The Cost of Fundraising Through Social Media

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The Cost of Fundraising Through Social Media Tweeting, Posting and Liking your way to increased donations should be an. This week we have a guest post written by Rich McIver. Rich is the founder of Merchant Negotiators, where he also regularly writes on the subjects of merchant account services and how businesses and nonprofits can most effectively and efficiently use them.

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These 5 Website Mistakes Could be Costing You Donors


Online giving has seen consistent year over year growth, but 66% of nonprofits are worried that they are missing out on opportunities for digital fundraising. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can ensure that your organization isn't leaving any money on the table.

2016 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study: Spam Still Costing Nonprofits Thousands


Today, EveryAction released the 2016 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study , an exploration into just how much spam is negatively impacting nonprofit online fundraising.

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Low Cost, High Impact? The Growing Potential of QR Codes


Now however, with budgets being stretched like Mr. Fantastic--the focus is even more so: “ low cost , low risk, and high impact.&# Tags: mobile barcode low cost technology Manor Texas Nielsen OxFam Project Red QR Code quick response RememberMe Smartphone Starbucks TOTeM

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How To Brand A Nonprofit With Low Cost & High Impact

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Logo-Mugs are among the most cost-effective. Later in this post we’ll report the cost comparisons with other media.). Even without unscrambling the results, the relationship between market impact and cost is surprising and persuasive. It also exaggerates the cost.

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The High Cost of Communications Chaos #CALMnotBUSY

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Many nonprofit communications directors feel like they work in a constant state of chaos. You likely feel overwhelmed and understaffed. Odds are you don’t have enough time to think or plan, so you just do, do, do. And the to-dos don’t stop coming.

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#ProAging: Telestroke/Telemedicine Tests Show Excellent Cost & Health Benefits

Non Profit Marketing 360

In a wonderful synthesis of health care needs, patient choice, cost effectiveness, and beneficial outcomes, a recent report from The Mayo Clinic ‘s ‘Telestroke’ program demonstrates the payoff of the pilot program.

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Low-Cost Fundraising: 6 Innovative Ideas

Ann Green

In this post, Kerri Moore of Booster has some low-cost fundraising ideas for you. Low-cost fundraising isn’t just about saving your nonprofit some extra cash. After all, a cost can be: The time it takes to plan and execute a fundraising campaign or event. By Kerri Moore.

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The High Cost of Undervaluing Gratitude

The Agitator

Just compare an attrition rate of 30% as unappreciated donors stop giving with the $1 or so it costs to show them your appreciation.

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Text to Give Pricing & Costs

A Small Change

There are more variables beyond cost since different businesses offer different options in reporting and wrap around services. During the months of July, August and September you can take a “test drive&# for a low cost and without a long term contract. When considering which provider to use, it can be difficult to find their pricing information so I’ve aggregated it here.

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Do people prefer when others pay for a nonprofits’ administrative costs?


I know, I know… Dan Pallota thinks charities need a defense council to inform the public that administrative costs are a necessary part of a nonprofit structure. His call for a defense of administrative costs simply will never work. Fundraising Nonprofit nonprofit administrative costs

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: The Most Expensive Way to Cut Cost

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You can cut costs, protect the brand and sleep at night! … Continue reading → CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands brand management brand protection cutting costs financial crisis nonprofit board nonprofit moraleAll nonprofit managers anguish over finding ways to reduce expenses during periods of economic hardship. It’s a real challenge to do this without damaging the brand. Nevertherless, it can be done.

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Segmenting “Cost To Acquire” Using Identity

The Agitator

A couple months ago, I argued that cost to acquire (CTA) was one of only two metrics that matter in a deep, comprehensive way. So if you looked at cost-to-acquire by package only, the premium packages won every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

The Hidden Cost Of Complexity

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Given a choice, the harder something is to use the less people will use it. The more difficult something is to read the fewer people will read it. Most organizations don’t bother measuring the difficulty donors have in using their online donate pages.

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How To Measure Media Cost & Results When Promoting Your Nonprofit (TV, Newspaper, Billboards, Branding Products, etc.)

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And different costs. The Research: Many media – billboards, TV, newspapers, skywriters, etc – can promote your brand. Each has different impacts. Here’s a look at the research that compares expense and results. This is information you will want to keep for reference.) The Key Yardstick: Of three basic metrics, number of impressions is the [.].

Diving in with Donor Acquisition Cost (Season 1, Episode 3)

Fundraising Report Card

Learn why Donor Acquisition Cost is so important, how to gather this data, and how to use this data to make better decisions. Topic Timestamps Donor Acquisition Cost [01:40] What is … Continue reading "Diving in with Donor Acquisition Cost (Season 1, Episode 3)". The post Diving in with Donor Acquisition Cost (Season 1, Episode 3) appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Podcast donor acquisition cost

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How You Can Build Relationships With More Hi-Value Supporters at Lower Costs


The trick is to understand which technologies to use and how to use them to raise exponentially more money at lower costs. The post How You Can Build Relationships With More Hi-Value Supporters at Lower Costs appeared first on MarketSmart. Your job is tough!

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What to Do When Cost-to-Acquire Lies to You

The Agitator

I’ve argued cost-to-acquire (CTA) and lifetime value were the two metrics that mattered most. The idea is that if lifetime value is going to be higher than the cost of acquiring, acquire that donor. If not, you need lower acquisition costs or higher lifetime value.

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The Cost of Being Boring

Social Marketing and Social Change

That's the commentary attached to the message on this bottle by Hugh McLeod (aka @gapingvoid) -- Advertising is the cost of being boring. "This is for the guys who still think that the only way to market is through explaining product benefits and price advantages.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Promotional Media – Measuring Cost & Impact

NonProfit Branding

Start with cost and impact data for a product. You can measure the value your nonprofit receives from imprinted branding products. Stack them up against the same metrics from promotion in standard commercial media.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Cost, Impact and Use of Tote Bags

NonProfit Branding

We’re also reporting on how broadly they display your logo, their cost per impression compared … Continue reading → ACTION: Interacting with Products & Vendors IMPLEMENTATION: Using Branding Products Effectively PSYCHOLOGY: How Branding Products Build Affinity UncategorizedWhich branding products do your constituents prefer? What ones will they use, how long they use them? We’re identifying products that work for you.

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Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money!


I don’t like these titles and I think they cost nonprofits money! The post Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money! My pal Dr. Russell James is at it again. This time, he researched what fundraiser job titles inspire more engagement, connectivity, and giving.

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Acquisition: Its Costs And ROI – Part 2

The Agitator

That’s why so many fundraisers and their consultants persist in using the meaningless, if not idiotic, measures of ‘cost of fundraising’ and ‘ROI’ rather than develop strategies and steer their programs based on the key metric of Lifetime Value.

Nonprofit Branding: The Expensive Way To Cut Costs

NonProfit Branding

CONCLUSION: This is the finding pops up in study after study - nothing can put your nonprofit mission in front of more people, more often, more positively and with less cost per impression, than high-quality imprinted products! [.]. RESEARCH: For years marketing, public relations and advertising firms have studied the effectiveness of all forms of advertising.

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What Should a Website Cost?

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There are relatively few well-defined models for specifying, costing and managing web site projects in a transparent fashion, let alone ones that engage all organizational stakeholders in the process. Cost overruns are the norm, and processes for dealing with the evolving feature definition of most sites are usually elusive at best.

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How To Talk To Donors About Fundraising Costs And Ethics

The Agitator

So, here’s some Agitator advice on dealing with the question of fundraising costs and ethics. I have no idea how much traction the CNN story on the New York Attorney General’s settlement will get. Nor whether it will trigger any, many or no donor inquiries to your organization or your clients.

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You’re the Entrepreneur Cost-Saving Part Two

Wild Woman Fundraising

Save costs. Where can you save costs? Tags: Acknowledgement Celebrities Cultivating donors Graphic Design for Nonprofits Lean Development Marketing Measuring Effectiveness ann webb comeback cost saving efficiency friendraiser fundraiser gracias merci middlemen nonprofit events RISE Austin say thank you setbacks setup skin organics ty If you’re just joining us, last week I went to the RISE AUSTIN conference for entrepreneurs.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Cost, Impact and Use of Logo-Pens

NonProfit Branding

(A short essay about a boring topic – but enhanced by some husband/wife disagreement. In sorting out this disagreement the reader will be assisted by Justin Timberlake, who supports the author by sporting a favorite branding product.) There is no … Continue reading → ACTION: Interacting with Products & Vendors BUYING: Production & Imprinting Info IMPLEMENTATION: Using Branding Products Effectively PSYCHOLOGY: How Branding Products Build Affinity Uncategorized

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How To Talk About Fundraising Costs

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Like it or not, far too many folks judge a charity by its cost of fundraising and ‘overhead’ From regulators to the media, from charity watchdogs to far too many nonprofit boards — and even some fundraisers themselves — the false metric of ‘cost of fundraising’ has created a big mess of misunderstanding.

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Acquisition: The ‘Less Cost Is Best’ Fallacy

The Agitator

If that’s the case, you should probably also skip this recent post — The ‘less cost is best’ fallacy — from fundraiser Ken Burnett. how you’re under-cutting your fundraising success by not spending enough ), dealing specifically with why you should not obsess on minimizing cost ratios. Ken gives six reasons why adhering to rigid cost ratios is wrong-headed, abbreviated a bit here … The question is wrong.

Donor Service: Cost Center Or Profit Center?

The Agitator

Type A views workers who serve the public as a ‘cost center’ and does everything possible to hold down wages and benefits. The holiday shopping season, coupled with the current wave of renewed interest in raising the minimum wage and the plight of workers at places like Walmart, got me thinking about — what else? — donor retention.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Cost, Impact and Use of Logo T-Shirts

NonProfit Branding

As long as it is of appropriate quality and carries an attractive imprint, a shirt with your logo is a walking billboard for your nonprofit. Here are the questions to ask yourself about logo shirts: Do T-shirts make economic sense … Continue reading → ACTION: Interacting with Products & Vendors BUYING: Production & Imprinting Info CONTEXT: Tricks, Tips & Taboos IMPLEMENTATION: Using Branding Products Effectively

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Fundraising Data And The Cost Of Embalming An Elephant

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Dearly Beloved, I grew up in the death business — flowers, funerals and the high cost of dying — and I’m sure glad those high-priced days are long gone. Low cost, bio-degradable ‘green’ caskets.

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Acquisition: Its Costs And ROI – Part 1

The Agitator

There’s no question in my mind that a great deal of the furor over the ‘high cost of fundraising’ on the part of the watchdog groups, the press, regulators and many nonprofits themselves stems from absolute ignorance. Ignorance about what “acquisition” is, how it should be measured, and when or whether its costs should be considered acceptable. P.S. Next, in Part 2 of Acquisition Costs and ROI we’ll deal in more detail with why this metric is so important.

Simply the simplest (and no-cost) way to market bequests.


The best part… asking your volunteers to consider a gift in their estate plan is easy and costs virtually nothing. Ask your volunteers to plan a gift! This is really very simple. More and more seniors are volunteering these days. In fact, Philanthropy News Digest found the following : Seniors are now volunteering at record levels. One in three volunteers is 55+.

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Quote of the Week: The Cost of Dreams


They say the best things in life are free. They also say that everyone has their price. Up in the Air , a movie starring George Clooney, puts these two sayings on the line. The storyline is based on Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, a corporate downsizing expert who fires people for a living.

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Flat Earth Fundraising: The High Cost Of Mistreating Suppliers

The Agitator

The cost of pitches [responding to RFP’s] is not just about cost to the agencies. Inevitably there’s a huge cost to the charity too … It shouldn’t be seen as an obligatory ritual.

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NONPROFIT BRANDING: Cost, Impact and Use of Coffee Mugs

NonProfit Branding

Nonprofit Executives: do you know how much power Logo-Mugs have? Using mugs VisABILITY supplied, our public broadcasting clients raised $200,000,000 ($200 million!) since 1985! They’re equally powerful nonprofit branding tools.

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The Board Meeting Swipe File: Fundraising Costs and Investment

The Agitator

So, there’s no better time to offer up this Agitator Board Meeting Swipe File on Fundraising Costs and Investment in Fundraising. Here’s a brief compilation of resources and advice that may come in handy as you explain to your board, CEO and CFO the issues of ‘overhead’, ‘costs’, ‘investment’, ‘fundraiser pay’, and other frequently raised questions about the costs and returns in fundraising.

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How You Should Really Be Thinking About Acquisition Costs

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Here’s a brief excerpt from Retention Fundraising on the importance of building the cost of key retention efforts into your acquisition. Editor’s Note: The e-Book version of Retention Fundraising: the new art and science of keeping your donors for life is now available. You can click here to order either the e-Book or print versions.

6 easy and low cost ways to build better relationships with your donors using technology


These days it’s easier than ever to give your supporters this kind of service through the use of low-cost, high-productivity technologies. The post 6 easy and low cost ways to build better relationships with your donors using technology appeared first on MarketSmart

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The Slow, Painful and Costly Death of the “Full Service” Agency

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Their difficulty in attracting experienced and energetic talent … the cost of their payrolls … the need to please their corporate investors has led to a frenetic brand of competition to see who can most honor the status quo.

New and Improved! The Authoritative Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Software

Non Profit Marketing 360

NTEN and Idealware, two trusted names in nonprofit technology, have jointly published A Consumer’s Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems. The report analyzes 29 systems that cost from the low three figures up to $4,000, and recommend best fits for different organizational needs. Now you have valuable help as you try to figure out the best donor management system for your organization.