Diva Marketing Talks About Social Media Sponsored Conversations With "Auntie" Melanie Notkin and Scott Monty

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To help you understand how to participate in the "new" conversation without getting blown-up. Today's Diva Marketing Talks explores the impact of social media sponsored conversations from both sides of the virtual fence: brand and content creator. Topic for March 1 9 , 2009: Do Sponsored Conversations Make Social Media Content Creators the New NASCAR Drivers? Diva Marketing Talks is a live, internet radio show. 30-minutes. 2-guests. 1-topic about social media marketing.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Politicians & NonProfits Need Agility With Online Outreach

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As the Democratic ‘nominee’ Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech last night in Charlotte, NC, a record number of tweets on politics were sent out ? True, campaigns for the presidency take up far more online space than most any nonprofit, which is precisely why nonprofits can learn something from watching how the campaigns are trying to use social media. Does your staff discuss ways to deal with new threads of conversations, whether in praise or not?


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5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising On Facebook

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Charlotte and Dave Willner started a Facebook fundraiser on June 16, titled “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child,” after they saw a viral photo of a 2-year-old Honduran girl looking up and crying as her mother was searched by a Border Patrol agent in southern Texas. Because there are no fees charged for donations made to charitable organizations via Facebook, this could revolutionize the online fundraising and peer-to-peer landscape.

Reclaim Back to School: Stay Energized, Relevant and Top of Your Game

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Our daughter, Charlotte, started fourth grade today, and the pumped-up energy at line up this morning got me thinking. Some were thrilled to be starting again (that’s Charlotte, who’s among the few who lust for all-year-round school), others were longing for the pool or camp; but all have this incredible opportunity to be exposed to new content, to digest it in the context of what they know now, and to come out the other side with a way of looking at the world.

Brandraising: One Organization, Many Channels

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As you expand the tools you use to communicate online and off, and staff's roles change, how do you ensure you're all speaking with one voice? Sarah Tweets @BigDuckSarah; please join her in conversation there. In her life beyond nonprofit marketing, Nancy loves hanging with her husband Sean and daughter Charlotte, gardening, cooking/eating, hiking, photo-ing and much more!

Customer Service Social Media Style: A Pulse of the Industry View Part 1

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More frequently, however, those conversations are directed, not to friends or family, but to the people who represent brands. Lessons learned: Customers expect personal conversations that are not scripted. e.g., value driven, transparency, authenticity, conversations versus messages and throw in a some passion too. Challenges: It's critical that resources are in place if you plan to scale listening and engagement in social web conversations.