Week of Freebies, Day 4: Documenting Communications Decisions [Online Course]

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You will need to be a Free Member to access this course: Want to be taken seriously at work and have authority in your position as a nonprofit communicator? Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year where we show our readers some love with some FREE goodies.

Course 177

My brand new storytelling system course is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!

J Campbell Social Marketing

What you absolutely need to know about Storytelling That Sticks : 1) This course will not be offered again in 2020. 3) You will get LIFETIME access to the course. Lifetime access to the course and all updates.

Course 134

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Week of Freebies, Day 2: Creating a Welcome Series [Online Mini-Course]

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On Monday we shared how you can get your customized training plan with self-paced courses recommended just for you. Today, we’ll look at one of the courses you get when you sign up for our Free Membership. Happy Holidays!

Course 180

On Tap This Month: Trends Survey, Graphic Design, and, Of Course, Thanksgiving

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The post On Tap This Month: Trends Survey, Graphic Design, and, Of Course, Thanksgiving appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Nonprofit Communications Online Courses What's Happening

Course 177

How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for this Course

J Campbell Social Marketing

When you think “online course” do you think about a bunch of pre-recorded, on demand videos, and a long list of PDFs to download and print? The post How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for this Course appeared first on marketing for the modern nonprofit. I get it!

Course 136

August Course Corrections

The Agitator

On the one hand, the fundraising year is almost two-thirds over. On the other hand, the ‘highest yield’ third of the year is just about to begin.

15 Days to More Engaging, Inspiring E-Newsletters [Free Email Course]

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The email newsletter page allows you to sign up for our popular 15 Days to More Engaging, Inspiring E-Newsletters email course. Over 2,300 nonprofits have participated in this course that provides an email a day for 15 days.

Course 212

New Free E-Course: 15 Days to Better E-Newsletters

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We’ve turned one of our popular programs on email newsletters into a new free e-course, delivered via (you guessed it) email. Subscribe to the Free Email Course Now.

Course 179

Are You Mental? Of Course You Are

Social Media Bird Brain

This week didn't have to have a Friday the 13th in it for me to know it was going to be challenging. Dog sick. Car sick. As early as Tuesday, I knew I was in for it. But while waiting to hear from my dog's vet and my car's mechanic, I came across a couple of interesting items that might have some bearing on social communications, among other things in your small nonprofit world. Automatic Drive.

Course 114

Do You Need an Appeal Letter Refresher Course?

Ann Green

Some of these organizations need a refresher course in appeal letter writing. Of course, you can make more than one ask a year, but first I need to be thanked, and thanked well, and hear from you regularly. You may have noticed an influx of appeal letters over the last few weeks.

[use as filler ] New Free E-Course: 15 Days to Better E-Newsletters

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We’ve turned one of our popular programs on email newsletters into a new free e-course, delivered via (you guessed it) email. Subscribe to the Free Email Course Now.

Course 184

Stay The Course Or Step Change Fundraising?

The Agitator

Yes, there are some ‘uncontrollables’ that will influence your fundraising success in 2014 — consumers’ confidence about their economic well-being, major breaking events/tragedies (political or natural), and of course the extent to which you laid proper groundwork (or failed to) in 2013.

Of Course, Achievements Help!

The Agitator

Here’s a nice year-end cultivation video from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Greetings from CPAWS. What makes this video compelling? The concrete achievements noted. Don’t ‘try this at home’ unless you can match this kind of accomplishment specificity. If I were a member, I’d be proud, impressed, affirmed. So much so that I might even: a) up my donation, and b) tell a friend about ‘my’ organization. The folks at CPAWS deserve a raise!

Of Course … The Landing Page

The Agitator

Yesterday we talked about what to test in terms of making email campaigns more effective. And I asked … What did we miss? Reader Dawn Stoner could have said … DUH! Landing pages. But she was more polite, recommending as follows: “Email landing pages!

Social Media Crash Course in 25 Minutes (Podcast)

Getting Attention

What's great is that Dave gave me a gift that I want to share with you: His pithy, punchy 25-minute crash course in social media for nonprofits. Click here to listen now or download for later listening (Right click on a PC or cntrl click on a Mac, and "save file as" to your Desktop) : I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Evans, author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day, for a social media intensive I taught recently at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence.

Course 106

10 Reasons Why You Should Take My Public Speaking Course

Selfish Giving

That’s why I’ve decided to team up with CharityHowTo.com to deliver my own public speaking training course , which will be grounded in my own experiences speaking before many, many audiences, including teaching public speaking at Penn State. (No,

Course 104

When To Change Course?

The Agitator

Yesterday, we asked readers to take our Mid-Year Assessment survey … Has the first half half of 2009 met expectations? How are fundraisers tweaking their programs or adjusting their fundraising investments? We won’t publish results till next week, but early returns suggest that folks are relatively calm at this stage. In that context, here’s some advice from the former chief marketing officer of eBay and Best Buy.

Social Media for Social Good Academy 2020 – DOORS ARE OPEN!

J Campbell Social Marketing

Course promise: You will walk away with a calendar and a playbook for proactively managing your nonprofit social media accounts, instead of letting them manage you. . What’s inside this course: 6 training modules taught LIVE on Zoom by Julia.

Good Things in March: Content Marketing Campaigns, Professional Development, and a Pass Sale

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Webinars and Online Courses

Sales 229

Need #NPCOMM Training That Actually Fits YOUR Schedule?

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In addition to recording all of those webinars so you can watch at your convenience, we also have an entire catalogue of online, self-paced courses now available for Pass Holders. This course is recommended for Marketing Maturity Levels 2 and 3. This course will sort it out for you.

Starting 2019 Off with a BANG!

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Save $200 on the Annual All-Access Pass until Friday, January 4th Get access to all of our training webinars, online courses, Private Facebook Group and more for 365 days! Webinars and Online Courses

Are Press Releases Still Relevant?

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Webinars and Online CoursesAs a media correspondent, Antionette Kerr has seen A LOT of bad press releases. But despite the changing ways nonprofits get in touch with the media, press releases can still be an important part of your media and PR strategy.

Press 177

We’ll Keep Up With It All So You Don’t Have To

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Enroll in Pass-only, self-paced online courses designed specifically for your Marketing Maturity Level or access ALL of our online courses regardless of your level! 365 days of webinars, downloads, courses, and support for only $499. Nonprofit Communications Online Courses

Responsible for Graphic Design, but Have No Real Training? Join us Tomorrow!

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesIf you have been tasked with creating graphics for your organization, but have little to no design training, then our next BRAND NEW webinar is for you!

#PRESSRELEASE: The Knowledge Fountain Launches Online Learning Website (Live Instructors) Aimed at Nonprofits

Non Profit Marketing 360

The Knowledge Fountain , which launched October 1, 2013, is offering a spectrum of courses online covering fundraising, communications, organizational development, social media, and productivity software.

Class 130

[THIS WEEK] Learn How to Use Google Analytics to Grow and Engage Your Email List

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Webinars and Online CoursesBoost Your Email Marketing with Google Analytics If you are only using Google Analytics to track website visitors, you are missing out. This week’s webinar will show you how GA can give you the insights you need to take your email list growth and engagement to the next level.

Are You Ready for 2019?

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Our Annual All-Access Pass will give you 365 days of access to the best training webinars, exclusive online courses and downloads, support from peers and industry experts and more. Nonprofit Communications Online Courses2019 will be here before you know it. Are you ready for it?

December is HOT: Pass Sale, Annual Reports and Mentoring Opportunities

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Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide this month: Online Training: Save $200 on the Annual All-Access Pass Get access to all of our training webinars, online courses, Private Facebook Group and more for 365 days!

Let’s Get Wiser (and More Awesome) with Age

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesIt’s my birthday Sunday! While I am the one turning the big double-four, I want you awesome, hard-working people to have the goodies.

Aging 192

Hot Topics in February: Nonprofit Email Newsletters, Online Press Rooms, and more Trends for 2019

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Webinars and Online CoursesHere’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide in February: Online Training: February 7: What’s Missing from Your Online Newsroom (Hint, It’s Not a Press Release) Find out what goes into making a great online newsroom and become a media darling.

Build a GREAT Media Relations Plan from Scratch

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This is an intensive course that runs September 12th through October 3rd. Nonprofit Communications Online Courses

Yes, another "favorite" list from 2010--but ours is THE BEST list of course

Donor Power Blog

What would an end-of year blog post be if it did not include some sort of list? And so, we bring you a list that while relatively abridged (we only have 4 items to share with you), is great food for thought as we close out this year and start to think about what the new year will hold for the nonprofit world.

Tomorrow – Learn How to TACTFULLY Ask for Bequests

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesWhy do organizations in the UK, Canada, and Australia raise more money with bequests than we do in the US? Fundraising expert Tom Ahern believes that the answer may be as simple as not having a marketing plan to ask for those bequests.

How To 176

What’s Your Marketing Maturity Level? Take this Super-Fast Quiz and Find Out!

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Once you have taken the quiz, you have the opportunity to receive a customized training plan that will recommend which of our brand-new, self-paced online courses will work best for your level. You can easily change your level to change your recommended plan or you can access all of the free courses organized by topic regardless of your level. You have to be get a Free Membership to access these courses though. Want to See All of the Courses?

What’s Essential to Good Nonprofit Communications in 2017?

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What you get with an All-Access Pass : BEST PRACTICES – live webinars, expert coaching, e-books, webinar recordings, and e-courses on more than a dozen topics. Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesLittle black dresses and pumps. Blue jeans and flats. Cargo shorts and tennis shoes.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Offensive Communications

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Online CoursesIf you missed it, Antionette Kerr’s blog post from last week talked about “crunchy” conversations – those discussions when someone says something offensive and your body immediately reacts negatively.

How To 203

How Nonprofit Leaders Should Use Twitter

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NOTE: This webinar is NOT an “Introductory to Twitter” course. Online CoursesNonprofit leaders should be using Twitter! Becoming a thought leader or just a good ED or CEO means listening to and connecting with your constituents regarding your core issues.

How to Say Thank You and Share Your Successes with Your Supporters

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Online CoursesBudget-Friendly Webinar TOMORROW, December 8th. 1:00 P.M. Eastern (10:00 A.M. Pacific). Recording included if you can’t join us live, but you must register in advance. Great communications after the first gift are what leads to the second gift.

How To 222

Writing a Fabulous Case for Support

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Online CoursesYour case for support explains what your organization does, why you do it, and why others should support you in doing it. It answers a donor’s first question: “Why Should I Give You My Hard Earned Money?”

Case 187

Problems That Plague Nonprofit Content And How to Solve Them

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesStop Wasting Time with Bad Content. Does your content capture imagination? Does it spark emotions? Does it make people want to stand up and yell, “ YES! I WILL SUPPORT THIS GREAT CAUSE!

Only the Best for You

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Find out what works with your communnications and learn how to chart a strategic, reasonable course forward. Nonprofit Communications Online Courses

Best 258

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Editorial Calendars

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Webinars and Online CoursesEditorial planning works, we promise! If you want to really get serious about your nonprofit communications, YOU HAVE TO USE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR. We’ve proven (and I bet you already know) editorial planning works and is a key component in creating an effective communications program. Having an editorial calendar shouldn’t be an option for any organization who wants to create successful marketing and fundraising communications.

Learn How to Measure Communications Effectiveness

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Nonprofit Communications Online CoursesSTARTS TOMORROW! Measuring the effectiveness of your communications work can be confusing. But your work as a nonprofit communicator is essential to your nonprofit’s success. And it’s time for you to prove it by showing them what actually works (and what doesn’t). Join us tomorrow and learn how to prove how essential your work is during our next two-part webinar series: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work.