6 Now-or-Never Summer Reboots

Getting Attention

Our daughter Charlotte is finishing up a blissful summer at a few different day and overnight camps. 3) Make a commitment to doing summer differently : It can be super hard to pry yourself away from the day-to-day routine, no matter how much you want.

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3 Nonprofit Marketing Skills I Learned from Aunt Frances

Getting Attention

Take her lead to strengthen your nonprofit marketing approach, and results: 1) As different as we are from one another, we also share a lot in common. Some of you may remember my stories about my wondrous Great Aunt Frances.

France 272

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Aunt Frances’ Key to Relationship Building

Getting Attention

Then she, amazed at my statement, told me how how silly I was, how she had always marveled at my loyalty and persistent friendship despite the difference in our ages, and thanked me. My Great Aunt Frances turned 107 last week and she’s as warm, loving and sharp as ever.

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Level One Donor Feedback: Fixing Things for Individuals

The Agitator

This distinction is important because it means that Definitely-Not-Canadian Airlines would not pay for the hotel at which I had to stay for six hours before flying back to Nashville through Charlotte. You, Dear Reader, have never required me to pay to go to Charlotte against my will. (If