Cause Marketing in and for Patagonia

Cause Related Marketing

Patagonia, that region of Chile and Argentina at the southern tip of South America famous for its beauty and end-of-the-earth ruggedness, had a terrible fire in 2011 that left vast areas denuded of trees. She got her start in Chile working for Habitat for Humanity there.

Cause-Related Marketing You Can Drink To

Cause Related Marketing

I Detect Hints of Hickory with Subtle Notes of Rosin and Glove LeatherLate in May three star players from the Atlanta Braves baseball team debuted their latest charitable endeavors, table wines from Chile and Spain with the bottles featuring their images and with proceeds from the sales benefiting the charities of their choice.The players… Chipper Jones, Brian McCann and Tom Glavine… unveiled. Tags: Brian McCann Cause-Related-Marketing Googlegroup Atlanta Braves Transparency Chipper Jones Tom Glavine Event Wines.

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Munchkin Inc. Project Pink for Susan G. Komen

Cause Related Marketing

505 Southwestern, the chile sauce maker, supports Susan G. Mother Love a Duck!What What motivates us to merge the interests of causes and companies?Oftentimes Oftentimes the choice is intensely personal. Komen in memory of the founders’ mother, Stella.Munchkin Inc… which makes innovative products for parents, children and pets… supports Susan G. Komen for similar reasons. Serena Gillespie, the wife of the. Komen BabyTalk magazine

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Irwin Union Bank Donation

Cause Related Marketing

My posting about 505 Green Chile Sauce talked about how a company might go about picking a suitable charity to partner with in a cause-related marketing campaign. Is ‘Any Charity’ As Good as One Charity?My My posting on Firedog Across America revealed a study which shows that customers respond best to CRM campaigns when causes and companies are well-matched.But what if you’re a bank and have all.

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How to Find a Charity Partner for a CRM Campaign

Cause Related Marketing

This question came to me while I was looking at the back of a bottle of 505 Southwestern Organic Green Chile Sauce. The 411 on Locating a Cause Right for Your Company Suppose you’re a community-minded company and you’re considering launching a cause-related marketing campaign, but in a world of causes, no cause is much more appealing than the next. Who do you partner with?This

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RAPID Expedited Special Grant Mechanism for Scientists to Conduct Research at Time of National Natural Disasters

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A number of RAPID awards were made to support research on the earthquakes earlier this year in Haiti and Chile, and awards are being made related to the oil spill.

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Cause Marketing & The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Selfish Giving

Ad Age posted an interesting article the other day about how every company–large and small–is turning to microsponsor -ships–small consumer driven cause marketing programs that raise hundreds or thousands of dollars–to support everything from breast cancer research to earthquake relief for Haiti and now Chile. I call microsponsorships the “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid&# because they are simple, easy and spontaneous. And as my favorite author Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, it’s only in these actions that we are strong. Here’s how microsponsorships will lead to stronger nonprofits and a better society. More dollars for smaller nonprofits. Why should the big causes rake in all the dough? But that’s exactly what’s been happening. National charities like Komen , St. Jude and Children’s Miracle Network swoop in to town and gobble up all the national chains for their far-reaching cause marketing programs. But with microsponsorships, companies of all sizes are using cause marketing to fund local causes that are just as worthy of support. Better accountability and more transparency. As consumers are exposed to more cause marketing programs, they’ll demand more information on what’s being supported and how much money is going to the cause. Web sites, blogs, widgets and apps will spring up giving the consumer info on how to give wisely at their favorite shops, stores and restaurants. Companies that don’t support good causes will be bad people. A harsh judgment for sure, but forcing more companies to take a stand on what they really care about and to support a cause will be a good thing for everyone, including the company. Giving through these companies will take many forms, not just transactional cause marketing. Adults will become more passionate about giving. They’ll share this spirit with their children. Ills will be addressed. The world will be a better place. Companies will put values first, alignment second. Leave it to Ad Age to say that “Even tiny sponsorships have to be closely associated with your brand.&# This Garanimal strategy has a vitamin store chain working with a nonprofit that supplies third-world countries with vitamins. Cute, but does that cause really speak to the company’s values? Microsponsorships will allow stores, franchises and regional offices to escape the marketing gestapo at headquarters and to support causes that really resonate with them–and probably with the customers they know better than anyone else. Some people worry that microsponsorships will mean we won’t be able to go anywhere without being asked to give. You mean like how every where I go now I see advertising? Or deal with people on their cell phones? Being asked to give to good causes where ever I go? I can deal with that. Tags: Cause Practices ad age cause marketing cause-related marketing fortune at the bottom of the pyramid microsponsorships.

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