#HOWTO: Tumblr & RSS Feeds – How Do They Work Together?

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Last week we promised to discuss the connection that can be made between your nonprofit’s Tumblr site and RSS Readers around the world. The meaning of the acronym ‘ RSS ‘has been debated, but not hotly.

#HOWTO: Set Up Your Tumblr Blog’s Settings & Connect To Twitter/Facebook

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We continue our video series on setting up your nonprofit’s Tumblr blog account with a look at the two Dashboards within your account. We don’t go into RSS in the video, but look at our previous coverage of the technology here and here.

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#HOWTO: Set Up Your Tumblr Blog’s Settings & Connect To Twitter/Facebook

Non Profit Marketing 360

We continue our video series on setting up your nonprofit’s Tumblr blog account with a look at the two Dashboards within your account. We don’t go into RSS in the video, but look at our previous coverage of the technology here and here.

Reader Questions: What are the best fundraising blogs & books?

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As I am brand new to the nonprofit and the fundraising community, I would. Netvibes is a FREE service which helps you aggregate results from many different sources, from blogs, from search terms, from podcasts, videos, websites, ANYWHERE.

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Blogging Daily Starting Monday

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I’ve been thinking about it for a few months, and when I saw this video, I stopped thinking and decided to do it. Of course, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed directly, too. I’ve decided to start blogging daily (or darn close) as of January 3, 2010.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Sweat The Details, But Focus On The Big Picture

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Collectors, who, well, collect RSS feeds, tag online photos, cast votes, etc., make up 20% of the community. Spectators, who focus on information consumption anywhere from a bit a week to hours a day and make up 70% of the online community.

What is a QR code and why might it matter for nonprofit marketing?

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If you create a QR Code you can deliver smartphones users to a compelling video, your Facebook page, your blog or even to your organization’s donation page. If you found this post valuable you may want to sign up for his weekly e-newsletter or following his blog’s rss feed

#HOWTO: Tumbler Can Be Social Media Hub, But Other Tools Are Available

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Tumblr offers nonprofits and charities a free platform (with some themes and extensions costing a few bucks) and host to establish a web presence that is just a couple of clicks away from integrating with your Twitter account and an RSS feed. plus a couple of pictures or a video ?

How Do You Take The "Fear Factor" Out Of Social Media?

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before there was Facebook or Twitter people tried to make sense of marketing in a digital world by tapping the experiences of those who were exploring the (then) innovative ideas of blogs and RSS. . look for a how-to video? and then help coach you to join in the conversation/community.

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What Creates a Revolution?


Today, I was skimming through my RSS feeds and one of my favorites had an update: Mike Kujawski’s Public Sector 2.0 He and his students have some interesting and compelling videos on what “more than the tools&# have to mean and why it’s important to know.

Why Web 2.0 is important to small local nonprofits

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Using video as an example, having a video on YouTube can be wonderful exposure, and you may actually inspire a donation or two from somebody in a different part of the country, but the real reason why you should be producing a video is to update your communications with your existing constituents. It doesn't matter that your blog can be read around the world; target your message to your community and your key audience. RSS feeds of your blogs, videos, etc.,

#SM4NP: Automate Your Google Searches To Follow Important Issues

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Perhaps a search for videos only will help you monitor how it is being treated on TV. Searching on Google is perhaps the single experience of the internet we all share. In the fine and flexible tradition of the English language, we turned the noun into a verb: to google (someone or something).

Canada Revenue Agency announces YouTube contest

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The other day I stumbled upon this press release (via the CRA RSS feed ) announcing the launch of The Canada Revenue Agency’s new “Underground Economy - Not your Problem?&# YouTube video contest. Essentially, the CRA is inviting Canadians to tell how the underground economy is affecting them and their communities. The easy “embedability&# of a YouTube video allows buzz to spread exponentially. I’m looking forward to seeing the winning video.

New Voices: Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Bloggers to Watch

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Not exactly the greatest endorsement for RSS readers. She’s a writer who gets nonprofits and marketing, which makes her a great asset to our community.

Affordable New Tools and Strategies for Online Activism | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Activists don’t want to just take action - they want to feel part of a community that creates change. Thus, we need new online advocacy tools that deliver messages across channels, leverage social media to promote a key message, encourage action, and build community.

#Interview: Mike Kujawski, VP at the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, Blogger & Speaker on Social Media

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It could be as simple as leaving a YouTube video. That means that people are now going directly to video content. They want video explanations of what you’re about. Over time, as I built my community, I also started blogging on topics people happened to be searching for.

My 2010 Goals for Selfishgiving.com

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On Twitter I finally found a community that talked back to me and followed my tweets back to my blog where the conversation continued. Right now my newsletter is geared toward readers who aren’t on social media and don’t subscribe to my blog via RSS.

Bloggers Flash Back to 2006 and Flash Forward to 2009

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Blogging is powerful because it is the power of niche communities. 2009 I'd love to see companies, PR professionals, governments and more continue to embrace new media and to reach out to, rather than be afraid of, the blogging community.

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

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Unlike most business strategies, social media is built on a culture that is developed by the people who are involved in digital communities. we opened it up to the community to discuss on our blogs, on Twitter and in a few emails. Just as companies had to hire IT people a couple of decades ago so they could remain competitive, they now need to hire community managers and others who can participate in online interaction. You can do video chats and roundtables.