Vote on Your Cause Marketing Favs from Feb 2010

Cause Related Marketing

Dear Faithful Readers:In early 2011 I'll post my hotly-contested annual best and worst cause marketing campaigns for 2010.But rather than just hold a meeting with myself to decide which campaigns to anoint as the best I want you, my faithful readers, to weigh in with your preferences. So once a week for the next 11 weeks I'll ask you to vote for your favorite cause marketing of a given month.Up.

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Cause Marketing Fruit Trees

Cause Related Marketing

The YouTube video that explains the promotion has a scant 383 views, two of them mine, since it was posted back on Feb. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good. is dedicated to highlighting and dissecting the best and the worst cause-related marketing promotions and campaigns.

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Cause Marketing Google Glass

Cause Related Marketing

Enter before Feb 27, 2013 and be prepared to pay $1500, plus tax! Meanwhile, Warby Parker is famous inside and outside of cause marketing circles for its use of BOGO, buy one-give one. While infectious disease as a cause of visual impairment in the developing world has been greatly reduced in the last 20 years, it’s a fact that 80 percent of visual impairment can be avoided or cured. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

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Where is All the Cause Marketing with Faith-Based Nonprofits?

Cause Related Marketing

In Feb 2013, I got an email from a remarkable student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill who had an intriguing question: why isn’t there more cause marketing between sponsors and faith-based nonprofits? Based on the six interviews, it appears that, shoulder to shoulder, faith-based nonprofit organizations and faith-neutral nonprofit organizations do not enjoy the same windows of opportunities for cause-related marketing endeavors.

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Using BOGO Cause Marketing to Sell Razor's

Cause Related Marketing

A new e-tail website called launched last week with a BOGO cause marketing approach. Well, one way is with cause marketing and BOGO. “We Harry’s sells to men right now, but the causes they want to support are gender neutral. Notwithstanding the many worthy charities that support veterans and their families and fire fighters and /police officers, nobody cares specifically about ‘men’ as a cause. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Cause Marketing and the Power to Convene

Cause Related Marketing

On Feb 1, 2013 Bushnell announced that it had made a $145,000 donation to Folds of Honor, a cause that offers scholarships to the spouses of disabled or fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. But step back from your cynicism for a moment and factor this in: whatever Bushnell actually donated in cash they also gave Folds of Honor a valuable gift, namely they convened people to join in supporting a cause they deemed important.

Activating Cause Marketing with PR

Cause Related Marketing

On Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 in my post about activating cause marketing efforts, I wrote: “.basically basically all cause marketing has a PR component whether or not there’s also any bought or owned media.” In other words, it’s not exactly like getting your cause marketing story into the New York Times. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good. New York Times Public Relations Firehouse Subs Activation Firefighter Cause Marketing PR

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Reporting Back Cause Marketing Results Via Public Relations

Cause Related Marketing

This week is all about thanking supporters and reporting the results of cause marketing efforts. is a shopping portal wherein some 2,500 merchants offer a percentage of your purchase to one of thousands of registered causes when you start at In turn, picks one cause every month to support, saying “a percentage of all purchases made through this site will help the current Cause of the Month.”

I'll Be in Wash D,C, and Available for Meetings Feb 24 and 25

Cause Related Marketing

next week for business and have some availability for meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 24 and 25.Want to talk cause marketing, marketing, corporate social responsibility, fundraising, nonprofit innovation, or the like? Tags: Association of Fundraising Professionals Corporate Social Responsibility cause marketing Dear Friends:I'll be in Washington, D.C.

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Cause Marketing Your Valentine

Cause Related Marketing

On Monday, Feb 2 Lisa Scherzer, a reporter from contacted me with the following email: Hi Paul, I’m a writer at I’m working on an article about alternative Valentine’s Day gifts that are for a good cause. I’ve come across a bunch of nonprofits and other companies that have Valentine’s promotions that include, for example, giving proceeds from the purchase of an.

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Using Earned, Owned and Bought Media to Activate Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Leading up to its Feb. Both earned and bought media represent ways for a sponsor to activate or promote their cause marketing relationships. And which is best for cause marketing? As I’ve noted before, basically all cause marketing has a PR component whether or not there’s also any bought or owned media. That’s because when someone publishes or broadcasts a story about your cause marketing they are giving a kind of implied endorsement.

Cause Marketing with Celine Dion, Hallmark and UNICEF

Cause Related Marketing

Made my annual pilgrimage to the nearby Hallmark Gold Crown store for Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) and couldn’t pass up the musical card display featuring songs by Celine Dion and benefiting UNICEF. This isn’t transactional cause marketing, but rather a licensing deal with Hallmark that dates to 2006.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Cause Marketing? It’s Still Needed.

Cause Related Marketing

The University honored Eberle in her fight with a ‘Pink-Out’ during the meet against Arizona State University on Feb. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good. is dedicated to highlighting and dissecting the best and the worst cause-related marketing promotions and campaigns. I saw this ad in one of the local daily newspapers and groaned audibly. Breast cancer awareness! Really?

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Be Glad It’s Called Cause Marketing and Not 'Marketing Related Philanthropy'

Cause Related Marketing

Back in the 1980s, at the behest of Jerry Welsh, American Express trademarked the term ‘Cause-Related Marketing.’Welsh, Welsh, who was then executive vice president worldwide marketing and communications at Amex, coined the term ‘cause-related marketing’ to describe the legendary campaign to fund the restoration of the Statue of Liberty in 1983.In a Feb.

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#PUBLICPOLICY: Pressure Grows On Apple’s Supplier Foxconn

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quote taken from The Huffington Post , 1 Feb. Apple authenticity Campaigns Cause Marketing Civics Communications Community Health Marketing Media Review National/International News and Current Affairs Newspaper Article Public Relations Technology advocacy Charitable organization communication economy Fair Labor Association Foxconn IPhone Online Communities Steve Jobs Tim CookThese are protestors of, not customers for, the new iPhone.

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The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Marketing. Feb 7. American Marketing Association / Scottsdale, AZ / $1,000. Data / #AMAanalytics / @AMA_Marketing. Feb 8 - 9. The Agents of Change Summit aims to unify and expand the community of professionals using marketing and technology to change people’s health and lifestyle behaviors for social good. Feb 12. Feb 18 - 19. Feb 18 - 21. Feb 22 - 24. Marketing / #Sherpa16 / @MarketingSherpa. Marketing.

Piggyback On What’s Top Of Mind— 9 Valentine’s Victories

Getting Attention

Get brainstorming now to connect your cause with days coming up —St. Here’s how: From furry to funny, snarky to sincere, nonprofits used the Feast of Saint Valentine, Feb. 14, as an opportunity to connect with supporters, raise awareness for their causes and projects, and motivate members to act in the spirit of love. 6) CAUSE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. Also, go try Animoto for a Cause.).

Get Sponsored By Following the Lead of OK-GO and Others

Cause Related Marketing

Each of these examples offers lessons for a charity that wants their cause marketing to get sponsored, too. The video was released to YouTube on Feb 5, 2012 and it has already passed 10 million views. Inspiration, emotion, carefully targeted audiences, access to the media, and unusual creativity are all smart ways to ensure that your cause marketing gets sponsored. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

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11 Digital Marketing KPIs That Every Nonprofit Should Be Tracking


11 Digital Marketing KPIs That Every Nonprofit Should Be Tracking. Key Performance Indicators allow you to truly understand your nonprofit’s digital marketing success and make educated decisions about future spending. Understand if your nonprofit’s digital marketing is really making an impact with Key Performance Indicators. Analytics tracking takes the guesswork out of important decisions around fund allocation, investment and marketing. Digital Marketing.

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