Creative Brief Questions: What’s Included in Yours?

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A creative brief is a quick worksheet that you fill out before you get started on any significant piece of communications work. You can also use a creative brief as a mini-strategy for how you’ll use a particular social media channel (e.g.

Making Room for Creativity

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Are you giving yourself time away from your work problems so that you can solve them more creatively? Yes, you need to stop thinking about them in order to actually get anything creative to happen. How can you build more space for deep and creative thinking into your work life?

3 big reasons why some fundraisers should not critique creative


Here at MarketSmart, we know that critiques of creative should be based in reality, drawn from experience, and aligned with an understanding of your target audience. The post 3 big reasons why some fundraisers should not critique creative appeared first on MarketSmart | . Recently one of our beloved clients critiqued something we thought she should do by saying, “Well if I saw that envelope I’d throw it in the trash!”

Creative Brief Boosts Support & Participation (Case Study)

Getting Attention

Today, I’d like to share one of the greatest challenges—Many smaller organizations, like mine, don’t have an explicit, documented process for creative workflow. But what I do know is that most of my career successes were built on the foundation of a documented creative workflow. Here’s how to put a creative brief to work: Document Your Outreach: Two Examples. Try a Creative Brief for Your Next Event or Media Op.

Calling All Creative for Good Projects


The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on “The Future of Media” is leading an effort to celebrate and amplify “ Creative for Good ” projects. Creative for Good. How are you mixing art and science for good?

Ideas to Boost Your Creativity

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This month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we presented a series of webinars aimed at helping you get more creative with your nonprofit communications, including using metaphors and humor. For now, here is a roundup of some recent blog posts to get you thinking more creatively.

Creative Strategies to Get the Media to Cover Your Next Event

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Find out what the media really needs before, during, and after your event with journalist and nonprofit consultant, Antionette Kerr, during her next webinar: Creative Strategies to Get the Media to Cover Your Next Event. Do you expect the media to attend your fundraisers or other events?

Creative Ideas for Nonprofit Writers for October and Beyond

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Blogging Content Curation Content Marketing Copywriting Creative Ideas E-Newsletters Ideas for Nonprofit Writers Nonprofit Communications writing prompts“Content is King,” they say.

How can you stay creative in fundraising?

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How can you stay creative in fundraising? Maybe it is true, that if you really want to get creative, take a nap! ” Glaser says, “ There’s no such thing as a creative type. As if creative people can just show up and make stuff up.

Making It Work – Nonprofits and Pro Bono Creative

Getting Attention

Welcome back to guest blogger, Susie Bowie, Communications Manager at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County … There’s an unexpected stranger standing at the intersection between nonprofit organizations and creative agencies offering “free” website, advertising or marketing services.

Creative Fundraising: The Groundhog Day Campaign

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Creative Ideas Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Writers Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Personality integrated marketingI’m always urging you to give something new a try, and to mix it up a bit.

Share Your Creative Ideas This Month

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I’m calling August “Get Creative&# month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide. I’m hosting the August edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and the theme is “Creative Ideas You Can Make Your Own.&# Please put “Get Creative&# in the subject line.

Being More Creative

Social Marketing and Social Change

How can social marketers put more creativity and innovation into their work to inspire and move people and communities to better health and improved well-being? Being ‘creative’ or ‘innovative’ doesn’t happen by simply giving people permission to do so.

Let the Calendar Inspire Creativity

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It’s Get Creative Month here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, and Lane Phalen, a board member with the TAILS Humane Society , shared one way that her organization has been getting creative to solve a common problem: More cats waiting for adoption than dogs. Customizing an adoption event specifically around black cats is a creative way to solve shelter population problems. How have holidays or events on everyone’s calendar inspired your creativity?

The 12 Things You Are Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking – Part 2

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Creative Ideas Nonprofit Communications Professional DevelopmentWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

The 12 Things You Are Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking – Part 1

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Creative Ideas Nonprofit Communications Professional DevelopmentWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

Be Creative.

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This is a BEAUTIFUL example of creativity at work in promoting a nonprofit - in this case the AARP. What are you doing to tell your story in a unique, empowering, memorable and creative way? Tags: creative Allison Fine online video

Creativity Killers

The Agitator

I’ve read heaps of academic literature and pop psychology on “creativity&# and where it comes from, whether it can be nurtured, what other traits are associated with it, etc. But here is one of the most concise and useful treatments I’ve seen regarding the blockages that can impede the creativity, at whatever level, of any of us … and how to avoid them. The article, 8 Bad Habits That Crush Your Creativity And Stifle Your Success , appeared on Copyblogger.

Quien es Mas Creative, You or Your Team?

Cause Related Marketing

Thompson’s insights come from her new book Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules for Breakthrough Collaboration. Who hasn’t been in a creative meeting that was dominated not by the people with the best ideas, but by the ones with the strongest personalities?

Great “behind-the-scenes” progress in 2013, now let’s get creative!

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

The above are all great positive steps in the right direction, however in my opinion 2014 should be the year we finally start to see some truly creative , original approaches for digital engagement in the public sector sphere.

What is creativity?

Sea Change Strategies

Creativity is: Embracing what you don’t know and asking the silly questions. Knowing the strategic box that your creative energy should fill. Creativity can be learned. Let’s be creative. Making up a job that didn’t exist before you had it — and now does. Changing your social circle to get new perspective. Pushing yourself to the edge of comfort. Yoking together two disparate ideas in a way that makes total sense. Making someone laugh.

Creative or Consistent? How About Both.

Mission Minded

If your organization creates campaigns year after year, you know the challenge: How do you make sure your creative stays true to your brand, while also bringing something fresh and new to the table?

Cause Marketing Creative that Leaves Me Cold

Cause Related Marketing

At I often review elements of cause marketing campaigns but I generally shy away from reviewing creative. That's because I don’t have a hardcore agency creative background. But the art part of the creative leaves me cold.

#INTERVIEW: Jeff Brooks, Nonprofit Blogger, Author, and Creative Director

Non Profit Marketing 360

He writes the Future Fundraising Now blog and is creative director at TrueSense Marketing. Jeff Brooks has been working on behalf of nonprofits for more than 20 years and passionately blogging about fundraising since 2005.

3 cool, creative, FREE communications tools for nonprofits


But this could be a creative, engaging way to issue event invitations or say thanks to your supporters, among other things. Creative Commons photo credit: marcmo Flickr/marcmo.

Creative messages stick!

Fundraising Coach

What can you do TODAY to creatively communicate your story? Cleaning my desk, I just found this “chew on this&# card from our local homeless shelter. I must’ve received it 4-6 months ago. In that time, I’ve thrown out more pamphlets and brochures than I can count.

New Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail with John Lepp

Wild Woman Fundraising

Webinar title: Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail. Meet John Lepp, one of the creative team at Agents of Good. Here’s a sample of that astonishingly creative letter. Webinar date: July 2nd, 2014. Webinar time: 1pm ET, 12pm CT, 11am MT, 10am PT.

Better Donor Communications, Or Creative Destruction?

The Agitator

Whether we are talking about self-regulation, requiring nonprofits to live a limited life span by law, or accreditation systems, we should be thinking about new ways to support creative destruction.

Grant opportunity with a creative twist

Get Fully Funded

Here’s a unique grant opportunity: Made possible by the CTK Foundation Philanthropic Fund and Grammy award-winners, Los Lonely Boys, The Heart and Soul (H&S) grant is an innovative and creative way for nonprofits to apply for funding. To apply for the grant, the organization must submit a 4-8 line poem (lyrics) that represents the “heart and soul” of their mission.

10 Ways to Creatively Ask Friends and Family for Money

Fundraiser Ideas

That is, until I started asking them in creative ways. Creative Way #1: Replace a Gift with a Donation. Creative Way #2: Host a Game Night Party. Creative Way #3: Provide a Service. Creative Way #4: Sacrifice for a Donation. Creative Way #5: Give Something in Exchange for the Contribution. Creative Way #6: Save the Change. Creative Way #7: Ask for Their Input. Creative Way #8: Make Something to Sell.

In Defense Of Creative

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This — mind you — coming from two creative whizzes who have written more than their fair share of long-lived control packages! Ironically, they wrote just as I was thinking how much more important strong creative might be these days. But after that, wouldn’t you think that standout creative has a huge impact? Were I seeking fundraising help these days, I’d want to see evidence of nothing less than inspired creative.

Why Creativity Is Not Like Running

Sea Change Strategies

Creativity is hard. But the difference between creativity and running — at least for me — is that once I start practicing creativity, the easier it gets. Here are four tell-tale signs I’m practicing enough creativity: My curiosity increases — “expert mind” becomes more child-like and inquisitive. And while creativity begets creativity, kick starting the creativity train can be tough. Running is hard every time — all the time.

How an Agency Should Evaluate Its Cause Marketing Creative

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Agencies care about achieving higher creative standards. But in my view what should matter most for agencies is the degree to which the creative they produced is aligned with the nonprofit’s goals and objectives. Or did they bring creative that won cheers from their peers and yawns from the nonprofit's stakeholders? How should an agency evaluate a cause marketing campaign it had a hand in creating? Agencies have their own unique gloss on evaluating the success of a campaign.

Agency 100

Try This Creative Resource

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The piece also reminds me of news we recently got from creative whiz Jeff Brooks, who some of you know as (former) writer of the Donor Power Blog. This is why you don't want two creatives in the room at once!]. Direct mail maven Denny Hatch recently wrote "They Forgot the Importance of ‘YOU’", a column in which he took the Obamas to task for their losing performances in trying to sell Chicago to the International Olympic Committee.

Another creative pledge/viral fundraising idea

Blue Sky Collaborative

Well Aware, a nonprofit in Austin, TX has come up with a variation on the a-thon fundraising model. In their "Shower Strike: campaign, they've asked people to form teams to raise raise $1000 to benefit Well Aware. Now here's the.

Viral 100

Creative Cause Marketing – Volunteer Match Challenges Stephen Colbert to Ice Cream Taste-Off

Getting Attention

But the creative team at VM didn’t stop there. A Cause Marketing Coup. If you’re a Target shopper and/or a Ben & Jerry’s (B&J) fan you probably know about Volunteer Match ‘s (VM) cause marketing coup.

How to Stay Sane, Creative & Productive: The Nonprofit Marketing Balancing Act – #11NTCbalance

Getting Attention

I have so much to do but don’t know where to start!

Get creative with marketing your nonprofit through social media

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So you have to get creative. It’s hard to find money for marketing. Check out these cheap or free ways to maximize your marketing presence. RESOURCES: Why have a feed reader? To keep track of what people are saying about your cause, your cause news and other news. You can also create a feed directly on your [.].

Are you as creative as Red Box?

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Share and Enjoy: Other Possibly Related posts: Creative messages stick! Yesterday, I got an email from Red Box asking me to take a picture of myself hugging a Red Box. Hugging a huge DVD dispensing box. Why haven’t I done this with my nonprofit?! This is a simple tactic of creating buzz.

Creative That Works For Social Media

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People want to have a reason to talk to each other; sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing what to talk about … if your advertising creative induces two people to start a dialogue … users will love you for it." Tags: Pushing the Creative Envelope branding communications creativity direct marketing email marketing new media online activism online advocacy online fundraising online publishing social networking