A Quick Guide to Using Technology Throughout the Donor Engagement Process

J Campbell Social Marketing

A new breed of “peer to peer” texting apps allow nonprofits to carry on thousands of individual text conversations, keep track of replies and answer questions from potential donors. Uploading this information into a customer relationship management (CRM) tool can be a great first step.

The Role of the Free Agent and Fundraising


You don’t have to use a slick and fancy CRM system (tho they can help), but mainly, you need to be detailed, diligent and deliberate. Be Detailed: If you interact with a supporter on Twitter or Facebook or meet someone at a conference and exchange business cards, write it down.

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Get More from Your Donor Database

Getting Attention

If possible, it’s best to have this conversation before implementing the database. The same holds for the Blackbaud CRM/donor management product successes you hear about. Welcome to guest blogger, James Porter.

Playing by the (Wrong) Rules

Sea Change Strategies

Once the daycare conversation shifted from social to market, parents stopped feeling guilty about making the teachers stay late, and made a self-interested calculation – that coming a few minutes late was worth a few bucks. It’s a quintessential market exchange. I think one cause of the low-dollar death spiral is the fantasy of CRM, or constituency relationship management. Simplified, CRM is a set of communications channels tied to a database and governed by a set of rules.

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