Stop the Communications-Program Tug of War

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Are you in a tug of war with program colleagues for control of your communications? Raise your hand if you’ve run up against any of these challenges: Your colleague on the program side makes an outrageous communications demand based on a consumer marketing model.

9 Tips for Creating an Editorial Calendar Chock Full of What Your Community Wants

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

On this blog and in her webinars and book, Kivi talks about how you should try to become your community’s favorite nonprofit because research has shown that people give two-thirds of their charitable donations each year to one favorite charity. Don’t forget to interact with your community.

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Power of Community Involvement

A Small Change

We are all looking for the secret sauce in reaching out to our communities whether it is the perfect language in your next solicitation letter or the call to action at your next gala. Unless you have a great referrals program and your board members and friend do a really good job of introducing you to the community it is hard to just meet new major donors. I have been amazed at the value of engaging and being connected in your community.

Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

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” One thing we know about addressing community problems and making long term change is that those who will have to live with the solution have to be a part of putting it into place. I walked in there, the privileged American, assuming that what the community really needed was condoms.

Designing Community Campaigns For Weight Loss

Social Marketing and Social Change

Developing community and statewide initiatives to combat obesity has been described “as American as second helpings of apple pie” ( Levitz & McKay, 2013 ). I believe that these community and state efforts need better marketing of weight management.

10 Ways to Celebrate Nonprofit Online Community Members Using Social Media

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Today I am hosting the #Commbuild Twitter chat and the topic is creative ways to celebrate online community members. Here are 10 ideas and ways to celebrate, acknowledge and reward your online community members for being there for you and for being awesome!

12 Features for Successful Obesity Prevention and Control Programs

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I have added to their findings several other features that more recent experiences suggest can add to program effectiveness. For your consideration and comment: The Ideal Features of Social Change Programs (with links to previous posts).

Community First, Monetize Later

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If you go in looking to engage, interact and build up a community of people who are interested in your mission/brand, then down the road you have a better chance of successfully running a fundraising campaign.” What are the short- and long-term goals of your program? How will you help your community? What are the guidelines for your community manager?

Natural Helper Networks in Community Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

The idea of using informal helping networks in public health programs traces its roots to studies of South African primary health care centers in the 1940s and 1950s. Applying social marketing in the development of a volunteer program.

Starting a Business Program- PART 2

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When starting your program you can look to develop in a few different ways (cont’d): Have businesses sponsor event or programs. Lots of businesses have money that they want to give to local and national community projects.

Don’t Be a Gopher: Nonprofit Marketing and Program Sustainability

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Is program sustainability something your nonprofit talks about? More than ever, program sustainability is a concern for nonprofits and the grantmaking organizations that fund them. Promoters of Program Sustainability. “If Kylie Hutchinson.

How to Compete for a Chase Community Giving Grant*

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Chase Community Giving is back for a fifth season. Since the program’s inception, Chase Facebook fans have helped more than 500 nonprofits receive a share of over $20 million in Chase grants. What would your nonprofit do with a grant from Chase Community Giving?

Enterprise Community Partners Online Fundraising Plan and Presentation

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Our friends at Enterprise Community Partners (a nonprofit national leader in investment capital and development services for affordable housing and community revitalization) spent some time wondering, and a whole lot more time acting. This presentation was first shared at the Network for Good and Maryland Nonprofits "ePhilanthropy 101: Effective & Inexpensive Fundraising in a Downturn" program on March 27, 2009. Does this sound familiar?

How DecentWork can take your nonprofit to the next level: Interview with Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network

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MT: For the CEOs and the executive directors listening, and the board members, they may be struggling to make their programs effective. Even how we think about evaluation is changing, and at the same time the youth of our communities continue to grow. Hey, everybody. Welcome.

The Rabbit Hole and Community Engagement

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This is the typical peer-to-peer fundraising event designed to unite passionate supporters and constituents of your organization in a way that builds awareness and raises funds to support programs. Beth Ann Spiegel.

How to Showcase Your Monthly Giving Program

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What good is a monthly giving program if no one can learn more about how it will help further your mission? This week’s Recurring Giving Challenge lesson is all about highlighting your monthly giving program on your website.

Bring Your Experience to Your Community (Case Study: Curtis Institute)

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Historically, the school has done a great job opening itself up to the community (and building a strong base of support) via frequent free or low-charge concerts at Curtis and other cultural venues throughout the city.

Stories for Sustaining Programs

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How can storytelling help public health and social programs become sustainable? That was the brief I was given to conduct two short workshops at a recent national meeting of substance abuse treatment programs.

Communications Mentoring Program – Fundraisers Welcome!

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Session #8 of our Communications Director Mentoring Program starts July 1, and we are already half-way full. So, if you are a development director with major communications responsibilities, we’d love to have you in the program!

Improving Arthritis Outcomes in Communities

Social Marketing and Social Change

I wonder how many states will recognize the pattern; AND I wonder if anyone will be focusing on including current and potential users of the programs in co-creating and implementing their approaches.

The Best of Social Marketing in 2016

Social Marketing and Social Change

Assessing program coverage of two approaches to distributing a complementary feeding supplement to infants and young children in Ghana. Both delivery models were implemented sub-nationally as 1-year pilot programs, with the aim of informing the design of a scaled-up program.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


May we approach the week with the idea that we want sustainable movements of change focused on outcomes, impact and building relationships that strengthen communities. As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just semantics.

What’s In A Campaign? That Which We Call Change


May we approach the week with the idea that we want sustainable movements of change focused on outcomes, impact and building relationships that strengthen communities. As the science behind social change evolves, how we approach our work must too. And sometimes, it is just symantics.

The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

Selfish Giving

I combed through the Selfish Giving archives and came up with the best and worst local cause marketing programs of 2010. I took the unprecedented step of not including any of my own cause marketing programs. (I Here are the seven best local cause marketing programs for 2010.

Incentives for Change in Public Health and Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

The two cases they used to illustrate their approach to incorporating social marketing into public health interventions included charging people nominal fees for participating in community blood cholesterol screening programs and awarding prizes for participating in a quit smoking contest.

Want to have TOO MANY major donors? Read this.

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We know that if we care about the future of our nonprofit, we need to start cultivating major donor relationships, and start our major gift program. Picture by Susan NYC from Flickr. We know that events are the slowest way to make money for a nonprofit.

Grants for Safe and Vital Communities for: Tolerance, Economic Empowerment, Teen Safe Driving, and Domestic Violence Programs

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Deadline: March 11, 2011 Allstate Foundation Invites Applications for 2011 Grant Program The Allstate Foundation , which provides funding in communities across the United States to address key social issues, is accepting applications for the first round of its 2011 regional grant cycle. Safe and Vital Communities: The foundation is dedicated to fostering safe and vital communities that are economically strong, crime-free, and give residents a sense of belonging and commitment.

Why Use Marketing in Social Change Programs?

Social Marketing and Social Change

My discussion on social marketing and social change with Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 , was published this week on the MKCREATIVE blog ( #INTERVIEW: Craig Lefebvre, Designer of Public Health & Social Change Programs, Discusses Social Marketing - you will have to scroll down the page to find it). I started off wondering how do you reduce heart disease risk factors in an entire community?

Cause Marketing or Corporate Philanthropy Program? It’s Not a Yes or No Question.

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The question was prompted by a press release I saw recently announcing a new cause marketing effort from Godiva, the high-end chocolatier owned by the Turkish company Yildiz Holding, and headlined ‘Godiva Launches Philanthropy Program.’ Godiva’s program recognizes women around the world who “contribute to their communities and inspire others to do the same.” If your company is an active corporate cause marketer, should it also be an active corporate donor?

Can Social Marketing Revitalize Communities?

Social Marketing and Social Change

These neighborhoods are described as ones in which improved educational and developmental, commercial, recreational, physical and social assets are sustained by local leadership and lead to improved well-being and community quality-of-life. The idea of using social marketing to change neighborhoods and communities may seem absurd to people who believe that social marketing is ONLY about behavior change (or worse yet, using social media).

Making Your Case for Support for the Arts

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The Americans for the Arts has just done a significant, comprehensive look at the impact that the nonprofit arts have on our economy, and our arts programs add up to $135.2 vs. $17.42), demonstrating that when a community attracts cultural tourists, it harnesses significant economic rewards.

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Applying Service-Dominant Logic to Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Many social marketing programs, and most public health ones, have shied away from working with their customers or members of their priority groups. For organizations that engage in public health and social change activities, this 'marketing-with' framework is similar to other approaches that seek to engage people in the change process – not be an object of it (see the community-based prevention marketing approach as an example, Bryant et al, 2009).

Does Marketing Matter to your Program Staff?

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The executive director of a small, community-based nonprofit recently told us that she didn’t like marketing and that it didn’t really matter to the success of her organization. She went on to explain that she felt this way because she was a “program person&# and that marketing doesn’t matter for people doing direct service.

The Heart of a Program Staffer

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I think that every person that gets into fundraising has the same heart as a program staffer. That is what our donors are they are the community advocates, the “evangelists,” the story tellers, of the important work that we are trying to do.

Grants for Communities Using Arts and Culture to Revitalize Their Community

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Deadline: February 1, 2012(Preliminary Applications) Kresge Foundation Invites Preliminary Applications for Arts and Community Building and Artists' Skills and Resources Grant Opportunities The Kresge Foundation 's Arts and Culture Program seeks to foster the power of arts and culture to recharge and rebuild communities of all sizes in the United States. To achieve this goal, the program will invest in exemplary efforts and identify and share best practices within the field.

Grants for Public Schools' Music Programs and Independent Music Programs

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Deadline: February 17, 2012 Muzak Heart and Soul Foundation Invites Applications From Music Education Programs for Music Matters Grant Program The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation , a nonprofit public charity established by Muzak LLC , is accepting applications for its Music Matters Grant Program, which provides grants to public school and independent music programs in the United States. From The Foundation Center. [As

Alliance of Artists Communities: Emerging Program Institute

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On February 16, 2009, I had the honor to present at the 2009 Emerging Program Institute at the McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC. At the bottom of this article are a PDF copy of the slides for this presentation. In addition, I've included some of my favorite articles from here in the Network for Good Learning Center. Enjoy!

Being More Creative

Social Marketing and Social Change

How can social marketers put more creativity and innovation into their work to inspire and move people and communities to better health and improved well-being? They should be in your program or creative brief ). Campaigns and Programs Marketing Management

#VIDEO: Freelance Producers Wanted for Brooklyn Independent Television. Stipend Offered.

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Brooklyn Independent Television (a division of the Community Media initiative of BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn ), makes TV programs for and about Brooklyn, NYC, covering news, arts, culture, sports, health, business, and what’s happening in Brooklyn’s diverse neighborhoods.

The Best in Social Marketing in 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

Phillip Kotler wrote about it: "This collection is a superb reference source for anyone involved in promoting better health, education, environments, and communities to start their search for great ideas and guidance." Evers at al describe a social marketing program with well-defined segments.

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