Do You Need an Appeal Letter Refresher Course?

Ann Green

Some of these organizations need a refresher course in appeal letter writing. Of course, you can make more than one ask a year, but first I need to be thanked, and thanked well, and hear from you regularly. You may have noticed an influx of appeal letters over the last few weeks.

New Free E-Course: 15 Days to Better E-Newsletters

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We’ve turned one of our popular programs on email newsletters into a new free e-course, delivered via (you guessed it) email. Subscribe to the Free Email Course Now.

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Of Course … The Landing Page

The Agitator

Yesterday we talked about what to test in terms of making email campaigns more effective. And I asked … What did we miss? Reader Dawn Stoner could have said … DUH! Landing pages. But she was more polite, recommending as follows: “Email landing pages!

15 Days to More Engaging, Inspiring E-Newsletters [Free Email Course]

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The email newsletter page allows you to sign up for our popular 15 Days to More Engaging, Inspiring E-Newsletters email course. Over 2,300 nonprofits have participated in this course that provides an email a day for 15 days.

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Stay The Course Or Step Change Fundraising?

The Agitator

Yes, there are some ‘uncontrollables’ that will influence your fundraising success in 2014 — consumers’ confidence about their economic well-being, major breaking events/tragedies (political or natural), and of course the extent to which you laid proper groundwork (or failed to) in 2013.

August Course Corrections

The Agitator

On the one hand, the fundraising year is almost two-thirds over. On the other hand, the ‘highest yield’ third of the year is just about to begin.

What’s Essential to Good Nonprofit Communications in 2017?

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What you get with an All-Access Pass : BEST PRACTICES – live webinars, expert coaching, e-books, webinar recordings, and e-courses on more than a dozen topics. Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesLittle black dresses and pumps. Blue jeans and flats. Cargo shorts and tennis shoes.

How to Ask for a Bequest…And Get It

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Fundraising Online CoursesWhy do organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests.

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Quit Wasting Time on a Failing Newsletter [Starts Tomorrow]

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Online Courses Print NewslettersAre you just breaking even (or losing money) with your donor newsletter?

Editorial Calendar How-Tos for Nonprofits [FREE WEBINAR]

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesStart off 2016 by bringing some order to your nonprofit’s communications chaos. We’ll show you how during our first training webinar of 2016. And it’s FREE TO EVERYONE! Join us for: Editorial Calendar How-Tos for Nonprofits.

How Can You Measure Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Success?

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Content Marketing Nonprofit Communications nptech Online Courses Online Marketing Professional Development Ever feel like you are just sort of flailing around at work , trying every last “best practice” and hoping you are somehow reaching who you want to reach?

Yes, another "favorite" list from 2010--but ours is THE BEST list of course

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What would an end-of year blog post be if it did not include some sort of list? And so, we bring you a list that while relatively abridged (we only have 4 items to share with you), is great food for thought as we close out this year and start to think about what the new year will hold for the nonprofit world.

What Type of Communications Team Works Best at Your Nonprofit?

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesAccording to our research, 75% of nonprofit communications teams are organized in one of four ways, based on how the workload for the team is created. We’ve labeled these teams: Integrated. Centralized. Internal Agency. CEO-Led.

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How Your Nonprofit Should Communicate to a Divided America

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Online CoursesNext week, we are hosting a brand new webinar on a very important topic: How Your Nonprofit Should Communicate to a Divided America. featuring Peter Panepento. Thursday, January 26, 2017. 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific). Registration is $50 or free with an All-Access Pass.

Rhode Island Golf Course Superintendents

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Many Rhode Island payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be even more troubling to know that the arresting officer deviated from the rhode island golf course superintendents a lengthy criminal record of has already been placed on probation or commits a new charge / crime. Double check your attorney''s calculations if you change your residency or move out of town the rhode island golf course superintendents as the rhode island golf course superintendents to trial.

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One Big Myth about Direct Mail Appeal Letters

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Copywriting Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesEach time we hold our Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits E-clinic , Tom Ahern and I have to help the participants overcome their pre-conceived ideas of what makes a great direct mail appeal letter.

[TOMORROW] Your Very Practical Beginner’s Guide to Online Fundraising

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Fundraising Online CoursesAre you tapping into the potential of online fundraising? Online revenue grew 19% in 2015 according to the M+R Benchmarks Report. If you are ignoring online revenue you could be missing out on a major fundraising tactic.

10 Reasons Why You Should Take My Public Speaking Course

Selfish Giving

That’s why I’ve decided to team up with to deliver my own public speaking training course , which will be grounded in my own experiences speaking before many, many audiences, including teaching public speaking at Penn State. (No,

Are You Mental? Of Course You Are

Social Media Bird Brain

This week didn't have to have a Friday the 13th in it for me to know it was going to be challenging. Dog sick. Car sick. As early as Tuesday, I knew I was in for it. But while waiting to hear from my dog's vet and my car's mechanic, I came across a couple of interesting items that might have some bearing on social communications, among other things in your small nonprofit world. Automatic Drive.

Want To Be An Online Fundraising Master?

J Campbell Social Marketing

They are offering a new online course, The Online Fundraising Masterclass – a 5 week course to help you raise more money online. Course starts May 12th, so get registered ! photo credit: Fosforix via photopin cc.

December is Over, but Fundraising Shouldn’t Be

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Online CoursesThe end of the year isn’t the only time to fundraise. A few strategic, seasonal campaigns can help you not only boost fundraising throughout the year but also help you test techniques, strategies and messaging for next December.

Editorial Calendars Increase Effectiveness – Learn How to Master Yours

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Editorial Calendars Online CoursesYou have too much content to create, too many communications channels to manage and too little time for any of it, right? The urgent overtakes the important. Priorities get lost in the chaos. You can’t get everyone on the same page. You are not alone.

Creative Strategies to Get the Media to Cover Your Next Event

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Online CoursesDo you expect the media to attend your fundraisers or other events? And once you get them there, do you know how to control the story they tell?

How Nonprofit Leaders Should Use Twitter

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NOTE: This webinar is NOT an “Introductory to Twitter” course. Online CoursesNonprofit leaders should be using Twitter! Becoming a thought leader or just a good ED or CEO means listening to and connecting with your constituents regarding your core issues.

Write Your Own Appeal Letter and Raise More [Starts Next Week]

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Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesIf you want to write a direct mail appeal letter that will blow your supporters away (and raise more money), join us next week for: Writing Successful Direct Mail Appeal Letters In-House. with fundraising expert, Tom Ahern.

Only the Best for You

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Find out what works with your communnications and learn how to chart a strategic, reasonable course forward. Nonprofit Communications Online Courses

July 26

One Free Way to Ramp Up Your Social Media Storytelling

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Nonprofits Social Media Storytelling free course social media storytelling storytelling summer school video trainingJoin me for a free 6-week training on social media storytelling, specifically designed for the busy nonprofit!

Turn Your Year-End Campaign Into Year-Round Success [Video]

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Content Curation Content Marketing Copywriting E-Newsletters Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Writers Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Personality Online Courses Online Marketing Print Newsletters Social Networking Storytelling

Want to learn what makes an incredible year end appeal?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Whether you are an old pro and just want some new tips, or you’re writing your appeal letter for the first time, you’ll find killer strategies and tried-and-true tactics in this e-course to take your appeal letter to the next level. Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Year-End Appeals E-Course gives you everything you need to make this year’s solicitation package the best ever – Starting right away you can. Why should you take this course now?

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Your Email Marketing and E-News Questions…Answered! [FREE WEBINAR]

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Online CoursesYou have questions about how to use email to engage your supporters. Kivi has answers. During our FREE WEBINAR next week, Kivi will answer: 30 Email Marketing Questions in 30 Minutes. Wednesday, April 5, 2017. 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. Pacific).

Jumping to another job? Where do you keep your brain?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Fundraising Rosetta Stone. Are you onto a new job? What happened to your old job? Your old nonprofit is going to get a lot of money because you were there, but you can’t take the credit for it!

Maximize the Post Gift Glow: The Art of Thanking Donors

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Online CoursesGiving to charity is the neurological equivalent of winning the lottery! So why do 3 out of 4 donors not make a second gift? It may be that you aren’t taking advantage of the “post gift glow” – that feeling donors have right after they give.

The Fundraising World is Changing

Wild Woman Fundraising

In March-April 2013, I’ll be offering a 4 week course to help you keep your donors. Book Conflict Cultivating donors 39 keys to creativity changing world course donor trust fund raising world Fundraising gaping void how can you get donors to trust you? How is it changing?

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Reader Questions! I want…. EVERYTHING FUNDRAISING! Okay then.

Wild Woman Fundraising

Of course, you can’t ask questions if you don’t know who to ask or if you’re afraid of looking stupid. ” Then I started taking classes and reading and of course practicing fundraising which is the best way, and all this knowledge got unwieldy so I wrote a book to get all of the knowledge out of my head and onto the page, and then! And of course, I’ll write more about this, but this is just a start!

When To Change Course?

The Agitator

Yesterday, we asked readers to take our Mid-Year Assessment survey … Has the first half half of 2009 met expectations? How are fundraisers tweaking their programs or adjusting their fundraising investments? We won’t publish results till next week, but early returns suggest that folks are relatively calm at this stage. In that context, here’s some advice from the former chief marketing officer of eBay and Best Buy.

Is This What YOU Want to Learn About?

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Online Courses Professional DevelopmentLast week we opened up a quick survey on which webinars we should host later this summer and fall. Over 500 nonprofits have replied, and here are the top 5 winning topics so far: Get Beyond the “Like” – Social Media Engagement Strategies. Integrating Your Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media Fundraising. So What and Who Cares: How to Make Your Messaging More Meaningful and Memorable. Writing Better Email Fundraising Campaigns.

What a Nonprofit Communications Plan Should Look Like in 2018

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Online CoursesAll nonprofits need a communications plan. The trouble is knowing where to begin or if the plan you are using now is still the best option for your nonprofit.

Write a Better Case for Support and Direct Mail Appeals

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Copywriting Fundraising Messages and Tag Lines Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Courses Professional Development Join Fundraising Expert Tom Ahern. Fundraising expert Tom Ahern is cranking out some great stuff for us this year!

E-Clinics on Nonprofit Writing and Online Fundraising

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesI’m offering two special e-clinics this month. 20 Days to More Powerful Nonprofit Writing. This e-clinic is for up to 12 nonprofit communications professionals who want to hone their writing skills, focusing specifically on communications with donors and other supporters.

NPCOMM: Behind the Scenes [2 NEW Webinars]

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesEver wonder how they did it? Those nonprofits who took bad news and turned it into triumph or other organizations who created a seemingly simple campaign that went viral? NEW EXCLUSIVE FEATURE IN OUR TRAINING WEBINAR SERIES! April 21st and 28th, 2016.

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