Pure Passion is Contagious (Case Study, Part 1: Stickley Museum)

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Last summer, my husband and I finally visited The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms , which had been on our go-to list for a decade. Here’s what surprised and delighted me: The museum is run by a tiny but energized staff and volunteer team , who welcomed and toured us around with contagious passion. P.S. Get more nonprofit marketing tools , templates, case studies & tips delivered right to your in-box!

Just ONE Call to Action (Case Study)

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I was thrown back there this morning when I uncovered this card I had picked up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). Even if we want to support the Museum’s mission, we don’t know which action is the priority or where to start.

What Would YOU Do? (Case Study: Nonprofit Communications)

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What if.you and your colleagues labored for years to fund, design and (finally) open your highly-visible museum (or cause/issue-focused organization)? What if —because the museum’s reason for being is so close to folks’ hearts and heads—the design and build is highly scrutinized for the many years it takes to launch? Or—really— because the museum’s focus is SO sensitive. That without these revenue streams, there would be no Museum.

Communicate NOW on Govt. Shutdown Impact (Case Study)

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3) The Americans for the Arts Action Fund jumped on this opportunity to link the shutdown to the closing of federally-funded museums, parks and zoos, and delays in the distribution of NEA grants.

Part 2: Rebrand to Connect—Red Rover Tells All (Case Study)

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Here’s Part Two of this useful case study, via Director of Communications, Marketing and Development, Leili Khalessi. P.S. Get more nonprofit marketing tools , templates, case studies & tips delivered right to your in-box! Read Part One first.

Rebrand to Connect: Red Rover Tells All (Case Study-Part 1)

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P.S. Get more nonprofit marketing tools , templates, case studies & tips delivered right to your in-box! More Case Studies & Guidance: Nonprofit Branding and Renaming. 4 Steps to Creating a Strong Nonprofit Brand (Case Study). How a Museum Re-Branded Itself to Boost Visitors by 600% (Case Study). How a Nonprofit Name Change Generated Attention and Momentum (Case Study).

Make ONE—and Only ONE—Call to Action (Case Study)

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I was thrown back there when someone handed me this card during a recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Assuming we want to support the museum’s mission, we don’t know which action is the priority.

A case study in audience building and steel cages

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The group that built your museum isn't the one that will make it thrive for the next fifty years. Go to any arts conference and you can hear the chatter. How can we build new audiences? How can we embrace technology?

Less is More (Again!) -- Newark Museum Tagline Success in Just 4 Words

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The Newark Museum is a marketing star, and I'm continually impressed with its creativity in engaging its diverse base. 2009 is the Museum's centennial and its marketing team has done a stellar job in making the most of that with special programming and a new tagline -- 100 years. The Museum promises the best of both worlds. Check mark -- it's everywhere Newark Museum is. Captures the spirit and promise of the Museum.

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Newsletter: Warm Leads from Your Homepage; Bridgestone Raises $2.8M for BGCA ; Museum Launches ‘How to be an American’ Podcast

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One final point: using something like Leadfeeder is a great reason to have a corporate partnership page and case studies on your website. The Tenement Museum in NYC has launched an interesting new podcast I'll be listening to.

You In? Mother’s Day Marketing

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Oxfam America even extends the opportunity to May 18, in case Mother’s Day slackers miss the day of! BTW, the Museum (I’m a long-time fan and recent member) is a tiny organization but its strategic, relevant, compelling communications are highest quality.

Open It Up Already -- How to Engage Your Base Behind the Scenes

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Here are a couple of great examples: ==> Behind the scenes : As a long-ago member of New York's American Museum of Natural History, I joined a behind-the-scenes tour of the entomology (bugs) department. It was incredibly compelling, and gave me a real understanding of what it takes to find, research and exhibit the incredible shows at the museum. Tags: Case Studies Fundraising: Innovations & Research Nonprofit Communications Unique Approaches

3 Tools Power Ambassadors to Year-End Wins

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Take this memorable email signature from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum : 2) Graphic badges ready to cut-and-paste into your ambassadors’ emails, tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts.

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Doing What You Can with What You Have: Data Made Revolutionary

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In the client case study Steve presented, JCA partnered with a museum to help them determine which members were (and weren’t) likely to renew. The museum is now in a position to implement a targeted renewal strategy based on data, not instincts.

Read This Edition of NTEN: Change

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Each issue includes case studies, in-depth articles, practical tips for applying tools and strategies, leader profiles, and community feedback. Case study by the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, CA.

In the Beginning: Nonprofit Founding Stories

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We spent days digging through local museum archives, old newspapers, court records and corporate documents. P.S. Get more nonprofit marketing guidance plus in-depth case studies, templates and tools via the Getting Attention blog & e-news.

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Newsletter: Survey Results for SEO & Corporate Partnerships ; Chief Fans Raise the Flag for a Cause, Raise $323K ; Should Pot Companies be Allowed to Sponsor-a-Highway

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Again, I think I know why: "Our institution (art/history museum) is not well-versed in SEO.at Here are the results from the snap survey you took last month on SEO and corporate partnerships. As you can see, 42% of respondents don't even have a corporate partnership page for Google to rank.

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Open It Up — Engaging Your Base Behind the Scenes

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Here are two great examples: ==> Behind the scenes : As a long-ago member of New York’s American Museum of Natural History, I was invited to participate in a behind-the-scenes tour of the entomology (bugs) department.

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How Social Marketing Can Improve the Effectiveness of Social Entrepreneurs

Social Marketing and Social Change

The third element of pricing was the rental fee charged to museums for hosting the Aqua exhibit. The Place component was confined to where the Aqua exhibit was held - in all cases, science museums which fit well with the intention to attract children and their families.

Free tool of the week: Fun, informative, powerful Google maps


Here are some case studies for that tool.). Holocaust Memorial Museum. We’ve all heard a lot about the capabilities of Google Maps, but that may not translate into our regular use of this great tool.

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Social Media Crash Course in 25 Minutes (Podcast)

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Two accessible, relevant case studies -- the Brooklyn Museum and Prostate.Net. Click here to listen now or download for later listening (Right click on a PC or cntrl click on a Mac, and "save file as" to your Desktop) : I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Evans, author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day, for a social media intensive I taught recently at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence.

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Crossing the Double Divide, Two Million Dollar Questions


Instead, I’m on the lookout for case studies –from the local level and up. A Case in Point. Show us the case studies and share the lessons learned! Earlier this month, Susannah Fox discussed a health Information divide based on a recent report.

Newsletter: How to Identify & Research Corporate Prospects ; Six Retailers to Add to Your Prospect List ; Wounded Warriors Loses $90M

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Also, read the case study on Children's Miracle Network's efforts to recruit sponsors for their dance marathon program. Industry-leading case studies and exclusive insights from CSR executives on right-fit partnerships.

Newsletter: Virtual Sponsorship Conference ; Taco Bell's 'Live Más' ; Company Replaces Priceless Stolen Art with AR

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I really admire Boston software company Cuseum for taking the initiative and using augmented reality to replace the paintings that were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the crime of the century. But is the real crime that the museum didn't think of doing it first?

A Name to Remember

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     SOFII is a “ Museum of Fundraising ”— a smorgasbord of fundraising innovation, creativity and excellence.   You’ll find more than 200 of the world’s most successful fundraising case studies in SOFII, as well as countless tips that you can use each and every day. Do you know SOFII like I know SOFII? If not, you might want to check her out.