seem to make the top of the priority list consider some creative ways to make it easier on yourself. Never send a letter with two signatures. A letter with two signatures is impersonal. Learn how you can set up a brand new fundraising program, or re-tool your existing fundraising, to raise serious money for your cause. Share and Enjoy: Other Possibly Related posts: Are there creative ways to publicly thank donors?

Newsletter: Free Webinar on Measuring Impact ; Pinpad vs Cashier Smackdown; What is the 'Patagonia Way'?

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with a signature Marie Curie daffodil print inspired by Marie Curie’s iconic emblem. CSR "The more it invests in its beliefs and its products, the better Patagonia performs, develops creative solutions, and maps out a blueprint for other businesses, big and small, to follow.

Celebrating Generosity Day: How to Thank Donors

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Signature. Were they asked to donate by one of your donor champions who was running a race to raise money for your cause? BE SPECIFIC ABOUT IMPACT: Make very clear how you will use the money and tie that impact back to the solicitation that was sent.

Making the Most of Convio for Online Fundraising


While Convio has some powerful capabilities right out-of-the-cloud, we’ve implemented some creative solutions to raise more money online.

Guest Posting Part Deux: Max Gladwell and Mashable’s Summer of Good


They offer special tools and opportunities for charities to spread awareness of issues, take action, and raise money. And very often they are used to raise money. Social media provides almost limitless opportunity for being creative. Mass publishing.

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Guest Posting Part Deux: Max Gladwell and Mashable’s Summer of Good


They offer special tools and opportunities for charities to spread awareness of issues, take action, and raise money. And very often they are used to raise money. Social media provides almost limitless opportunity for being creative. Mass publishing.

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The Power of Zilch: An interview with Nancy Lublin

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It's called following the money and it's not a good idea. When you talk about "doing more with external people" and turning every contact into "brand ambassadors" what are some of the creative ways you've seen small, grassroots nonprofits do this?

8 “Pinktober” Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

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Second Standard: Does the program say exactly how much money the charity will receive – either in total or from each purchase with a projection of the total and any minimum or maximums built-in.

Fundraising tips to help your personal challenge go further

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Make sure your page communicates the reason you have chosen to raise money, and why you believe your project deserves support. Be creative! Promote your webpage The easiest way to do this is to add a link to your page into your email signature line. Whether you are raising money for a Global Village trip to Ethiopia, a new home for a family in Hamilton or a disaster relief project, share something about your cause and why its important to YOU.

A Halo for Winners, A Crown for Cause Marketing Forum

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The conference featured some wonderfully entertaining and informative speakers, and CMF honored some incredible businesses and nonprofits with their signature “Halo Awards&# for outstanding cause marketing. So I left the Cause Marketing Forum Conference thrilled that I had been there, happy that David Hessekiel decided seven years ago to start one, proud that I was involved with something so innovative, creative and, yes, charitable.

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