Is Your Content Too Wordy? Consider These 6 Alternative Formats

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Many nonprofits already use video and audio as part of its content mix. However, with limited resources — and multiple audiences that you need to reach — it’s likely that you need to lean on text for most of your content. The post Is Your Content Too Wordy?

Content Offers Donors Love – Episode 6


Learn why content offers work, what things to keep in mind as you create content, and some content ideas that donors will love! The post Content Offers Donors Love – Episode 6 appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

How Your Nonprofit’s Personality Influences Content

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The post How Your Nonprofit’s Personality Influences Content appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Content Marketing Copywriting Nonprofit CommunicationsPhoto: Food Network. How many people do you think really watch cooking shows just for the recipes?

My Five Rules for Repurposing Your Content #npcomm Style

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Repurposing your content is essential to your success. You don’t have enough time to create original content constantly, and your community needs to hear your messages and calls to action in clear and consistent ways over and over anyway.

Repurpose Your Content for Consistent Storytelling

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That repurposed content, or rerun because it was a television show, actually had a great response when it aired the second time. Over the years I kind of got in the habit of only posting new content. They were talking about repurposing content. Repurposing content can help.

How to Create Your 2018 Nonprofit Content Strategy in Just 2 Steps

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Did you find it challenging to create and share content that garnered engagement and elicited a response? . A frequent challenge that I heard from nonprofits this past year was not being able to create and/or curate enough content to post on social media.

Problems That Plague Nonprofit Content And How to Solve Them

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Stop Wasting Time with Bad Content. Does your content capture imagination? ” If not, then you should join Peter Panepento TOMORROW for: The 6 Problems That Plague Nonprofit Content…And How to Solve Them. Does it spark emotions?

Shape Content for Action


Shape content to drive measurable actions and demonstrate impact. ” No matter your approach, measuring ROI takes integrated planning and involves tying content and evaluation strategies together. It starts with your content. Photo by Derek Lyons.

Wow Experiences and Liquid Content


Coca-Cola achieves that with Coca-Cola Journey largely thanks to its smart packaging and display of quality content. As Laura Kisailus of Forum One recently posted, “ Visual media reigns supreme…consider the packaging of your content across the social web.”

How We Curate Content for Social Media (and Added More Followers)

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Curating content should really be a no-brainer. Former Mentoring Program participant and current Help-Us-with-Whatever-Crazy-Thing-We-Need participant, Maggie Siemer is going to share today how she has helped us curate content to publish on social media and how you can do it too.

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An #NpComm Showdown on Repurposing Content: Girl Scouts versus Boy Scouts

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Perhaps it was the flurry of adorable back to school photos that inspired me to write a review of how the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Boy Scouts of America handle repurposing content for the third installment of the #NpComm Showdown.

Get Your Nonprofit Content Read, Digested & Acted On—6 Steps

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People usually read just 20% of any content that’s 100 words long or more. Here are six ways to up the odds that your nonprofit’s content is read, digested and acted on: . Craft clear and compelling headlines that lead readers into the rest of your content.

Seven Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

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Downsides to the global democratization and sharing of content

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284 million monthly active users –>This is people actually using the platform and creating content on a regular basis. Many have praised this kind of democratization of content online (i.e. There are major downsides to content democratization.

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Content Strategies: Mapping and Merging

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Mapping and Merging Your Content Strategy. As part of my new book, I’m working out several easy (I hope) systems that nonprofits can use to develop content strategies and manage their editorial calendars. Mapping Your Content Strategy.

Content, THEN Channels, Follows Connection

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Those insights enable you to shape compelling messages/content to frame your calls to action AND the best channels to carry them to your network. Connect First. Hold your horses on channels.

7 Nonprofit Content Marketing Tips from Great Chefs

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Tip of the hat to Marketing Profs for framing content marketing—how your nonprofit can use content to build strong relationships with target audiences—in terms of this delightful cooking-themed info-doodle. Fresh content retains its natural flavor.

Website Content for Homeless People?

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If you know of an agency that serves homeless people with good content for that clientele on their website, please share in the comments! Your old assumptions about who consumes what kind of content just don’t work anymore.

How Content Marketing Is Different – The Terminology

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For example, what is “content marketing” and why should nonprofits shift toward it? With inbound marketing , however, you create content that people want, they identify themselves as being interested in your topics, and they actively ask you to communicate with them.

How Long Should Content Be?

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits, Explained [Video]

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Content Marketing Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Trends Video We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

Content Marketing Challenges for Nonprofits

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Last month, I asked you to take a quick poll on what you found most challenging about content marketing. By far, the biggest problems are lack of staff time or budget to produce content, followed by producing the kind of content that engages supporters/clients. Content Marketin

Hot Topics in May: E-Newsletters, Content Problems, Leadership, Work Boundaries

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May 10 – The 6 Problems That Plague Nonprofit Content…and How to Solve Them. Learn how to develop an effective content marketing strategy by avoiding these common problems.

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Six Points for Good Content Leading to Engagement

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Engagement comes from content. And the most often given advice about content? What is good content? audial communications content funny informative inviting NGO presentation relevance Small nonprofit social media timeliness touching visual

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Where Your Content Marketing Went Wrong

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Give it a look: Why Content Marketing Fails from Rand Fishkin. Anton Herasymenko content customer service small nonprofits social media This slideshow by Rand Fishkin lays out a lot of what I''ve been trying to say about engagement and using social media to its most beneficial. Update on Adventures in Customer Service You may remember I said I couldn''t recommend Readymag because their customer service wasn''t up to par. Very soon after, I got a couple of emails.

How to Create Enough Good Content (Case Study)

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The most difficult part is creating good content, content your subscribers want to read. For many organizations, simply getting an e-newsletter out regularly, with enough content — let alone enough good content — is a win.

A View From a Different Window - Curating Content

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In social media, content curation is slightly different: "Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a. Beth Kanter content Content management Content marketing Curator Digital curation small nonprofits social media Twitter Image via Art and museum curators are professionals at putting together exhibits.

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What’s a Reasonable Amount of Content to Produce?

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and “lack of time to produce quality content” is the biggest challenge nonprofit communicators are facing, with almost 52% of the 300+ who have taken the survey picking that answer out of a list of a dozen choices. The role of content marketing in achieving those goals.

THIS is Why You Need a Content Strategy

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I’ve been working on ways to explain how a nonprofit’s content marketing strategy is different from all the same old nonprofit communications you may have been publishing all along. Content Marketing Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

Evergreen Content – Why You Need It and Where It Goes

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Evergreen Content - Why You Need It and Where It Goes. Evergreen content is information that stays fresh from season to season, much like an evergreen tree. Evergreen content often takes these forms: How to articles or tutorials. How Does Your Nonprofit Use Evergreen Content?

Format Your Content for Easy Sharing— Just 4 Doable Steps

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I was fascinated to learn that 82% of all content sharing is done via copying and pasting according to Tynt, a service that tracks when people copy and paste content from 600,000 publishers’ sites. times the amount of content shared via social sharing buttons. Tynt analyzes 30 billion data points per month, and contends that the more content creators like you know about how people engage with their content, the more it can do to ensure they stick around longer.

Week of Freebies! The Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook

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Nonprofits have always embraced content marketing. All that stuff you’ve been creating for years – newsletter articles, direct mail letters, press releases – is content. Content Marketing Nonprofit CommunicationsHappy Holidays!

Creating Content While at Conferences Like #13NTC

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Poll: What’s Hard about Nonprofit Content Marketing?

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What are your biggest nonprofit content marketing challenges? I’d love to know what you think is hard about content marketing in the nonprofit world, so I created a quick poll: ( Don’t see the poll?

How to Get the Most from Your Evergreen Content

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Take your evergreen content and repurpose it! Last week, I talked about what evergreen content is, why you need it, and where to use it. Evergreen content is great for search engine optimization and for helping you think about how you are organizing your website.

Content, Content, Content

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After giving us some great stats , she concludes that bad content is still a deal breaker. These tools only work well when they are used to share amazing content. So I thought I'd create a list of my top 5 resources for helping you to create better content.

How Do You Manage Your Content Creation?

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I’m working on a new e-book for nonprofit communicators on managing content, as well as some new webinars in May and June, and would love to highlight your story and tips in them. How do you keep all those content buckets (website, email, Facebook, etc.)

Video Interview: VolunteerMatch’s Content Marketing Strategy

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Robert talks about how VolunteerMatch has moved away from paid advertising toward content marketing — creating multimedia content that draws people in. what questions do you have about VolunteerMatch’s content marketing strategy?

Take 60 Minutes to Keep Your Nonprofit Content Flowing

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The same content gap happens to so many nonprofit marketers I know, especially with website updates and blogs which somehow seem more ephemeral, thus easier to let slide. Once you have three of each feature and three lead articles, take a break from your content creation hour.

“Content Marketing” – Blech! Got a Better Term?

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"Content Marketing" is confusing. As I’ve mentioned, I am writing my second book, and the working title is “Content Marketing for Nonprofits: The So What, Who Cares Guide to Creating Memorable Messaging that Educates, Motivates, and Raises Money.”