How to Work With a Social Media Consultant

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This situation may call for a social media consultant to help you build your online communities, create great content and manage your time effectively. Despite your best intentions and great ideas, perhaps you do not know how to begin to work with a consultant or what to expect.

4 great reasons to hire a capital campaign consultant


Large amounts of money are at stake. This might be the largest amount of money your organization will ever raise. Getting an experienced consultant onboard will increase your chances of success exponentially. The post 4 great reasons to hire a capital campaign consultant appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Time is of the essence. You’ll need someone who’s been there and done that to keep things on-track. Failure is not an option.

Life, Death, and Make Money Writing Essays


Life After Make Money Writing Essays. How to earn money creating fiction you may earn money composing fiction, however you might have to think past the box for a way to [link]. Getting the Best Make Money Writing Essays. But What About Make Money Writing Essays?

#interview: Simone Joyaux, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Columnist

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Simone Joyaux is an internationally recognized consultant to the nonprofit sector on fund development, board development, and strategic planning and management. In the late ‘90s I was doing a consulting project in Tucson, Arizona, for a women’s fund.

#Inteview: Amy Eisenstein, Fundraising Consultant and Author of 50 Asks in 50 Weeks

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Amy Eisenstein is a “no nonsense” fundraising consultant for local and national nonprofits. AMY: The big shops invest in training, in all sorts of specialists and consultants, so even though they’re often struggling as well, they have more resources to put into development.

#Interview: Sandy Rees, Owner of the “Get Fully Funded” Blog and Fundraising Consultant

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Sandy Rees writes the “ Get Fully Funded ” blog in addition to consulting and coaching nonprofit leaders on fundraising. A former Development Director for nonprofits, she has written Fundraising Buffet and co-wrote 7 Essential Steps to Raising Money by Mail. Don’t stop asking for money.

#interview: Tom Ahern — Author, Award-Winning Journalist, and Communications Consultant

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An award-winning magazine journalist, he has written case statements for numerous campaigns and is a popular communications trainer and consultant. That suggests to me there’s a ton more money that could be made in philanthropy if we just stopped doing that bad practice.

#Interview: Tiffany Applegate, Co-Founder of X Factor Consulting – Enhancing the Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations

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Tiffany Applegate is co-founder of X Factor Consulting , which works to enhance the sustainability of nonprofit organizations. With her marketing degree and MBA, she left the corporate world for the nonprofit sphere, and has been consulting since 2005.

Why your capital campaign feasibility study could be leaving a lot of money on the table.


I think most campaign feasibility studies leave a ton of money on the table. You hire a consultant. Then you will be exponentially more likely to scoop up money that would have otherwise been left sitting on the table.

#Interview: Gail Perry, Fundraising Consultant, Trainer & Author of Fired-Up Fundraising

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Gail Perry is a fundraising consultant and trainer and the author of Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Your Board’s Passion into Action. People are worried about whether they can raise the money they need or not. NPM360: Have the top burner issues changed since you started consulting?

Fundraising Consultants: When Should You Hire One?

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In many cases, nonprofit organizations and charities should consider retaining the services of professional fundraising consultants if they experience reduced donations or fail to meet fundraising goals on a consistent basis. Fundraising consultants can offer valuable insight into the techniques and strategies most likely to attract new donors in today’s competitive fundraising environment.

#INTERVIEW: Kivi Leroux Miller, Consultant, Trainer and Blogger on Nonprofit Communications

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Kivi Leroux Miller is a successful consultant, trainer and blogger on nonprofit communications. That’s where I have my nonprofit experience as a staff member, and I’ve been on multiple boards of small organizations, volunteered a lot, and consulted with a lot of those small groups.

#INTERVIEW: Kivi Leroux Miller, Consultant, Trainer and Blogger on Nonprofit Communications

Non Profit Marketing 360

Kivi Leroux Miller is a successful consultant, trainer and blogger on nonprofit communications. That’s where I have my nonprofit experience as a staff member, and I’ve been on multiple boards of small organizations, volunteered a lot, and consulted with a lot of those small groups.

How to Choose a PR Firm for Your Nonprofit

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For many nonprofits, finding a consultant or freelancer can be a daunting task. Without the right help, you run the risk of damaging your nonprofit’s reputation and its ability to raise money. It always helps to know your goals before you start shopping for a consultant or firm.

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#Interview: Gail Perry, Fundraising Consultant, Trainer & Author of Fired-Up Fundraising

Non Profit Marketing 360

Gail Perry is a fundraising consultant and trainer and the author of Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Your Board’s Passion into Action. People are worried about whether they can raise the money they need or not. MKC: Have the top burner issues changed since you started consulting?

#Interview: Marc Pitman, Owner of the “Fundraising Coach” Blog, Author, and Fundraising Consultant

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Pitman writes the Fundraising Coach blog , in addition to writing books, giving seminars, engaging in social media and consulting with clients. People would get hired at this entry-level fundraising job and be shocked when they were called upon to ask for money. Marc A.

Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


Many of them make money selling software and services that supposedly help fundraisers improve their donor retention. Perhaps their software and consulting recommendations aren’t working? Here’s why: According to Giving USA , the number of donors is decreasing yet more money has been raised than ever. But trying to retain the most qualified donors (the ones with the most passion and most money) IS a good plan.

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Fundraising When Money Is Tight

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About our speaker Mal Warwick has distinguished himself through his contributions to the nonprofit sector as one of the world's leading authors, consultants, and public speakers on direct response marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations and as an advocate for socially and environmentally responsible policies and practices in the private sector. Nobody can predict our economic future.

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Where’s the Grant Money for Your Marketing and Communications? Webinar Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Betsy Baker of Your Grant Authority will present a webinar for our All-Access Pass Holders on how to find grant money specifically for your nonprofit’s marketing and communications programs. Betsy Baker.

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The Post Wherein I Take Credit for a Campaign I Wasn’t Consulted On

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Penney announced yesterday a campaign whereby they will ask customers to round-up their change to the nearest dollar and send the money to the retailer’s long-standing efforts on behalf of afterschool programs. The campaign is called ‘ Pennies From Heaven ’ and the goal is to generate 100 million pennies, or $1 million. Pennies is also selling a limited-edition change purse for $9.99

We’re In It For The Money

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The same for agencies and consultants? Does the ideological value system of a company or consultant providing fundraising services even matter? Frankly, I would have written the matter off as a tempest in a teapot, but this situation is grist for a good debate among Agitator readers.

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#FUNDRAISING: Paul Jolly Inspires The Big Ask To Raise Big Money

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a nonprofit fundraising and consulting firm in Washington DC. If you ask for less, you'll get less (and work harder on fundraising than on your projects). We welcome back Paul Jolly, Director of Jump Start Growth, Inc. , Today, Paul tells about the importance of breaking the sound barrier.

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Why Not Raise More Money?

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The other day, this headline caught my attention: What’s Holding Your Nonprofit Back From Raising More Money? Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a consulting pitch from a firm called Social Velocity. So why do many of us not raise more money? Nothing wrong with that. What that firm would do to provide a broad assessment of revenue potential is: Interview stakeholders. Review documents. Assess organization. Analyze revenue streams. Review fundraising infrastructure.

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Does the Raiser’s Edge Help Raise Money?

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Does any fundraising software really help raise money? The Raiser’s Edge has sophisticated functionality to manage virtually every facet of the most complex fundraising program, but it can only help raise money when senior leadership mandates that all staff use the system. Which board members are actively raising money? JCA provides strategic consulting to the world’s leading nonprofits. Should it?

Consultants Blog, Stardate: September 2017

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Of course the drying up of foundation money had a lot to do with this transition as well. At one time, the IRS required foundations to spend down at least 5% of their endowments each year in grants (and "other expenses"), an arrangement that put a certain amount of money out to the nonprofits, but still allowed for them to become perpetual giving machines, if they so chose.

How to Shift Giving: New Money for Good Research Released

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Of all of the research I reference in webinar and conference presentations, the Money for Good studies are a longtime favorite. These are exactly the kind of insights that the Money for Good research offers.

Working with Consultants - Make Some Noise!

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If you hire me to be your consultant or your grant proposal writer, you won't be my only client. I doubt any other consultant (nonprofit or not) is any different. When working with me - or any other consultant, grant writer, or other contractor - it's going to be up to you to make sure that your project remains off the back burner and stays on the top of our to-do lists. Bug your consultants. Get your money's worth and stay in contact.

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants - #13

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Greetings and welcome to the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, edition #13. Each edition of the carnival is a collection of the best advice and resources that consultants and other support organizations are offering to nonprofits through their blogs each week. I am your guest host/consultant for the week, Ken Goldstein. E]ven though the campaign appeared to be working, Congress failed to renew funding, and now Verb's out of money."

No Money On The First Date

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Marketing maven Seth Godin wrote The First Transaction , an interesting post about the need for cultivation to precede any ask for money. We can connect, transfer knowledge, engage in a way that builds trust… all of these things make it more likely that I’ll trust you enough to send you some money one day. But send you money on the first date? Seth asserts that the only winning paradigm these days is the reverse one … cultivate first, then ask for the money.

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Raising More Money

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We all want to raise more money, that's obvious. So " Raising More Money " (RMM) seems like a great name for a fundraising company. At these POEs you do not ask for money. Going to one of their three-day seminars or hiring them as consultant can run you some bucks, but, luckily, they offer free introductory workshops where you can learn about the system, maybe buy one of their books, and decide for yourself if it's the correct approach.

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Newsletter: Raise More Money at Checkout; Valentine's Day Cause Marketing ; Best Place to Sell Girl Scout Cookies

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently ran an article on raising more money at the cash register. Checkout charity fundraisers raise big money. The site also allows users to donate money or apply for a grant with the company. Don't go where the money is.

Fundraising is farming, not Powerball

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Nonprofits often mistake hiring professionals like fundraising coaches or consultants as buying the winning lottery ticket. If a professional is promising easy money, run away. Love (Stewardship) Fundraising Secrets consultants fundraising coach

Another Free Nonprofit Fundraising Consultation To Help During These Tough Times

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During the last month and a half I have provided readers with free fundraising method consultations, in Seeking Grant Money Today , to help your fundraising work in these tough economic times. Please accept another free fundraising consultation, here, as a 'hug'! Proactive marketing is not a 'luxury' or 'someday, when we have more operations money' option.

To Raise Money, You Need.

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The note turns out to be a list of things you really need to be putting in place to raise money: your friend can check my blog, Fundraising Breakthroughs, to see my philosophy and approach to fundraising. If she —or your board— is thinking all problems will be solved by Grants or Fundraising Events or even a Brilliant Consultant, stop.

6 Simple Rules for Winning Big Grants

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Today’s blog post comes from my friend Betsy Baker, a grant-writing consultant and teacher. As a grant writing consultant for the past 8 years for a variety of nonprofit clients, I often run into the eager beaver convinced that I can find them the “magic” grant that will alleviate all their financial woes. For more grant writing strategies designed to help you win big grant money visit my blog at [link].

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How to Earn Income (and Autonomy) for Your Nonprofit

Getting Attention

That’s what I hear from most nonprofit organizations intent on doing things the way they’ve always done them — relying on money from funders (private and government) and individual donors to sustain them. “What?,&# you may be saying?

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Free Podcast About Raising Money In A Tough Economy

Seeking Grant Money Today

Kathryn Masterson, writer for The Chronicle of Philanthropy published in The Chronicle's "Prospecting" section of its site, on July 10, 2009, "Raising Money in Tough Times" , a free podcast. Jobbitt, of the consulting company Bentz Whaley Flessner , describes the fund-raising approaches that are getting results and offers advice for development offices as they work through the recession." (as

Unlock Your Grant Writing Talent

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Charlaine Hood, LMSW is the owner of Vibrantly Alive Consulting & Nonprofit Mentoring. Tags: Grant Writing fundraising Grant (money) Non-profit organization Philanthropy Today’s blog post is provided by my dear friend and grant writer extraordinaire, Charlaine Hood.

13 Tips for Raising Money Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Ask for money for special projects or other hot items, not for general support - and set a deadline. Its generally easier to raise money for something specific with a deadline than for institutional support. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

On Asking for Money Without Shame

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Again, on the topic of not apologizing, but asking for money with confidence and grace. Because even an experienced fundraiser like me (and even someone who enjoys working with people to make the uncomfortable thing of raising money more comfortable) can get "asked wrong." The introductory paragraph ends in "And to make all this happen, we need-you guessed it--money. Perhaps even your money." And then: "No one likes asking for money.

How Causes Should Evaluate Their Cause Marketing Campaign

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If the goal was to convert fans into donors, then someone needs to bring a spreadsheet to the meeting with the numbers of new supporters and how much money they generated. If the campaign requires a customer satisfaction survey, consider leading with “the ultimate question” devised by Bain consultant and author Fred Reichheld. Fred Reichheld Evaluating a cause-related marketing campaign Bain Consulting the Ultimate Question Net Promoter Score

Reality Check: How Grassroots Environmental Organizations Are (Or Are Not) Raising Money Online

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Meredith Emmett, Third Space Studio and Institute for Conservation Leadership consultant. This is the title of a great eBook by Andy Robinson from the Institute for Conservation Leadership, available for free here.

How To Raise Money Better, In Your Region.Even In Tough Times

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Since the economic downturn, I've posted general fundraising advice, in Seeking Grant Money Today , besides this blog's main topic du jour; grant writing advice, information, and tips. I've looked at these as free consultations, as if you and I were working together on your organization's needs. Don't shrug at it - affiliates can make a lot of money. __ Get into the local press with your agency's recent successes and heart-warming stories.