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Reclaim Back to School: Stay Energized, Relevant and Top of Your Game

Getting Attention

Our daughter, Charlotte, started fourth grade today, and the pumped-up energy at line up this morning got me thinking. Back to school is one of the definers of fall as we know it—right up there with apples, the changing of the leaves and Halloween.

Reclaim Back to School: How to Stay Energized, Relevant, and at the Top of Your Game

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Our daughter, Charlotte, recently started sixth grade, and the pumped-up energy at school that first morning really got me thinking. Back to school” is one of the definers of fall as we know it. It’s the only way to ensure that our marketing and fundraising content is relevant while fueling our personal satisfaction. Let’s reclaim back to school. Let’s schedule some learning—via conversation, reading, participating—into every day, even if for only five minutes.

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5 Ways to Stay Smart & Engaged

Getting Attention

She got me… The rain was pouring down this morning as our daughter, Charlotte, was getting ready to walk to school, so I caved and drove her. Because as I dropped her off to join the gaggle of noisy, drenched kids waiting outside the middle school, I started thinking.

Aunt Frances’ Key to Relationship Building

Getting Attention

Over the years, her life changed (Uncle Mike and many of her dear friends passed away, she battled more isolation and physical challenges) and mine did too (new jobs, moved in with my boyfriend, started grad school at night).

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