Ep250: This New App Helps Investors Track How Spending Impacts the Planet

Selfish Giving

Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Andrei Cherny , CEO and Co-Founder of Aspiration , a financial firm that helps investors make money and make a difference. Isn’t it tricky to summarily classify one business over another, particularly smaller local businesses?

Setting up solicitations based on hardwiring

Fundraising Coach

One of the hardest stages of asking for money is getting the appointment. The DISC model comes from an ancient Greek behavior theory that classifies human beings based on two axes: the active/reserved axis and. Remember that your goal includes money and relationships!

Why I Hate Sugarcoating Issues

The Agitator

Many didn’t care if money was raised to solve a problem as long as the problem wasn’t shown. People who have been impacted by violent crime are victims (if they choose to so classify).

Top 6 Fundraising Myths: Busted!

Ann Green

Admittedly, what classifies as a major gift for the American Red Cross is going to be different from a major gift at a nonprofit that has only been around for two years. Go out there and start raising money for your organization! Guest post by Adam Weinger.

Guidelines and Sample Policy on Nonprofit Political Activity

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

As a 501(c)(3) organization that does not file the 501(h) form, [THIS ORGANIZATION]'s activity in this regard falls under the "insubstantial part test," meaning that [THIS ORGANIZATION] may only spend an "insubstantial" amount of money on lobbying efforts. Promoting Voting Nonprofit organizations classified as 501(c)(3) public charities may conduct nonpartisan "get-out-the-vote" activities and voter registration without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

Do Your Donors Trust You?

The Agitator

Castlebar, the place where I work, has an Oxfam shop and I can go in and make an extra donation for a specific purpose either because disaster has struck somewhere or for a special occasion in my own life… I would like to let you know that I give money to Oxfam in good faith. The money you received from me is real money – with that I mean, if I didn’t give the money to you, I wouldn’t have difficulty finding another use for it.

Trust 54

Social Media Penetration Grows

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Forrester classifies users into categories such as: Joiners — those who simply visit blogs and social media sites; Creators — the 25% who create content in one way or another for blogs, social sites, etc; Collectors — the 20% who use tags, RSS feeds, voting sites (like Digg and Reddit) to assemble or categorize web content. For the serious student, the Forrester study can be purchased here for $499 (there’s a money-back guarantee).

A Wake-Up Call for Fundraisers

Fundraising 123

When a world-renowned historian discovered there wasn't a single school in his hometown, he decided to raise money to build one. Two researchers, Thomas Upton and Ulla Connor, used a computer model developed by Douglas Biber that analyzes individual words and groups of words, and then classifies them as involving, emotional and likely to be part of a narrative (i.e.,

Guest post: telling stories with moving pictures

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Do you want people to call, write, stand up, talk, yell, give money – what action do you want taken after they view this video? It will save you time, money and will be far more effective! That is amazing since it is not what the “media industry” would classify as a quality production.